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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    Good news for you. There isn't any plug wires on the I-6. Each cylinder has a spark coil that sets on top of the plug eliminating the need for wires.
  • Does anyone know if an anchor for child seats is available for the 3rd row of seats on an Envoy XL? If so, where or how does a person get the part?

  • Now I suppost they will lay off my Rainier and I will have a collectors item! Should have keep the Accord or gotten the Pilot I wanted. SNOKING
  • Does anyone happen to know how to disable, disconnect, or turn down those damed seat belt chimes? They're way too loud and are driving me nuts. Thanks!
  • With your radio turned off, hold down the number 6 button until you hear the chime sound and then you can adjust the volume.
  • I tried doing a search on this but found too many responses and none of them pertained to my question. I was wondering if anyone has found a way to disable the feature on the DVD navigation that does not allow you to input information unless you are at a complete stop. My wife REALLY hates this feature and wants to disable it if at all possible.

    Also, any chance of modding and playing a DVD movie in the main dash unit?
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    The recall 01_hoe refers to involved an opening in the wiper motor housing that allowed water to enter. Sounds like it could be your problem.
  • ross1962ross1962 Posts: 229
    I didn't see the commercial, but I haven't seen anyone use a drawing board to design anything in about 15 years. It's all CAD now.
  • I thought that was pretty funny myself until my son enrolled at a technical college this fall in technical drawing program. His first class is using pencil and paper for drawing! I Guess they want to make sure that you can do something useful when the power goes out at your first drafting job. :shades:
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 316
    That would explain the 1/2" panel gaps on my truck.....
  • Thanks a million Rob! What a great resource this forum is. By the way, where did you get this tidbit? It's not in the owner's manual, is it? :blush:
  • My 04 Envoy had to have the windshield wiper module replaced. Thanks for your responses.
  • Since I have purchased my envoy, i have been having problems with my battery going dead. While it was still under warranty, i had the battery replaced and linkage on the shifter changed out. Technicans supposely said that was the culprit. Now that i have no warranty, i still have the problem, and have just been getting the vehicle battery jumped. does anyone have any ideas? or has anyone have the same problem?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I would be talking with the service manager, then GM, then the sales department explaining that this has been aproblem since almost day 1. They need to fix it for free as they haven't fixed it right the first time. If they refuse, go in order to GM, then sales telling them the story and bottom line can they afford to lose another customer. I had my Tracker fixed 18 months out of warranty. Shifter problems and whole tranny had to be dropped at $450 out and another $450 back in plus parts. $1400 and after telling GM I had had all maintainance done as required, most done early and some done that wasn't required I felt they should pick up the tab. I ended up paying $375 and some change. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just remember, calm, cool, and collected. Good luck.
  • Is anyone out there getting zapped by static electricity when they get out of their TB. It is so powerful that it will even carry through a leather glove. I have been putting up with it a few years at least, my TB is an 03 with 78K.
    One theory is the rear Goodyear tires, the fronts are standard BFG issue. Also I am getting the anoying service 4wd light that kick out 4wd until it sets a while and is restarted.
  • Static is a very common problem in dry climates and in winter most anywhere. The amount you get also depends on seat covering material as well as what clothes and shoes you wear. It has little to do with what vehicle you drive.

    One trick I use is to hold my key in my bare hand and touch the key to a metal surface first before anything else is touched. The discharge through the key will not be felt in your hand since it is spread out over a large contact area.
  • Take a minute and share your perspective: why did you end up buying a Triplet? What did you compare it with and what finally motivated your decision?

    I don't mind starting ... I was motivated by the fact that Motor Trend picked it as truck of the year (although I knew all along that this really didn't mean much); by the fact that it was reputed to have a "world-class" drivetrain; that it had pretty good performance for a truck; that it had rugged good looks; and last, but not least, that you could get a great deal on one. I almost bought a 4-Runner instead, but the salesman didn't get back to me when he said he would. :D
  • I bought my triplet based on several factors. Looks, quality, and price were the top three.

