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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • What a shame that your dealer is such a ____head (fill in your own adjective).

    I know, it is very disappointing. And when he said "all cars have problems (ie, it's not just GMCs)" he's totally missing the point. I don't disagree. I have had all maintenance work done by this dealer, worked diligently w/ him, following proper "chain of command", on this issue, and here I find the solution and he says, "we can't, but you can pay for it and then try to get reimbursed by GM." So much for service. So I suppose I will escalate at the dealership, and pursue my open case. But it's very disappointing. Sad thing that he was missing, I enjoy the car and just want it fixed. Will keep you posted.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Try calling GMC. They paid for half of my seat belt repair even though it was out of warranty. There had been several problems reported on the seat belt and even some TSBs on it so perhaps that why they were good about it.
  • I did call GMC and "reopened" my 2-year old case, asking that the "fix" details be forwarded to engineering. Really, my confidence that this will happen is non-existent. The customer service rep called me today and said "we talked w/ your service manager. while we understand the car is broken and you have identified the fix, we cannot authorize repair since GMC has not identified a fix". Have you ever heard anything like that?!

    My dealer claims "useless" and suggests that I pay for the repair and then file w/ GM. When I said this to the rep, she said "oh no, we would never pay for that when it's not been identified as a fix".

    So she assured me that I had done all that is necessary to document the issue. HELLO, this document has been going on for 2 years; and GM is not even willing to take the research that I/we have provided and fix my car. Just make the repair or send an engineer or let me call them!

    I'm currently spent; trying not to get annoyed. My service rep offers nothing except "when I hear, I'll call you". Yes, oh that's right, I'm confident that will happen. Sorry for the sarcasm, but that's reality.

    So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get GM to implement GM's solution, please let me know. It's a frustrating circle, which I try to forget; then I come to a stop and the car clunks and surges (now doing that 3 or 4 times at once). :cry: Thanks!!
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 316
    Kinda like saying "This fix worked on a blue truck, but yours is red" ! Gotta love it. Is there another dealer you can try?
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    I finally went to a high volume dealership here in Atlanta, test drove an 06 LT short wheel base with the 5.3 and fell for it dark grey with black leather. I got the 0% finance deal and traded in my 02 TB. I am going to miss the 02 since it was a good vehicle. The only thing I notice on my new vehicle is a little wind noise on the passenger rear window like the window is not all the way up and a rumbling when braking in the 10-20 mph range when coming to a stop. Funny thing about the rumbling is it does not do it when stopping in neutral. Sure hope my drivetrain is working correctly.
  • Kinda like saying "This fix worked on a blue truck, but yours is red" !

    I know. It's so sad it has me temporarily.....stymied. :confuse:
  • kudronkudron Posts: 32
    Has anyone had to replace their ECAS air pump? I ran over a baseball sized boulder at a construction site that bounced off of the undercarriage of my 02 Envoy a couple of weeks ago and the ECAS hasn't worked since. If anyone has any pictures/diagrams that would be appreciated. Any ideas of the price and how difficult the replacement is.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    There was an Envoy owner on another forum that replaced his ECAS compressor. He bought a used one on Ebay, put it in and was good to go. This is an expensive repair at dealership.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Hmmm good questions......if its the links...that is more difficult isnt it?
  • Sometimes it starts and other times it doesnt. It does not turn over, does not click, makes no soound. I wait a few minutes and then it will start. Any suggestions? I have had it at two Chevy dealers and they can find no codes or anything wrong.
  • nailnetnailnet Posts: 3
    Could you help me with the link to the Ambient Temperature Sensor Pic link I need to change my 2002 Envoy sensor
  • gardengalgardengal Posts: 4
    I lost all power to the back gate including the wiper and remote locking capabilities. I want to say they had to replace a switch and reset all the codes. My loss of power happened gradually so make sure you check all electrical elements on the back gate before you pay $1000 to replace the window.

