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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Can you email them to me? I am curious to see how it looks withthe grillle cut out...I am thinking of installing mine one on each side of the license place so I dont have to cut holes in the bumper , but I am curiosu to see how yours look.

  • I have the same problem. Dealer claimed the drive belt was misaligned and "re-aligned" it, but the problem still remains.


    Is there a TSB on this item?


  • cmr239cmr239 Posts: 12
    I would like to change the tire size on our Envoy, but I can't find a programmer (Hypertech, Superchip, etc.) to correct speedo, ABS, etc. Don't care about performance gains, (though our 4.2 could use some help) really just want the correction. Any help appreciated.
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    Check with your Chevy dealer. There was a service recall a few months ago that deals with sealing the black panel on the outside of the vehicle, underneath the wipers. This could be where you are getting the leak.


  • Pulled a 4runner a few miles without a trailor. No problem - didn't even feel it. Kept the gearing low. Not sure what long distance will do with tranny heat - but if it's within weight specs - should be fine.


    02 TB I6


    - WPK
  • thanks for the info! any easy way to tell rear end ratio? ie stickers or lables?
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Look inside the glove box and you will see a sticker with most installed equipment. GU6=3.42, GTS=4.10, and GT4=3.73. G80 is locking rear axle.
  • wxman4wxman4 Posts: 53
    I am attempting to determine if I have a fixable problem with cooling. Can anyone explain when the cooling fan is supposed to engage. What temp does it engage? Does AC make a difference? Is it all or nothing (enagaged or freewheeling) or does it engage in steps? I fear it is not engaging enough.

    2003 5.3 V8 Chevrolet


    Thanks for any help

  • hornshorns Posts: 5
    I have the clicking tachometer noise on my 2002 Envoy. I didn't notice it until recently, but I may have had it all along. I nearly always listen to the radio and/or have the air-conditioner running. I only happened to notice it one day because I was idling with both off. Since I otherwise never hear it, I'm tempted just to ignore it. Are there any ill effects from letting it continue to tick? I do have another 3 years of extended warranty, but hate for people to mess around in the dash, changing out instruments if they don't really need to. Thanks.
  • I have a 2004 Envoy SLE XL, and have the same issue. I took it into the dealer and they told me this is a normal thing and no repairs should be performed. The HVAC system has the ability to open and close the fresh air door at anytime. The purpose the this is to control evaporator temperatures and prevent evaportator freeze. The is in GM document ID# 1549175. I hope this helps.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I hear the same thing in mine- an occasional click, tick, or rattle noise especially when I first start it up and the gages do a "reset". A friend had his fixed for the noisy tach problem; they sent out the cluster for repair and it now makes essentially the same noises as mine. I drove his TB last week to compare some "notes" before my warranty expires, and I heard it making the same noises I hear in mine. Asked him if it was actually fixed, yes, says it's a lot better now, said originally it was so bad it was a continuous noise, like a fan or motor running noise coming from the dash, so apparently a random tick or click, or rattle is "normal" (?). Would like to read some before-and-after repair reports about this since my WARRANTY exipires next week.
  • I had my cluster replaced for the noise about a year ago and no noise since. Now I have a slight rattle in the dash somewhere behind the glovebox. Little rattles drive me nuts. I put velcro on the dash (in front of key ingnition hole) and steering column to keep the key fob and keys from banging around. Took off all the roof racks for wind noise. Had the dealer replace all door seals and front door baffels (all under warranty) because of serious (pulling doors open in cross winds) wind noise. Now if I could just find me some used Rainier front door windows and windshield...
  • Hi


    My vehicle has gone out of warranty and now the sunroof is leaking. I checked the drain by running a weed whacker cord thru it and allot of water, it's open. It looks like it's leaking thru the joint where the side and front sunroof frames come together. Does anybody know of any recalls, or sealing material that could be used to make the joint waterproof?
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    My 02 TB doesn't make the "normal noise" from the tach. I think I will print out the posts regarding the "normal noise" and demand that my dealer fix mine, under warranty .
  • In my '02 LS TB, I just had an aftermarket Pioneer radio installed to get XM Direct connected (no FM modulation). I'm having the problem of about once in every three or four start ups of the TB, the Pioneer radio won't power on (I never turn it off) and when I do manually turn on the radio, it won't recognize the XM signal. Circuit City (I know, I know all the horror stories) has replaced all the XM and Pioneer equipment twice and the fix only lasts about a week. I'm wondering if the TB realizes this is not the factory radio and won't send a power on signal just to jerk me around. There is power when I hit the power button on the radio. To get XM, I either have to turn off the TB or pull off the faceplate (reboot) on the radio and push back on (dangerous to do while driving) and then it will recognize the XM signal. I love the radio and XM service when they are working (same factory speakers and no bass box or amp...). Anyone else with an aftermarket radio experience this power on issue?


