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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • polespoles Posts: 23
    what kind of car are you showing in the picture because i know it is not a Trailblazer
  • cparise1cparise1 Posts: 109
    Haven't checked in for a awhile. After reading some posts about having to replace rotors after 25K I was wondering if anyone has had a good experience like mine?


    I have 55K on my '02 Envoy XL and the dealer said I've used only 1/3 of the linings. I should be good on front and rear brakes until at least 80K. I won't mind paying for new brakes at that time and I will buy GM parts and service. I just feel better doing that and have had good experiences with GM parts and servicing.


    I had a similar experience with my '97 Monte Carlo. I think I had the brakes done at 92K. Mostly highway driving on both vehicles.

    For my experience GM does know how to do brakes right.


    My Envoy rotors aren't rusty either.


  • meltbmeltb Posts: 1
    I just had a lemon trailblazer ext GM buyback. I

    did not need a lawyer. I had my car in repair for

    at least 25 times and one problem for six times. I

    let them know I had enough, told them I'd go to the news and the next day the rep came out. I

    gave them a week to fix it or wanted a new car or

    my money back so that I could get a vehicle I paid

    for. I got it in writing, the mileage was from the time I first had problems. Everything needs to be in writing, your conversations with the service people, your cars history and they can't

    dispute the facts. I found GM to be fair with their buyback offer and would purchase another GM.

    Cars have problems and believe me, I went through

    some aggrevating and angry times, but by keeping

    a level head and giving them no room to argue the

    facts, I prevailed without a lawyer. You too, can

    do this on your own and don't take no excuses. Their is a wealth of information on the internet

    which I used to strengthen my knowledge to show

    I was no push over. Good Luck
  • I found it on some site. Looks like it might be gm though?
  • My rear wiper on my 02 TB doesn't work good.

    I had it in to the dealer yesterday for the tail light fix and a broken 3rd brake light.

    They said I needed a new blade for only $16. I passed. I replaced the blade myself and it still misses in spots. I think that there is not enough pressure on the spring. When the wiper is on and I press down on the arm it works great.

    Any fixes out there?
  • The Dealer said I am due for a new fuel filter, air filter, and a fuel injection cleaning.

    1st, I told him that I use Redline SI-1 and it is better than any dealer $129 cleaning FOR ONLY $5.

    2nd, I could change the fuel filter, but not this soon.

    3rd, I asked him if my TB had 1,000,000 miles on it. He asked why. I told him that is when my K&N Air filter needs to be replaced.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    spray some wd40 on the first joint of the wiper arm. This is the joint nearest the wiper motor post. Exercise the joint after spraying with wd40. This will help. Other lub sprays may also help, I happened to use wd40.


    I know WD40 is NOT a lubricant, but it works great.
  • I know WD40 is NOT a lubricant, but it works great.


    WD-40 is a lubricant. It is just a light lubricant that can also act as a solvent for thicker lubricants and adhesives.


    I know you only mentioned this because you know others would jump on you saying "WD-40 is a solvent,not a lubricant." That isn't correct.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    So should people jump on me or not? Either way, it will loosen a stiff wiper joint. The reason I said WD40 is not a lubricant is because we've had this discussion before, and the consensus was that it wasn't and therefore is still that it isn't..


  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    WD40 says it is a lubricant.


    And a solvent ("dissolves adhesives", etc.).


    I think it does everything but take out the trash.




    Steve, Host
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    from WD40:

    "WD-40 is also great when it comes to cleaning grease, grime, and other marks from most surfaces."


    No biggie but....


    How can you clean grease from a surface and lubricate it at the same time?


    I'll tell you what it will do, Use it to clean up the mess the next time you spill paint on a smooth surface. You won't believe what you just did. And the surface won't be slippery afterwards.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I dunno, but it's not the only product out there that advertises it "cleans and lubricates."


    AquaSeal Zip Care (I've used that on my drysuit), and 3M™ Throttle Plate and Intake Cleaner are two of the more reputable products making that claim. Not much grease on my throttle body or drysuit though (or on that wiper arm I bet).


