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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • caflyfishcaflyfish Posts: 4
    It hasn't hesitated since I took it in but it hasn't actually hesitated for awhile now, even though I just took it in this week. I took it in to the dealer with a list of things to look at and it was on the list. It happened fairly routinely for about a month, then sort of went away. I wanted to let my dealer know about it though before my 36,000 miles were up. Mine never actually died when I started but I think that was because I let off the gas.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    iexpolre2000, how many miles did your aunts' 2002 TB have for her to have to use the EXTENDED warranty for repairs? I haven't have too many good things to say about GM lately, but I would trust them to honor claims before I would a third party insurer. As far as what is covered, it's all in the book. The booklet amounts to a contract between GM and the owner of the policy. If it's broken and it's covered, they will repair it.
     BTW, what were some of the 12 items they did not cover? I would like to look them up in my GMPP major plan to see if they are covered.
     I'm really surprised you came back to the general after your most recent bad experience.

  • iexplore2000iexplore2000 Posts: 237
    She had approximatly 46,000 miles when I took it in for service. If you want to give me your e-mail address, I can e-mail you the list of the items that I asked them to address. I typed up a memo that went into detail concerning each service item and left a copy in the truck for the servicing technician and I also had given a copy to the service writer.


  • food4kpfood4kp Posts: 8
    F.Y.I- I received a recall notice in the mail today for the following:

    Instrument Panel Cluster Gauges Inoperative

    As far as I know (and 36,000 miles later), I haven't experienced any problems, so it will be interesting to see what they find when I bring my Envoy in on Monday.
  • elevatorguyelevatorguy Posts: 87
    Please post a copy of that e-mail on here. I, and I am sure most others, would like to see what types of repairs GM tried to skate out from under. I am considering an extended warranty also and would liek to see exactly what GM will try to pull if I do decide to go with them.

  • seifordseiford Posts: 68
    Just an update for those of you who have said you also are experiencing what I call a "shutter" at idle. (When stopped at a red light, after 30-60 seconds, truck stutters.)

    I talked to my GM Customer Service Support contact today to see if there was any update on this issue. He re-iterated that the Tech group knows about the problem and are working on a fix (no estimate on timeframe yet). He stated that the problem is TRANSMISSION related.

    And he offered to extend my warranty on the tranny to 100,000 miles (from the standard 36,000)! Are they just trying to stop me from calling every 2 weeks to push for a fix? Is the fix going to require some intrusive tranny work? Not just a PCM update? Scary.

    He said that my local Service Manager will be notified when a fix is available and will contact me. Proactively?

    (2003 Envoy SLT, 3.73 gears, locking differential, ECAS)
  • m2icemanm2iceman Posts: 27

    "I just happened to find this board, and see you guys are talking about my HID install that I purchased from Xenondepot. It really isn't that difficult.
    If you have any specific questions I can help you with regarding installation of an HID system on an Envoy please let me know, I would be glad to help."

    Can you drop me an email, You live close and I would like to see how you made out with the pipes and HID.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Latest calibrations came out between Dec'02 and Feb '03 so if you haven't had anything done since you bought it, you might want to get it done. The consensus is that the overall improvements are quite good.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    iexplore2000, why not simply post the repair list here so we can all benefit from it. I'm sure we would all like to see just how bad the GM extended warranty plan is. Why waste money on a plan if it doesn't cover 12 out of 14 devices or parts that need repair.
     Besides, I get enough spam and other unsolicited email. Posting an email address on a board only invites more.

  • I'm with Frank, post it here. I am mighty curious as well!

    I thought you would be happy to know, I wrote the chairman of GM about my lousy zone rep and the lack of help by him with my "vibrating gas pedal". Someone from his office called, and admitted they have a problem they cant fix. So to compensate me they gave me a smart care package which means I get free oil changes and tire rotations until the end of my lease. He also admitted that the zone rep was a bit of of a dim bulb as well.