    Best Buy said I should have relocated the factory radio under the drivers seat and then run the wiring to the Pioneer radio for it to work properly.
  • wxman4wxman4 Posts: 53
    Thanks, I can see a point for the front maybe. Does the rear even ever draw in fresh air? My problem is with the rear blower. Not hurting much anyway, has only happened three times. Just a bit annoying to have the heat on in the front and suddenly feel cold air on your neck from the rear AC, when it is turned off.


  • I too had the tach noise no my '02 Envoy, very slight and not noticeable unless both air and radio are off. Also was tempted to not have anything done because of messages I had seen about it taking a while to take the dash out, but was a little leery about premature failure of the tach (also kinda picky about noises as well).


    I mentioned it to my dealer when having punch list fixed before warranty expiration. They replaced and it is fine now. They did have to take the cluster out and get a number to order a replacement, but it only took around an hour to take it out for the number and another hour to put the new one in. I did have to make two trips, as it seems they only order when they can get a serial number, I guess for warranty with the supplier?


    Haven't noticed any rattles or problems with the dash since. Passenger door seems to rattle from time to time, but I suspect that comes from either my wife leaving crap in the door pocket or something loose from her slamming the door when she gets mad at me :)
  • I found a site that has useful info, someone may have posted it already:



    Actually has diagrams and instructions about adjusting the trim hight on the air suspension.I think someone asked about that lately. Was looking for something like this before I adjusted mine. Seems to have stuff from the service manual.
  • My 03 Envoy has 29,000 miles and I have to decide if I should buy the extra protection...was just curious about the experiences of others here.... so far I've had very minor,easy problems but as with any time of insurance you never know....

  • dweissdweiss Posts: 4
    With only 15,000 miles the Service 4wd drive light came on our 2003 Envoy XL. Still under warranty, the dealer said that new software needed to be uploaded to solve the problem. Less than 2 weeks later, the light is on again, along with the light for the brake and airbag. Does anyone have any ideas or similar experience. The lights are not on every time the car is started (there can be entire trips without any lights).
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    I will strongly look at an extended warranty for my '03 Envoy this fall. No medium or large problems yet, but reading on this and other forums, when a problem pops up it can be expensive. Probably look to buy from Black, as they seem very competitive on price.
  • hornshorns Posts: 5
    What is replaced for the tach noise? Is it just the tach, or is the entire instrument cluster, i.e., all gauges? Thanks.
  • They replace the entire instrument cluster.
  • dweissdweiss Posts: 4
    Just wanted to follow up that the dealer's conclusion was that the ground was faulty. He said there was slight oxidation and that it just needed to be cleaned up. I will see if that did the trick and will post again if the problem persists.
  • hornshorns Posts: 5
    When they replace the instrument cluster, what happens to the odometer? Is it reset to zero, or is it programmed with the current mileage somehow? Thanks.
  • They will set the mileage to whatever it was originally.


    I did notice that mine indicated a little less mileage, maybe a couple hundred miles. I had them order the new cluster right before going on a trip which put me just out of warranty, so figured they put it back under just to make it easier on themselves for the warranty claim.
  • cparise1cparise1 Posts: 109
    I had my IC replaced over a year ago and it went without a hitch. Took the Envoy in on Dec 22 at 4pm and got it back at 4pm on Dec 23. The IC comes out in one piece and they ship it out overnite to a regional repair center who turn it around in hours.

  • kennokenno Posts: 1
    I know this has been discussed a thousand times, but I think I'm having some electrical problems with my 02 TB. The engine started cutting out a couple times on my way to work, and then finally died. All my accessories stayed on, and seemed to have good voltage. I tried to turn it over twice but only got clicking as if it didn't have enough juice. I turned off the key for 5 secs and it fired right up. This leads me to believe that I either have a short somewhere, my battery connection is bad, or a computer is going bad.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or solid findings for this situation before I pour money down a mechanic. Please send me your thoughts.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    When attempting to go from this forum back to the main "forums" folder, I always wind up on a blank page and have to "back" my way out.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Hi Frank,


    Can you report it over in Forums Software! Your Questions Answered... and include what browser and operating system you are using? Thanks; and you may want to clear your cache and cookies and see if that helps.


    I haven't heard any similar reports although at least one member is getting an Apache server error this weekend.




    Steve, Host
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