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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    Sometimes when I start the engine my 2002 TB lurches forward as if someone pushed the whole vehicle from the back one time. The motion feels like the vehicle moves forward about 5 inches then it settles backwards.
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    I was amazed but I think this is the first vehicle to have an aluminum pumpkin/carrier, the axle stems/shafts are steel of course, but the carrier is aluminum? how in the heck is it welded together? is screwed on? LOL, the first AL/FE combo in history? Care to comment! This is the rear axle I'm talking about.
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    That's not what the carrier is. A carrier is something that's inside the pumpkin. It's probably just the differential cover and/or housing that's aluminum. There should be 12 bolts holding the cover to the housing.

    The cover can be anything, chrome plated steel, aluminum - it doesn't matter except that aluminum will dissipate heat better.
  • dlaredlare Posts: 43
    Regarding the "unattached" pin 4 wire under the hood...what does it connect to? And why would they not have connected it at the factory?

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Watching this thing for over for a week now with a test light hooked up to the a/c compressor relay, it ALWAYS does exactly the same thing when it is really hot. I think the high-pressure sensor is cutting out the a/c when it exceeds a set pressure limit. Start up, cools down a little,, takes a break from cooling, blows warm tepid air in my face, then resumes cooling when the pressure drops. The hotter the air is across the evaporator in the afternoon the more likely it is to cut out the a/c compressor from the high pressure. Run the fan on 1 and it stays on longer or doesn't cut out at all. Run the fan on 5 and it cuts out almost immediately. This is NOT the same symptom as the a/c low pressure cycling switch intermittently sticking. Once it cools down enough to keep the high side pressure lower than the cut out point, the normal cycling takes place and it cools fine for the entire drive cycle and it really works quite well. I have also compared mine and a friend's TB that just had his serviced 3 weeks ago

    This is a PCM programming issue the gurus at GM need to work on. I am afraid though it may be just the nature of the beast. The pressure WILL get high with +100 to 110°F air moving across the evaporator. Kick in the engine cooling fan duty to 100% before the pressure gets too high to move more air across the condenser coil would help keep the high side pressure lower, but then everyone would complain about fan roaring noise.
  • Where did they mount the antenna for the remote start on your trucks guys? They put mine just above the rear view mirror. The windshield has metal there and I think that may be cutting my range down.

  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    The write-ups on my 2002 Envoy proudly described the feature of "theater-style dimming" in the cabin lights. I chuckle when I think about it, since my light goes from on to off in about 2 seconds :) It's barely perceptible that it is dimming, since the transition is so fast that you have to watch for it to know that it is not instantaneous. The whole purpose of theater-dimming is for people to make last-minute adjustments before total blackness ensues. I think a more atmospheric effect would have been to have the dimming over about a 5-second period, so that it would at least be noticeable. Better yet would have been a way for each owner to customize the amount of delay. Otherwise, why bother....
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    Do TSB's ever expire, or do they cover the life of the vehicle even after the warranty period? For example, could someone have some free TSB work done in 2008 based on a TSB issued in 2002?

    On another note, I've started getting postcards from my dealer telling me I have not complied with the instrument panel/shift override recall. Has anyone been successful in just doing the instrument panel but not the override?
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    tblazed, be careful where you use the trusty old test light. It is usually ok to use on a relay but can cause problems if used on a high impedance test point. I would agree with your curiosity, but would personally make GM find the solution to the problem. This goes to what I have been saying all along, which is, why is it necessary for us to find the problems and sometimes the solutions? Where is GM? By the way, one of the things that will shut down the air conditioning is 100% cooling fan duty cycle. So if the fan were to turn on 100%, the air would go off. Sounds like they do everything possible to minimize component stress, even at the expense of occupant comfort.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    pepper50 send me an email (in my profile) I will send you something about one of your concerns.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Don't worry about me ficuss. A red LED with a 1k resistor in series to limit the current to less than 15 mA or so won't hurt the relay that can handle a 10A clutch circuit. And the relay has the pin-out diagram printed right on its case. I do know what I am doing. I know this gets read by people other than the usual contributors too. Unfortunately GM is going all around this particular problem without addressing the issue. And they can program the PCM to turn on the fan in a condition as I describe, and keep the cut out for other 100% -on reasons valid too. All in the programming.