    All's well that ends well :)
  • I've had my truck since September and have always averaged 13-14 mpg I am glad I found this board with other interested it getting the most out of a great engine/chassis I think after all the the talk about the PCM Calibration I need to get in line for service. I tried to get duals installed and was told there was no room on the EXT due to the filler line for the gas tank anyone have any suggestions? Also ready to have the rear gasket around license plate replaced for the third time...
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Since you are taking yours in to get this done, please let us know if they provide a new method for getting the shift out of Park if the electrical system fails - "update your Owner's Manual" as it states. I do not want that part messed with unless they provide an alternate way to do it. Got my notice today.
  • jr45jr45 Posts: 45
    I took my 03 Bravada on a 3 day trip up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and gave it a bit of a torture test. It was raining like crazy the night we got up there, so I was thankful for the sure footing provided by the big Michelin Cross Terrain tires. We stayed at a resort on top of a mountain, and the Bravada had no trouble pulling up the steep, skinny roads. The engine has power to spare, and I was impressed that the transmission always seemed to choose the right gear for the speed and the grade of the hill. No need to manually shift down.

    The big test came when I went offroad onto a narrow, rocky, muddy fire road that twisted up a mountain. The Bravada had no problems at all, and the SmartTrak AWL system worked flawlessly. I was impressed at how "smart" it really is. I felt the power going to the front wheels and pulling up the steeper parts of the road. At several of the steep sections, I punched it a little and the front wheels immediately bit and allowed me to scramble up the road and keep perfect control.

    For those of you who don't have one yet, the must-have accessory is a GPS system. I added a Garmin V mapping GPS that I was able to mount easily on the dash right above the a/c vents. I was able to navigate my way around the mountains with no fear of getting lost. This is a great system, and Amazon is selling them at a reduced price, plus there is a $75 rebate.

    Overall, I am impressed at the sophisticated powertrain GM has built into these vehicles. Too bad the SmartTrak AWL system isn't available in the other triplets, because it is a gem.
  • Guys, I posted a question earlier about changing over to a Bose system and was told it was near impossible. Well, I have another question. I am interested in upgrading to the non-Bose 6 disc CD in-dash changer. If I buy one of these used, what is involved in getting it to work after I put it in. I understand these use TheftLock and the code must be overridden some how. Anyone do this yet? How is the quality of the 6 disc as compared to the single disc that comes standard? I am a little disappointed with the single disc sound and I am hoping that the changer is a little more powerful. Anyone have any input on this?

    Thanks in advance,
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    elevatorguy, just between you and me, (please no-one else read this). Posting a way to get around the theft lock on the radio would in a sense render the theftlock radios no longer theft proof, and actually creat a market for our radios. Someone could then steal your radio and mine too, and use them in their heap. I say, lets not let this cat out of the bag. If you or anyone else happens to know how to defeat the theftlock, keep it to yourselves. PLEASE

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945

    Check out this GM Techlink article about radio swapping. This will help answer your questions.

    The 6-disc non-Bose has the same power output as the single disc unit.

    By the way, there is no particular value for these radios, used. Check eBay. Some go for just a few dollars. There's a 6-disc unit on there now at $10.50 ! Theft-wise, not worth the trouble.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    as a person who deals in warranty coverages, breaches of warranty, lemon law, and has previously been a service manager dealing with aftermarket warranty companies, I strongly recommend against any warranty not sponsored by the manufacturer.

    1) Any warranty of than a GMPP IS NOT a "warranty" - it's an insurance policy, and from a breach of warranty perspective, you have no legal recourse should your vehicle not be repaired correctly or the service dept not invest enough time and effort to correct your problem.

    The "service contract" company's only responsibility is to PAY YOUR CLAIM, should your claim even be authorized.

    2) Most dealerships are set up to only accept the aftermarket extended service contract THEY sell, if they sell one at all (2 of 3 dealer groups I worked for sold manufacturer only). You are faced with covering the repair - a repair that you may not have any idea whether the extended service contract company will cover. until you are reimbursed.

    3) Service advisors HATE jumping through hoops. On an average day, I'd write 100 repair orders, dealing with 100 people. If 3 or 4 had aftermarket service contracts, I'd easily spend 2-3 hours of my day on the phone, talked to ESC reps, getting authorizations, requesting inspections (see below), etc. For 3-4 customers. Which one of those customers would you rather deal with and treat better - the 3-4 that take 1/3 of your day, or the other 96 that aren't a hassle?

