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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • red927red927 Posts: 118
    The standard Envoy is the SLE and I beleive that you can get OnStar as a stand alone option for $695. It also is part of a package.
  • ees1996ees1996 Posts: 31
    I took the truck to a different dealer and they are replacing the engine no questions asked. They just stated that the previous dealer did not put the engine back together correctly. The number two bearing was spun. They will have it done in a week. Thanks Fellow Triplet owners once again for the advice.
  • bobl8bobl8 Posts: 6
    When the wipers went dead on my '03 TB, the service advisor said "You mean we haven't fixed them for you yet?" Nuff said? They may be running out of wiper motors because they are rusting out at a rapid rate-but if the part is in stock, it's a one day fix.
  • I've heard about this problem a few times and I'm wondering if it applies to all the triplets or is it just the TB? Doesn't seem likely that GM would use different motors for the different versions, but maybe there is something different. Have any Enoys had the problem?
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    red927- Right you are. I glanced at the GMC-Envoy web site and interpreted it wrong. The SLE with 1SA pkg does not come with OnStar, to get it with the 1SA pkg, has to be ordered as the UE1 option, the SLE with 1SB does include OnStar.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Good deal! What they should have done in the first place. That's an advantage I appreciate with these- there are (almost) always several choices available for service and warranty repairs with these vehicles. There are at 4 Chevy dealers for me to choose from for service within 5 miles of my house.
  • ees1996ees1996 Posts: 31
    I am happy with the truck. Did not want to trade it in for an 04. So many little things are not available in my trim level (leather steering wheel and side air bags) Hopefully this will allow me to keep it till the wheels fall off. Just like with anything shop around for good service. Any one can do an oil change but warranty work brings out the real gremlins.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Definitely. At last count I think I was up to about 10 items no longer available or extra-cost options now, that were included on the '02s.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    Yes, the Envoy has the same issue. This is the only problem my Envoy has had in almost 2 years of ownership. I'll probably be due again next fall. :)
  • kpp14kpp14 Posts: 62
    Thats exactly why I like my 2002 slt Envoy(32,312 miles). Its easier to say the options I don't have. That would be the air pump (had one on my
    Montana...excellent option)and the Bose..I could kick myself for that. Oh yes, I have no tv but I use the factory sunroof all the time. I also have three wiper motors (two of them won't operate full of water though). Does any one find the drivers heated seat will fry your butt twice as fast as the passenger side or have you ever sat over there? How cold does it get in Texas? On occasion the mirrors tell each other to piss off but thats nothing a few hits on the mem button won't cure. Actually with all the many options that could go wrong it's held up pretty good. I'm 497 miles (800 km) away from the end of the warranty. I'm going to go through this site and make a list of anything I can find that would remotely go wrong. I hate to make you all sick but my dealer will most likely fix everything (must be a local condition). This truck is good, it will be dashing through the snow soon. I'm not whining!
  • I have an '04 Envoy XL with XM Satellite Radio. It has distorted sound, which is especially noticeably on talk radio stations. It sounds like it is searching for a signal in the background and has a relatively high-pitched noise. Dealer says this is normal. This does not happen on AM or FM stations. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a fix? This does not seem to be normal.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    Number one...why are you listening to talk radio on XM?
    Seriously, I have XM in my boat and don't hear ANY distortion. I only wish there were a way I could get it in my Envoy, without being FM modulated.
  • I have an 03 Envoy XL SLE with just the base stereo. The stereo has an AUX button that I'm guessing goes with the optional CD changer. Does anybody know if the wiring harness is still ran even though the changer isnt there. If not, can I order just the wiring harness. Where is the changer in the Envoy. Maybe I could go look myself. I want to tap into that input with a DVD system.

    Are there any other message boards that are centered around Envoy performance and aftermarket stuff?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Are there any other message boards that are centered around Envoy performance and aftermarket stuff?

    Several. Here's a couple of them:

    GMC Envoy Owners: Accessories & Modifications

    Toyota Highlander vs GMC Envoy

    Also, feel free to discuss performance issues right here!

    tidester, host
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Have seen it get to -1°F (-18°C) once. Our record cold down here. It normally gets into the low 20's (F) a few times a year with a nice “brisk” wind from the NNW. Fortunately I have a well-insulated garage and cloth-covered seats. They don't feel as cold when you sit on them, likewise in the summer they don’t fry you when the interior is hitting 135°. In my case I would like forced-air conditioned seats!
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    Fortunately I have a well-insulated garage and cloth-covered seats. They don't feel as cold when you sit on them, likewise in the summer they don’t fry you when the interior is hitting 135°.