    Just like the theater lighting. That is all controlled by the BCM pulse-width modulating a solid state relay from 100% full on to 0% off over a preprogrammed time, and they could set it up to turn down and off in 2 sec or 2 min.or anywhere between. What would be nice would be a user-adjustable delay. I actually thought they did that on the TB to do a soft turn on and turn off so the bulbs won't burn out so fast!
  • nuyorkahnuyorkah Posts: 100
    "Do TSB's ever expire, or do they cover the life of the vehicle even after the warranty period? For example, could someone have some free TSB work done in 2008 based on a TSB issued in 2002?"

    A TSB is just a repair bulletin for a known specific problem which your vehicle MAY have. They are written to help a technician find the source of the problem. So the answer is no, you will not get a TSB done for free after the warranty is up. Recalls are something totally different.
  • elliot69elliot69 Posts: 9
    Drcsf: regarding your complaint about the rear seat getting an indent, perhaps tearing on the rear outlet on the rear of the console, there is a TSB to get the fix, they have fixed them in the 03's , I had my 02 Envoy SLT fixed with this TSB. Now it leaves just a slight circle. Sorry I don't have the bulliten number handy, but just mention to the dealer. Cheers and congrats. Elliot
  • tmac8tmac8 Posts: 32
    Hi everyone. I just found this forum last week and had alot of reading to catch up on. I have had my 2002 Envoy for a year now, and knock on wood no problems as of yet. Received my first recall notice last week so I took it in. They said there were five recalls total and fixed all of them. Most were computer settings upgrades.
    I am working on a few aftermarket upgrades to enhance performance, and if anyone has done this already, I would like some feedback. Three in particular. Airaid intake, Jet power Module, and Borla cat-back dual exhaust. Yea, I know, middle age trying to be a teenager again, but these are a blast to drive. Anyway, hope you all have good luck in the future with your vehicles. They are fun to own.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Were those all recalls you just had fixed or were some TSB's?

    Steve, Host
  • tmac8tmac8 Posts: 32
    Here is the brief explanation and recall number on the dealer work sheet.

    Recall no. 03012
    Part is here-sop
    performed 03012 recall

    Recall no. 01065
    Programmed TCM
    V0789.5 4941

    Recall no. 03013
    Installed plug
    (plug p/n 15107205)

    Recall I1191

    Only recall 03013 required parts. That's the one for the theft protection. The dealer told me the computers were updated to the latest 2003 specs, which definitely included firmer shifts in the transmission. (Noticeable and improved). Don't know if that was one of the recalls or a bonus freebee. If you want me to I can get more detailed info from the dealer and post it. Let me know.
  • hillflahillfla Posts: 90
    Just wanted to say thanks to those who posted regarding dealers putting waaaayy too much air into your tires. I took my 2003 Envoy in for the 2 recalls yesterday. When I picked it up and drove it home it felt very "bouncy" to me and had a floaty feeling. I remembered some postings on here regarding tire pressure being too high so I checked it when I got home and it was at 40 psi! Granted, yesterday was a hot day here in St Louis so I waited until this morning to check again. 37 psi. So I let a lot of air out this morning and now my ride feels normal again. Those dang dealers! Why do they do that?
  • redline65redline65 Posts: 693
    Just wondering, what is the tire pressure supposed to be on the standard TB/Envoy? On my Envoy XL it is 30 psi front and 35 psi rear. Not sure why, is there more weight on the rear end?
  • trailbluetrailblue Posts: 4
    They mounted the antenna on the drivers side near the windshield pillar,mast towards the dash.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    32psi front and rear is the spec on mine. I run 30 rear and 32 ft because I don't normally carry any extra people or stuff. I would go up to 32 in the rear if I was going on a trip with a full load. I would think the 35 rear for the XL is for the extra load capability of the two add'l passengers and maybe a different weight distrubution from the extra length for the 30 for the front - that'd be my guess. I actually run 31 in the L-ft and 32 in the R-ft to help compensate for a very slight pull to the right on mildly crested roads.It goes perfectly straight on a flat road. But that's just me.
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    Well, I finally have seen the light on caring for my Envoy's exterior. It's time to toss out the old sponge and Dawn. So, I'm heading for the auto store to get some products and do it right. Here is the plan:
    Two wash mitts.
    Some good car wash detergent.
    A clay bar kit
    A good polish and some microfibre towels.
    A good wax.
    Some tire cleaner.