    I loved the look of the EXT TB. The way the roof rack hides the heightened roof, is genious. Also, putting two seats in the back instead of trying to place three, makes the back row usable for adults. Besides the Toyota Sequioa, the TB was 2nd on my wifes and my lists.

    When reading about how the brakes on the triplets seemed to last forever, I was convinced that the TB was the truck I wanted. My wife however needed to be convinced that the TB would be better than the Sequoia.

    Well, when we had a $12,000 difference in price between the Sequioa and the TB, it was a no brainer. My wife liked the way the TB drove better, and we bought one. Our TB does not need running boards, but if we bought the Sequoia, we would have had to buy them. We got more standard features on the base model, and when I added the V-8 to our package, we can out tow almost every SUV on the market.

    IMO, the first few model years of the triplets scared me. The lists of complaints and problems had me a little worried. However, I have always had good luck with GM products and GM seems to work out their issues after three or four years of production. GM dropped some standard features on the 2005 & 2006 models, so I feel I bought mine at the right time.

    Besides a bad flicker signal, my TB has not had one issue. It drives as nice as the day I bought it, and I plan on having it for years to come.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Looks like GM is going to delay re-engineering of the TB and Envoy until '08 since SUV sales are down.

    Steve, Host
  • b36b36 Posts: 15
    I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of any service bulletins regarding the gas odor that comes out of the vents on the first start of the day. My 04 Envoy still does it. The dealer service dept. claims they have never smelled it. I have left the envoy there overnight 3 times. Now that the cold weather has returned to the northeast the odor has returned. The service manager suggests starting with the inside circulating on. This does work if I remember to push the button. I would think GM would have come up with a fix by now.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Have you tried a different dealer service department. Sounds like this one is not interested in fixing the problem.
  • Greetings,

    I had just recently experienced the gas smell in my 2002 Trailblazer EXT. Initially, the dealer had indicated that they were not able to duplicate or smell the gas. I told them no way, I can and it is very strong. After a further review the mechanic had found the cause which was a hose under the hood that had a small hole in it and the gas smell was coming from there. I can't think of the exact one but I will locate the service ticket and response back.
  • I have experienced the same static charge when exiting my vehicle too during the winter months. One way to eliminate the charge temporarily is to purchase a can of "Static Guard" and spray it on the seats and floor mats. It had worked for me ....
  • I bought my Rainier mainly for one reason: it's very quiet. I detested the road noise in my last 3 vehicles but I could not afford a $50k+ SUV. I drove most all the competition in the $25k-$35k ballpark. Rainier had the right combination + quiet. It was 1) small enough to fit through my narrow garage door 2) it had a powerful 6-cyl 3) it was very comfortable 4) it was $33k @ 0% 5) it had decent suspension and handling 6) it doesn't look bad and 7) the dealer is the best I've ever seen.

    I liked Toyota's engineering the best but there was something about the Highlander and 4Runner that just didn't feel right. The Highlander cockpit seemed too awkward for some reason and I could not read the speedometer easily in daylight. 4Runner was too stiff. Every other SUV had some niggly thing - the Pilot had atrocious road noise on coarse pavement (worse than my Blazer). The Acura MDX came very close but was more $$.