    I have a 2002 Envoy.
  • sarkelsarkel Posts: 2
    I need to change my DRIVERS SIDE low beam headlight on my 02 trailblazer. I found info in the archives on the passenger side ( and it doesnt look like fun) But I've been unable to figure out how to change the drivers side.

    thank you for any assistance you may have.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Yes, what is your email address?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please don't post an email address in a message - it invites spammers! You can find a member's email address by clicking on the name in the "by line" if they have chosen to make it visible to other members.

    tidester, host
  • quarquequarque Posts: 41
    I used to have a 2000 Blazer that would do this and it was because of the security system. It thought the key was not the right one becasuse it didn't read the chip inside the key correctly. Did either of your dealers look at that possibility? My dealer ended up replacing the sensor in the column to fix it.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Trying to help but his email address isn't visible.
  • mikelumikelu Posts: 1
    Did you ever get your A/C fixed? I have the identical problem with an '03 Trailblazer LTZ.

  • kudronkudron Posts: 32
    Can anyone supply a picture/diagram? I crawled under the truck the other day but I really don't know which bolts are for the ECAS pump and/or the shield.

    I really would like a diagram so I know what I am doing.
  • chootschoots Posts: 21
    My A/C has never stopped cooling after the first two times that it acted up. The old "cant fix it if it aint broke" rule. Meanwhile, I am driving around with my fingers crossed in 117 degree weather. Let me know if you ever find the cure. Carl
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    Can you guys tell something does and different brake pads make different sounds? I put some pep boys raybestos pads on and man are they making a heck of alot dust on the wheels. Also when i turn to the left or right the right not as much as the left i hear a scootch sound. Now its not the boots, or cv axle or the wheel bearings and i heard it only since i replaced the front rotors and pads. So my last question is also I replaced the shocks bilstein hd's are on it they are not leaking or anything everything is tight so what is it help anyone? And also spark plugs man i see the other guy said he did his but how in the world do you get these out because the ones in the back are impossible to get out and what the the ones in the front thanks guys.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Why not take it to a dealership that services and sells both the Buick Rainier and the GMC Envoy? There are several of those dual dealerships in my area, maybe some in yours?
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    Can i get some help please haha message 17891 thanks guys for help me out as you always do thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    While you're waiting for a reply here give Stop here! Let's talk about brakes a try.

    tidester, host
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Well, GM puts ceramic pads on the truck, that's why you had no brake dust. Pepboys pads get you dust, but you saved some money, right?
  • mookie14mookie14 Posts: 252
    Yeah man i see what you mean lesson learned MOOK QUIT BEING CHEAP!!! 01 man i get a question side note Tidester blessing came big time brakes fine its gm's crappy steering had this problem from day one design flaw im getting tired of this. 01 um what do you think of reliability as far as auto's today the reason im asking is i've moved from the north to the south and i do not need to drive 1000' of miles anymore. So with 2yrs worth of pymts left on this Tblazer which i have put like $7000 worth of aftermarket stuff on it borla, sound system, hotchkis , shocks etc is it time. I do mean its not like it was which i know that for sure but its rusting under the auto. So i dont know. What do you think?? My credit is close to flawless so im in the state of mind i do not want ANYTHING TO DO WITH GM PERIOD. Down here man they drive like bats out of hell and a truck is not what i would want again. So what will fit a guy who is built like tank and tall toyota, honda reliability keep in mind thanks.
  • I need a new [spare] key for my 02 Tb. What about those for sale on ebay the blank ones that claim I can take it to any hardware store and get it duplicated. Do I need to order a new key from the dealer or can I pick one up at any pepboys?
  • We now have 92,000 miles on the 02 LTZ and I checked the brake pads last weekend and they still have life left on them?!? How in the world can they last so long especially with the wife doing most of the driving? (sorry ladies.)

    Also a side note, we bought this rig brand new May of 02 and have had absolutely ZERO problems with anything outside of the recall items. Nothing at all! They only gripe I have is that the DVD player doesn't like any of my homemade DVD's. I've tried +R, -R, R/W's can't get it to play anything but comericial DVD's.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Ditto for me, brakes wear very good, woman driver uses it 90% of the time, and she is admittedly (her admission) hard on the brakes too. Can't play MP3's in the DVD player, is that your problem?
  • No it's movies that I have made using Sony's Vegas Video and DVD Architect software. I think the player is quite tempermental when it comes to media type.
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