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Toyota Sienna Power Seat problem



  • thank you. You saved me $900.00. Dealer want to change the whole car seat frame.
  • It sounds crazy, but it worked like a charm! I've had the same trouble - rear power seat would rise and latch, but the seat back would not come up. Two rubber bands later, everything is fixed.

    I will definitely be back to this site when other issues come up. Thank's for saving me a bunch of money!
  • Peggie, thank you SO MUCH. You saved me thousands of dollars! Both rear seats were not working, and I'm not much of a mechanic, but I thought I'd give the rubber bands a try, and after five minutes of work, the seats are just fine. I was first trying to hold that little tab down with a finger, but thought it could get pinched as the seats were powering up and down. Four rubber bands are a GREAT solution.
  • orbob71orbob71 Posts: 1
    The dealers told my brother it would cost $1200.00 When I look at it I thought the lever should be pushed the other way. Thanks for your help 4 rubber bands from my R/C airplnes and 5 minutes they work. I told my brother I would only charge $600.00. Right no pay. LOL
    Thanks agin bob
  • Can You please send me the link to those steps with the 3 Rubber Bands?
    Please send to

    Thank You
  • as128as128 Posts: 2
    Hi, I have exactly this same problem, where the drivers seat won't move forward and back. It moves in other directions, but absolutely nothing happens when I try to move it forward or back.

    Did you ever figure out exactly which individual motor did the trick?

  • as128as128 Posts: 2
    Hi fibber2,
    Did you ever find out exactly which part is it?
    Thanks in advance!
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    I'm sorry, Adam, but the original poster never came back with any further comment and I didn't come up with any additional documentation about which motor.

    My suggestion would be to CAREFULLY place your hand on each motor and see which one never runs when you cycle the power seat controller. You will then likely have to unbolt the seat to gain access for removing the motor, and HOPEFULLY the motor will have the part number on it.
  • Absolutely brilliant. Friggin' Toyota, don't they have enough problems. Followed your directions and it works like a champ. Looks like there is a wire harness that pulls that sensor up. The rubber band fix is pure DIY'ers at their best. Thanks so much for sharing.
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