    The durability and ease of cleaning of leather trumps the advantages of cloth.
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    I seem to recall talk about a wiper motor recall? Any news? Is this going to happen?
    My intermittent wipers have become overly intermittent.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    scottc454, I've seen that there's a TSB on this, but you might try posting your question in the Technical Service Bulletins to see if any of the techs have additional info.

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  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    My 2002 TB wipers were intermittent for a while. They would stop mid wipe when in the interval mode. Bring the car in and they will replace the motor, no questions asked. They know there is a problem. They will fix it. If you wait too long, they may quit entirely during a rain.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    "The durability and ease of cleaning of leather trumps the advantages of cloth." But the comfort of cloth beats leather, to me anyway. Hot or cold. The leather seats in these seem very hard to me, except in the Bravada, I like those. Everyone has preferences. And in a few years I won't have cracking deteriorating leather to look at. Don't eat in it so no worry about cleaning any gunk off the seats. Also aren't these just leather on the seating surfaces only, and if so the vinyl trim around the sides will give out well before the leather does. Been my experience anyway. Good thing there are choices. Different strokes...
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    ah yes, rich Corinthian Rayon. BTW, you won't generate static electricity getting out of leather seats.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    "BTW, you won't generate static electricity getting out of leather seats."

    If they aren't helping to generate it, what is? I have had leather in my last 3 vehicles, and have certainly been shocked upon exiting them. Usually only occurs during the cold months here in the Chicago area.
    I kind of like it in the mornings, though. It helps to get me going. :)
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    The only times I've had static electric buildup in cars was when the cars had a cloth or velour seat. I'm in Chicago also, so the climate is the same. Some cars will build up static due to other reasons besides seats. I had a Honda Accord that built up so much static that I would shock the toll booth attendants if I handed them coins. This had nothing to do with the seats, since I didn't leave the car. There are many possible causes for static buildup in cars. The seats are only one of them. You usually feel the static when your foot touches the ground and your hand or arm touches the metal car body.
  • kpp14kpp14 Posts: 62
    "I kind of like it in the mornings, though. It helps to get me going. :)"
    Hey Mike. (Sorry but I can't help myself)Wouldn't sitting on sub-zero leather absolutely freeze your (insert your favourite slang here)......... off. As far as getting going in the morning I prefer a coffee while driving.
    t-blazed, us guys in the North can't clean the leather or anything else for that matter unless you have a heated and insulated garage. The truck and your cleaning chemicals get frozen solid. Toronto dumps 1000's of tons of salt on the roads to melt the ice and snow. A little coffee on the seats is nothing compared to the road crap everywhere. Buffalo NY gets the worst winter conditions anywhere because of the lake. You can go off-roading on the road there! Host, if someone uses "questionable words" but is still funny does he get booted in the..i mean out.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ...if someone uses "questionable words" but is still funny does he get booted in the...

    It depends on how "questionable" the words are! It doesn't take too much skill to find a way of saying what you want without testing the boundaries - unless of course you hit your thumb with a hammer in which case prompt utterances are unavoidable and serve to mitigate the intense discomfort. But then you're not posting on a message board anyway! ;-)

    tidester, host
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    First snow flakes of the year are FLYING!!! Lets see if we can get more than last years 10 FEET!!!
    LOL!!! I'm from the south town's of Buffalo, we get it the worst, Near the Boston Hills!!!! Thats why I snapped and got a TB in DEC 29 of 2002!!!!
  • Hey KPP it you would drive your Trailblazer an hour north on the 400(just to keep it on topic) to Barrie you will see what snow really is. The snow belt is here and it is amazing how much difference an hour on the highway makes. The snow on my lawn last year was up to my chest.
    Those guys in the south don't know how good they have it other than the fact they don't get to live in Canada.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Yes, I have spilled coffee on my cloth seats. It beaded up- did not soak in or stain. It seems to have an effective fabric protectant on the cloth. Darn "cup holders" these have don't fit any coffee cup I have found so far.

    One thing I noticed on both the Bravada and the Rainier I looked at last week at the fair, they both use basically the same console, they are missing one cup holder hole on the console. A piece of wood grain plastic is there instead.

    BTW- Potential Bravada owners, get your piece of Oldsmobile history as GM puts it, '04 "Oldsmobile Final 500 Edition" Bravada while they last starting in January. They get special fender badges and embroidering on the seats.
  • My two cents: The reason I opted for cloth is that leather doesn't really hold up well to salt water and sunscreen lotion. I bought my TB, so I could put my surfboards on it and take it to and from the beach. It is an SUV after all.
  • bobbiesbobbies Posts: 34
    Hi folks...My 02 Bravada is about due for fuel filter change. Will anyone tell me where it is and the best way to depressurize the system. I plan to remove the gas cap first. Is there anything else to depressurize? Any issues I should be aware of? Thankx
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