    So, any tips? What products have you had good luck with on your Envoy/TB? I have an Indigo Blue exterior.

    Any tips for interior work?


  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I was just curious; sounds like you have a good dealer taking care of you.

    Lurker01 - love the clay bar :-)

    Steve, Host
  • pauleulpauleul Posts: 116
    You will find a clay bar kit does wonders. Best thing I've ever come across to keep the finish in perfect condition. It's way easy to do and twice a year seems to work out just right.

    Mothers California Gold Clay Bar kit also comes with Carnauba Wax.

    02 Envoy W/16,000 miles - paint as good as brand new. No problems, no complaints, no whining.
  • Thanks for the response. What type of system do you have? What sort of range do you get?

  • tmac8tmac8 Posts: 32
    For those looking for TSB'S you can find them (all 117 of them) at ALLDATA.COM. Just pick the model year and make and it will take you to the safety recalls and tsb's listing. If you have any problems I can e-mail them to you. (saved them on disk).
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    For those looking for TSB'S you can find them (all 117 of them) at ALLDATA.COM. Just pick the model year and make and it will take you to the safety recalls and tsb's listing. If you have any problems I can e-mail them to you. (saved them on disk).

    I just looked at, but they didn't show any of the TSB's/recalls on the 2002 Envoy that have come out since Jan. 2003, including the recent shift override/instrument panel reprogram. I'm not a paying subscriber though. Perhaps one has to pay to see the most recent list. Or does it take a few months for something to show up on the list?
  • I have just received my filter charger from summit and am concerned with the race/off road use label. Has anyone else used this product? Is there a different product that will work better or be "legal" any one who has used it what type of result?
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    While waiting for some after-market vendor to develop and market a protective piece for the driver's "dead pedal" on the 2003s (GM de-contented it), I provided an inexpensive (~$7) and practical alternative.

    Purchased a rubber rear floor mat at Walmart (I chose black, but color coordination is optional). Measured the "dead pedal" space height and width (lower & upper width are slightly different). Cut out a sized piece from the center of the rubber mat (slightly undersized to avoid having shoe soles catching on it all the time). Applied some narrow strips of heavy duty carpet tape near the edges and top center. Then installed the rubber "pedal" to a cleaned carpet surface.

    I've been using this "dead pedal" for almost 3 months now and haven't encountered any problems with it. With the way I cut the rubber mat piece, water on my shoes drains down the mat grooves to my WeatherTech floor mats. Large ribs on rubber mat piece provide a comfortable, non-vibrating place to rest your left foot while driving and it sure is saving my carpeting from rapid ruin.

    BTW, hit 5,000 miles on my '03 Bravada (8/02 build; 10/02 purchase) this week. Still no problems to report. Warm weather commuter mileage holding steady at 15.2 mpg.
  • kmhkmh Posts: 143
    Been reading posts regarding the A/C in the TBs. I had this issue earlier in the year and took it in for repair. They replaced the switch as mentioned and worked fine for a few months but now the problem has returned. Very frustrating considering the TB does pretty well on everything else. Appreciate the post from the person who posted the thorough description on the problem. Wish GM or Chevy would address this issue and get it taken care of once and for all.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Keep reading about this "clay bar"- would someone that has used this elaborate please? Just can't imagine what would seem like an abrasive material being used on clear coat. But I have never seen it so any users want to comment?

    Ordered the Borla system for my TB this morning. Plan to document the install with pictures and take before and after sound level measurements with a sound level meter. Get to do it after hours in the air-conditioned comfort at the Lexus dealer my friend works at. (If I can get over the anxiety!)
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