    4) Most larger repairs require an inspection by an adjuster before the repair is authorized. The opposite of this is that the service manager at the dealership is the authorizing agent for manufacturer-sponsored warranties.

    I've had people have to wait 3-4 days before an adjuster could inspect a vehicle. During that period, the customer had to authorize HIS money to pay for teardown (on an engine or transmission); there was no rental authorized UNTIL the repair was authorized; and parts couldn't be ordered until authorized, causing more delays.

    With GMPP, if you blow an engine or transmission, you're off the road for 2-3 days, with a rental. With the private contracts, it's 2-3 days before they can even order parts.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I received an offer from "United American Warranty" by Great American Ins Co. Sounded good at first because they offer a 100,000 mile policy with NO TIME LIMIT. ( Or until the company goes belly-up, whichever comes first!) That sounded great since I don't drive more than 8-10K miles a year. But, reading all the long, impressive list of things covered, there are a LOT of things that are not listed that can fail and be expensive. You have to be fairly knowledgable reading the list to realize things, like the Body Control Module, are not covered.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    like the BCM, Powertrain Control Module (PCM), airbag modules, door lock actuators, various sensors, etc, that you're more likely to have trouble with, than say, an engine connecting rod that is part of the rotating assembly.
  • mcali17mcali17 Posts: 22
    #11479 of 11490 PCM Upgrade by mcali17 by tblazed May 31, 2003 (10:20 am)
    Latest calibrations came out between Dec'02 and Feb '03 so if you haven't had anything done since you bought it, you might want to get it done. The consensus is that the overall improvements are quite good.

    Cool- But which one, or all of them? The only one I had done was for the 4WD selector Problem. I ran my VIN through GM's Calibration Information Search and it came up with 20 computer updates for Operating System Software, Engine Calibration, Transmission Calibration, Speedometer Calibration, System Calibration and Electronic Throttle Control Calibration.

    So when you guys say you had the update done, did they update everything???
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    Tblazed, once again you make my point. The radio is worthless unless it can be easily used in someone elses car. Once it can be easily used in another car, the eBay price will climb, and radios will be stolen.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    That wasn't MY point. I won't belabor it any more than this: There are lots of factory car stereos with and without built-in security on eBay because lots of people take out the OEM stereo and put in aftermarket systems. Right now there are 113 listings under "Delco CD". Supply and demand. They do seem to get up to $75-100 range before the auctions end. You can get the security theft lock set up at a dealer or at a place that does Delco factory service. For a fee of course.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Cparise1: I don't recall what makes were in previous "initial" make/model link lists, but GMC is in the "drill down" list now. I suspect the makes are juggled now and then but I don't know what the reasoning is.

    Caflyfish: Warranty Gold is an Edmunds partner. Check out the "Warranty Gold" Claims discussion for a bunch of pros and cons.

    Steve, Host
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Example: for my particular Trailblazer, under Engine Calibration the first part number listed in the column is the first calibration version that was used in production, there have been 5 revisions since that initial calibration, the last number is the current part number for the latest calibration. The last part number is what you get which includes all the previous revisions listed. I was told when they do the PCM reprog, you get all the newest revisions: Engine, Trans, System, that pertain to the PCM. Nothing's been changed with speedo or throttle control cal's so there's just the one original version part number shown under those two. Clear as mud.
  • st1100v4st1100v4 Posts: 96
    All the after market "warranty" companies sell several different plans. The top one is an "everything covered EXCEPT what is listed as excluded" plan. These typically cost a couple of hundred $ more than the next lower plan and are very comprehensive, excluding only routine maintenance, paint, trim, upholstery, wear items like pads, rotors, clutchs, etc. It's the only one I would consider if going after-market.

    This is only one data point, but my experience with an outside company was very favorable. I had never had an extended warranty on any of my cars before. I purchased a new '96 Ford Windstar and near the end of the factory warranty I got a solicitation in the mail from Warranty Gold. I paid $482 (much higher now) for their top policy for 100K miles. Through 90K miles when I sold the van, they paid right at $3000 in claims (largest item, new transmission). Yes, the Ford service guy bitched a little in dealing with them (I think it's part of their routine), but I never had any trouble getting the service authorized or paid.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    "(I think it's part of their routine)"

    That bothers me. Put yourself in the service manager's (not advisor's) position for a moment.

