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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • I've had my 2002 Bravada since November 2001, currently have 45k miles, brakes have not been replaced and tires are the originals. I live in Connecticut and enjoy the weather extremes that are typical in this region - Hot muggy summers with cold snowy winters.
  • I just had my brakes checked at 51K miles. Mechanic noted that vertical groove in middle of front pads is still visible, pads are about 50% worn. I have a 2002 TB, most miles have been highway in dry areas (Arizona and Nevada). I get a very small squeak from the front wheels when I turn corners at low speeds, otherwise no problems or pulsing.
  • The rubbing and grinding noise when turning is exactly what I had. It slowly kept getting worse. I could even feel and hear it when in park and just turning wheel. Make sure you have the service guy sit in the drivers seat and test it while you are explaining it to them.

    The repair invoice only stated that steering column failed that I remember. The new steering column started leaking power steering fluid less than 2 months later. It was still under warranty and it took 11 days to get the next steering column. I drove an '04 TB rental and that drove worse than my '02. I haven't had any problems with this 3rd column since it was put in 2 months ago.

    Let me know if you need exact details of the invoices and I will hunt them down.

    So is anyone running XM through their factory radio and how do you like it?
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    Thanks for the link. I have 255/70/16. I thought about going to 65's, but I left it alone and remained at 70. Vehicle drives the same, no real gains or losses. I just like the look of a little larger tires.

    Host- What's this information that when we sign in forum to post, we are not going into a secure site?
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    My 02 TB is at 52K (mostly city 0-50 mph trips) and brakes holding up well. I've had Durangos and JGC's that needed new pads and rotors every 30K miles. 52K miles with original pads is pretty impressive for an SUV. Bottom line: people drive and work their brakes differently. If I could get my wife to get 50K miles on her brakes I would be happy, but that's another story.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    I was changing my oil over the weekend and while looking over my vehicle I noticed my rear differential is damp where the drive axle connects. I'm not experiencing any problems or side-effects such as whinning rear-end. I checked fluid using finger technique and fluid seems adequate. No dripping puddles in garage either. I am not an certified auto mechanic, but if anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated. It's probably normal slinging of lube with the rubber seals etc. Any TB owners experience?
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    What's this information that when we sign in forum to post, we are not going into a secure site?

    I haven't seen that - I'll look for it.

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    Thanks. After typing in password, window pops up and states:

    Security Alert - "You are about to be re-directred to a connection that is not secure. The information you are sending to the current site might be re-transmitted to a non-secure site. Do you wish to continue?"

    If you choose no, then you cannot sign in Thanks.
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    That sounds like something coming from your browser or possibly XP's SP2 new security features.

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    The security window started around the time My Edmunds got started. It's a result of Edmunds selling Info-Paks and other information on the site and revamping the sign up procedure a few months back. There's a secure part of the site for collecting your credit card info, etc. if you decide to buy an Info-Pak.

    If you check the remember me on this computer box, you won't see it again.

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    Thanks, Steve. That must be why I've never seen it!

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    From post 15295:

    Host- What's this information that when we sign in forum to post, we are not going into a secure site

     From post 15299:

    If you check the remember me on this computer box, you won't see it again.

    Steve, Host

    To host;

    But are you're still "not going into a secure site" ?
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    Beats me - I think most browsers have a little key logo in the bottom status bar that indicates if you are on a secured page (https?).

    In the good ol' days, only Town Hall required registration if you wanted to post. Now there's other site content that requires registration, and some of that content costs money. I think they just combined everything so you could use one registration site wide.

    If you want to know, try asking in Our Software! Your Questions Answered....

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  • I thought that only 36K from brakes was a bit premature. I likely needed them because of the uneven wear between inside vs out. My outs still had 8mm but the ins were down to 3. I did feel a slight pulse in the brakes on a stop which is why I had them even look.
    I paid $263 for lifetime ceramic pads on all corners.
    I also canvased this group months back re a fickle rear gate unlock as tranny is put in park.
    I was experiencing a failure to unlock maybe 1 out of 5 times plus intermittent failure when using the key fob.
    Dealer diagnosed and replace a liftgate module.
    This was a $200+ repair covered under warrantee
  • Wxman

    I have the 4.2, but have expirenced the same thing as you describe. I moved to AZ from NY 4 months ago. TB does seen to run hot whenever the temp rises above ~100, however, my Grand Prix runs a few ticks hotter as well. I pretty much chalked it up to be normal, as I have not noticed any adverse effects. Its this oven we live in!
  • I am hoping that you hsve solved your problem and might be able to shed some light my way. Mold has built up on the compressor coil and been replaced twice ans cleaned another 2 times. My vehicle STINKS!! It smelly like mold and Chevrolet has a solution of Detaling my vehicle. What is a person to do?
  • I had the bad smell from my vents when running the a/c during the first summer. Dealer sprayed in some stuff(???) and has set the blower fan to come on about every half hour or hour (I haven't timed it) and run for about 2 minutes to dry everything out. It doesn't come on while driving but I can hear it blowing at full setting while sitting in the garage. I also always leave the fan to the first setting so it is always lightly blowing when I'm driving to dry it out. This has seemed to work for the past two years in my '02 TB LS. I still have the original battery with 38,000 miles on it.
  • I have a 2004 Envoy, this morning in the parking lot, the truck was running and all of a sudden it stalled (I was parked) and the check engine light came on and my computer screen stated ENGINE OIL PRESSURE LOW, anyone know what this means? I called the dealer, they are sending someone out. But I was just curious to what this could be. I had the oil changed about a month ago. And the oil life reading is at 90%.
  • We just paid $17,000 for a 2002 Bravavda with 44,000 miles on it.