    I made the mistake of relying too much on website opinions (like and almost didn't test drive any of the triplets. They said they were noisier than the Pilot (huh?). Then a friend gave me a ride in his TB and I was intrigued. Five minutes in a Rainier and I was sold! Best vehicle I've owned in 40 years of driving.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    I am seeing more and more triplets so I think people are coming around and not paying to much opinion to the website opinions. Again, they are just opinions. I really do like the Rainer, but my wife will not allow me to buy a Buick. One of these days, I will put my foot down, but I enjoy my Trailblazer very well. This is the first GM I have purchased, and mine is getting better the more miles on it. The 4.2 L is very tight engine...I do not think mine loosened up until I hit 75,000 miles. My friend agrees my Trailblazer is quieter than his Tahoe. I bet that Rainer you have is a very quiet vehicle with the extra insulation. I no longer think there is a quality gap anymore between US and foreign automakers. I have had my share of owning many makes and models, and that is just my opinion!!! :)
  • We have what I call our accidental SUV. I wanted a Honda Pilot for my wife to go skiing and the Honda dealers would not give me what I wanted for a low mileage 2001 Accord V6. I stopped by the local Buick dealer and drove a I6 Rainier. It may have had the 4:10 gears, as you had to really push it to make it cruise on the freeway. So I hopped in a V8 model and it has been in the garage for 9 or 10 months now. They gave me good money for the Honda and the 2004 Demo was a steal of a deal.

    Other than needing better cup holders in the front, lack of storage pockets and poor mileage, it is a really nice rig. I would have preferred manual control of the 4x4 function, and have read not so good of reports on the AWD. So, I got new takeoff wheels out of Arizona at a good price and put four studded Les Schwab Winter Cat SST tires on it. They are 245/65R17 and Michelins are 255/60R17 so the size is about the same. Drives great with the snow tires which are the Cooper Discoverer M&S rebadges. Going to try 35 lbs on air in the front in the spring when the Mich's go back on.

    The Rainier is the CXL Plus with all options except the side air bags, DVD and Nav. We listen to the XM radio most of the time.

    Buick service is very good. They installed the running boards as a TSB to prevent the paint chipping on the lower panels and there is now a TSB for the thump in the V8 climate control system. I signed up for a web site that provides the TSB for 12.95 per year. Good Deal!

    This is a very quiet vehicle on the road. The control panel warned of possible icy roads coming home from Seattle Sunday night.

    The Rainier is really my wife vehicle and she loves the sharp turning for parking at the mall etc. She also likes a bit of power, which the V8 has in spades. I get better mileage driving it than she does! So I guess she uses the power from time to time.

    Head light dimmer is weird. It is push forward for hi beam and pull back for low. What happen to klicking it???? Cruise Control should have been on the steering wheel, wait, already 18 buttons on it!!!! Dual climate control is good for two people that run at different temps. It fits in the garage well with my Ram Pickup.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I have had my 4WD Envoy SLT since July of 2001. 51,000 miles and still love it. Have had a few issues but all have been rectified by the dealer without a problem. I did get the extended warranty just to be sure. Bought it because it could pull our 5000# boat/trailer yet was still a midsize, had tons of style, had tons of luxury features, was comfortable to drive, and got decent mileage. Still have essentially a brand new loking vehicle yet it is 4 model years old and had all of the original high content. If it was gone tomorrow would seriously look at the new Denali Envoy. Despite the minor naggles, it has been an excellent vehicle and I plan to keep it until it dies many years from now.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    I bought a '03 Envoy SLT and got very good service from it. The only thing I found lacking was the engine. When the '05 Envoy Denali was released I bought one, as it has the 5.3L V8. Did I need a V8? No, I wanted a V8. the 5.3L is a great engine, and no real difference in mpg vs the 4.2L. Lots more torque. Really like the tight turning radius. Now if they would just put the LS2 engine in the Envoy like the TB has.......... :)
  • I have an 04 Envoy and have not experienced any gas smell. Can you be a little more specific as to the circumstances under which you smell it? Engine hot or cold? Recirc on or off? Windows open or closed? How long does the smell persist? You should never be able to smell gas in a vehicle. If you do, something is wrong and the dealer should bend over backwards to find the source. Quite often, it turns out to be a defective gas cap.
  • I have a new house with a low garage door. I have to get rid of the roof rack or get rid of the Envoy XL. Is there any problem with getting rid of the rack? Is it difficult to get off?
    Any suggestions for sealing the bolt holes? And can it be re-installed when I sell the Envoy?

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