    Which one would you prefer:

    1) A customer says "I'm having transmission trouble and I'd like an appointment". You say sure, come in tomorrow at 8. The customer gets there, your tech drives the vehicle, decides it needs a new transmission, tells you, you order one. Simultaneously, Enterprise delivers a rental to the customer. The transmission arrives in 2 days, it takes a day to put it in. After the install, you look in the factory warranty book, note the code for "transmission - replace", put that in. Your tech is paid, and your dealership is paid with the monthly warranty reimbursement.

    2) A customer says "I'm having transmission trouble and I'd like an appointment". You say sure, come in tomorrow at 8. The customer gets there, your tech drives the vehicle, decides it needs a new transmission, tells you, then after waiting on hold for 40 minutes, you get to tell someone on the other end of the line (who doesn't know a dipstick from a cue stick) what's going on. An incident number is logged. You get a call back at 4:00 that day (takes an hour), with someone telling you an adjuster will be out to see the vehicle, get the customer's authorization to tear down the transmission for photos.

    The customer is called, and it is explained that they'll need to authorize $400 for teardown. Customer blows gasket. Wants rental car. You tell them they can't get one until the adjuster OKs the repair. Customer blows gasket. Calls you names.

    Customer calls every hour to see if the adjuster is there yet. No one can give you a name and phone number for the guy, so there's no way to contact him and no way to know when he'll be there. Three days go by, customer moving from simmer to boil, talking about suing you (for what, I don't know).

    Adjuster shows up, takes 2 hours worth of photos, goes to lunch, then comes back and makes a 1 hour phone call. The repair is approved, but the adjuster can't give you an authorization number or amount.

    You call the warranty company again. They approve a rental car, but only $20 a day (that'll be fun to tell the customer). They approve the repair, but won't pay your tech for teardown because they're going to replace the transmission. Instead of getting a reman unit through your parts department, they get a USED unit from a salvage place (because they CAN). One week later, the transmission arrives and must be cleaned before installation (not a good sign).

    The transmission is installed. Total down time, nearly two weeks.

    Your shop is now on the hook for parts and labor for a used transmission from a salvage yard - congratulations.

    Customer picks up car, billing information mailed immediately to warranty company. Warranty company finally pays bill 90 days later - accounting lady is very angry with you, as is general manager.

    Or worse yet, warranty company (simply an insurance underwriter) goes out of business - dealer eats the bill.

    ** Fiction? No, it's happened 8 times, in my dealerships, with engines and transmissions. That's why most dealerships don't want to deal with aftermarket warranties.
  • st1100v4st1100v4 Posts: 96
    As I said, I can only speak for my experience. I took my Windstar in for some other repairs, told the service advisor that I had an external service plan and he grumbled "sure would be easier if you had our plan." Not nastily; I just took it as "routine" to pitch their own manufacturer plan. Later, at work, they called me and suggested that I get the transmission replaced (knowing of course that I had the outside plan). This tells me they were more than willing to trade off the "hassle" of dealing outside for the extra service work. I got a rental ($30/day max re-imbursement), they got a transmission (from Ford), put it in and that was that.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    and the majority of repairs go smoothly, but when a few really corrupt a service advisor's attitude, those are the ones they remember.

    I don't want to be someone the service rep hides from when I come in - I don't want to get passed off to the new guy!
  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    I've been experiencing an intermittent problem with the seat belts in my '03 Envoy XL. Sometimes when you go to grab them they won't come out. This has happened in the front passenger seat and the middle row seat on the driver's side. Anyone else experience this? Usually after turning the car off the seat belts are released again.
  • nuyorkahnuyorkah Posts: 100
    "Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done this or if anyone can confirm that this GM part number 12497685 is what I need for the 3 skid plates for a '03 LS trailblazer 4x4?"

    I haven't done this but that is the correct pn#.
    12497685(List$200)for short wheelbase and
    12497686(List$211)for long wheelbase.
    Both pn#'s are currently on backorder from GM.
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