    In the morning when starting it up cold, it is very very loud (and sounds like a diesel) and blows a lot of white smoke. It's not a water-vapor type of white smoke, it's heavy and hangs around, unlike steam would. The smoke and loud noise do recede after it's warmed up.

    I know that's very vague but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what could cause this. We have a 30-day warranty, so I need to be armed with info ASAP.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Did you check your engine oil level on the dipstick? Sounds like you have lost a bunch of your oil somehow. If that isn't it, it may be some problem with the oil pump circulating the oil within the engine. Good luck.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    In the morning when starting it up cold, it is very very loud (and sounds like a diesel) and blows a lot of white smoke.

    Not sure about the noise some people have said in the past theirs sounded similar to what you describe, but the smoke at start-up - that sounds serious. Anything from leaking valve stem seals to worn valve guides will cause oil to leak down from the top of the engine overnight into one or more cylinders, then at first startup in the morning burns off that oil. Not good. 30 day warranty? you might want to take them up on that.

    The Bravadas all got a 5 year-60k mile warranty I think. If you keep it you will probably need to use that. Good Luck!
  • Regretfully, the Bravada had a factory 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty (kind of crappy for a dealership needing to assure its buyers that its product is worthy of a purchase despite its closing shop).

    Anyway, is there a good strategy for getting this fixed under the warranty to prevent the warranty company from taking advantage of you?

    I Was thinking along the lines of paying to have it diagnosed then I'd know what the REAL problem is instead of the warranty company TELLING me what it is just to avoid more costly repairs; know what I mean?

    Or is it safe enough to just let the machinery work, and as long as the white smoke disappears, assume It's fixed?

    Any other thoughts on warranty strategy is GREATLY appreciated! THANKS!
  • All 2002 Bravada's have 5 year-60k mile warranty, mine does. I just had it some work done at 48,000 miles.

    Your engine could have dropped a cylinder sleeve. All of the 2002 have a 75,000 mile warranty for that.

    GM factory warranty’s are transferable to second owners, is there some thing special about the 02 Bravada warranty I don’t know about?

  • I had the exact same problem with my 2002 Envoy. GMC replaced many parts, but ended up buying it back under the lemon law because they couldn't fix it. Do a search on "stalling" for my story. I think only one other person here has had the same stalling when stopped problem. It won't do it everytime, and the dealer probably won't be able to duplicate it unless the engine is cold.

    Last year the NHTSA contacted me regarding the complaint I filed about it. They were opening a formal investigation into Envoys and Bravadas with the air suspension stalling at highway speeds, but included my case in the investigation. I haven't heard anything more about this.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    I brought my 02 TB in for brakes today because they were pulsing and felt mushy. The pulsing felt like going over small humps when coming to a stop. My dealer replaced 3 of 4 rotors for free and charged me for pads which were getting thin. They said the rotors had major rust problems. I got the impression that rotors were somehow being quietly changed for free by GM. My TB is past the basic warranty period and the rotors are not covered under GM major plan extended warranty. I have read other posts regarding pulsing brakes. I think this is a bigger problem than we know of.
  • I would LOVE if this has a 5/60K warranty. But the used car dealer told us that it was a 3/36k, and when I did a carfax, it also said the same thing (and that the warranty has expired). When I did a carfax, it was shown to be a lease vehicle. Could that automatically make it a 3/36 instead of a 5/60?

    One thing: I just checked the oil and it looks a little over filled. Could that make some white smoke and loud diesel-like sounds?

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Here's something a Google search came up with. I would call GM or a GM dealer and find out exactly what the status is with the warranty.

    "Two days after the press introduction of the Bravada, GM announced that it would be putting Oldsmobile down, after a 103-year run. To assuage any concerns about service, Oldsmobile is offering a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty on its new vehicles."

    Also it would have to be really overfilled with oil to cause smoke on startup. That oil smoke at the least is is not good for the catalytic converter and O2 sensors. I would not accept a vehicle that has that problem. My 2¢.
  • Go to and register your vehicle. You will have to transfer the remainder of the warranty. GM added the 2 year, 24000 GMPP Major Guard to all 2002 and up Oldsmobiles. Call their customer service and they will be glad to help through the process. I bought a 2002 Bravada with 50,000 miles and have had several small fixes under that warranty. Car runs great and have had no problems. Also, your engine is warranted for 100,000 miles if it has the dreaded Sleeve slipping condition. Good luck!
  • You could forego the 5/60 warranty and get a discount on the price. So I would imagine a leasing company would probably go with that option.
  • My car was a lease car, so don't give up.
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