    Steve, Host
  • amom1amom1 Posts: 1
    Thought I'd give you an update re: my status with my 03 Envoy. (see post 15064) I contacted a lemon law atty via the internet, told them my story, they took the case (no cost to me but court filing fees). It took a few months but we turned our car back in yesterday and received our buyback ck from GM. (without ever going to court) This website is a great help. I'll use it again when making my decision on what to buy next.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Thanks for the update. Here's hoping you don't get stuck again! It's a slow process isn't it?


    Steve, Host
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    How can you clean grease from a surface and lubricate it at the same time?


    By dissolving it? :-)


    tidester, host
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    Well, it did start out as a lube. It's a water displacement chemical developed here in San Diego for use on Atlas and Centaur rockets to keep the stainless steel tanks from corroding. (Yes, I know, but they do corrode). Anyway, I used to work in the building where they assemled these and they apply the stuff with big dustmops.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I prefer Remington "Rem Oil with Teflon" with "superior cleaning, lubricating and anti-corrosion" protection as an excellent spray oil lubricant (10 oz size available for <$5 in the sporting goods dep't at your favorite big box store).


    WD40 works good as a solvent for cleaning old gummy grease and dirt from mechanisms, before you relubricate it with something else that will stay put and work for a while.
  • Replacing the fan clutch in my 02 GMC Envoy...would anyone know the part # or where to get the special tool to remove the fan clutch from the water pump pulley? (special wrench that holds the pulley)

  wanted $600+ to replace...found a new fan clutch on ebay for $90.00, BUT you will need the special wrench to remove.


    thanks for any assistance


  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    The Fan Clutch Remover and installer uses part no. J41240. Manual says to order from OE Tool and Equipment Group Kent-Moore 28635 Mound Road Warren MI 48092. Phone 1-800-345-2233.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Buy one, and you can go into the triplet fan clutch tool rental business. Please post how much it costs.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Might try these guys.


    NOA's Tool Rental ??? LOL
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I am not very impressed with mine. I just paid $123 to replace the front pads on my 02 with 31000 miles (the front rotors rusted and were replaced under warranty).


    Now they are squeaking and I have to bring it back once again! Grrrrrr.


  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 30
    I keep searching other forums as well and cannot find anyone who has done this, is it possible? I understand you need the certain options and I have them but I hear the connector is different. I would really like to get this radio because it really is a bargain for what it offers. Any help appreciated.
  • My radio buttons are peeling. I've read where the dealer will replace this under warranty. I wonder if the 05 MP3 player can be put in its place. I have an 03 TB. Would be a nice upgrade if possible.
  • gmcmangmcman Posts: 30
    I had that problem also and the dealer replaced my radio. I'm not sure what intensity you have your instrument lights set at but I turned mine down to lower the temp of the lights because they really put out alot of heat when turned up.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    do you work on any other gov. projects that are secret?
  • I've been searching too. Everything says from 03 on.

    I'd really like it for my 02 SLT with Bose and steering wheel controls. If you find anything, post it, and I'll do the same.


  • I tried to put a '04 TB factory radio with the band button in my '02 TB and it would not work. The radio was locked and two different dealerships could not unlock it after both said it would be easy to do. The '02 can not "communicate" with later year models and neither dealership knew that before I purchased the '04 radio from ebay. I was looking to get XM Direct hooked up to the factory radio via wire but I needed a GM radio with a band button.


    I had to purchase and install an aftermarket Poineer that I'm also having problems with. Seems like every once in a while my TB doesn't recognize the radio since it is not factory and won't power it on. Most of the times it does turn on.
  • ugltrkugltrk Posts: 16
    Where is the oil filter located on 02 Envoy? Do you have to take the skid plate off to get to it, or am I too blind to see it? On the amsoil site, it appears to be on the pass. side.


    Opinions on Mobil 1 synth oil.
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    do you work on any other gov. projects that are secret?

    The Atlas rockets aren't secret.

    I don't work on any secret projects and couldn't talk about them if I did.
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