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Suzuki Kizashi Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,039
If you can spell it, tell us what you paid for it!

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  • wickensboywickensboy Member Posts: 4
    Warning!!!!Do not buy the 2011 Suzuki Kizashi unless you want to pay for a new paint job after a couple years. I bought one this Aug. and within 50 km I had paint chips on both front doors and the hood. Suzuki will not admit the problem even though the paint chip issue is well documented by others on auto forums. Check out the posts on Kizashi Club forum and Suzuki form for details. Buyer beware!!! Shame on you Suzuki.
  • wickensboywickensboy Member Posts: 4
    Not sure what you mean about spell it!!, but I can tell you what I paid.
    $29950 which is the only trim level available in Canada.
  • chohan182001chohan182001 Member Posts: 2
    I have bought Suzuki Kizashi 2011 AWD. Transmission sucks. Its too slow. Lots of noise while accelerating. And best part is at only 11000km my car Engine head is cracked.

    Please pass on the info. Never ever in ur life buy Suzuki. Service Sucks!

    Zeeshan Jamil
  • rmarchianormarchiano Member Posts: 1
    I bought the car new, I've made 4 payments on it and there is a rattle in the backend which a mechanic said he did not here. Well everyone that has ridden in my car hears it every day. It's very annoying. for that expensive a car. I also have an air leak on the drivers side window of which I was told it was coming from over the outside mirror. Not. I had a used Honda Civic before and it was a tight car. I'm going to bring it over to the Honda Dealers as I bought it from a Honds Salesman.
  • chohan182001chohan182001 Member Posts: 2
    Well you are right about the noise. Are you in Canada? As you said you paid 4 payments and I paid 6 payments. And now its more than 50 days my car is in Suzuki Dealer as they have refused to fix it.

    My car engine head block cracked. So I am not sure if you are hoping they will help you to fix this problem of ur noise as service sucks. I am trying my best to bring them to the court.
  • Last week I took delivery of a new 2010 GTS FWD with auto transmission. My purchase price was $19,025, which I consider to be an excellent deal. Options included floor mats, metallic paint and body side moldings. Total MSRP from window sticker: $24,814. My price included a $500 owner's loyalty rebate as well as a $1000 manufacturer's rebate (which expired on January 31).

    I'll reserve judgment on the vehicle until I've had it for a while but the deals are certainly awaiting those looking at last year's model.
  • jbariljbaril Member Posts: 43
    Ice Blue, light interior. MSRP $28,8-- (no NAV), premium mats, XM radio, first aid kit are the only options. paid $24,8--; this included $1500 rebate (no loyalty) and an additional $2500 discount. Medved North--Wheat Ridge, CO. Great car.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    the Suzuki Kizashi is one great car. Be sure and come back on here and tell us how you like your new ride. Congratulations on your new car!

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • maranelloguymaranelloguy Member Posts: 4
    Purchased a 2011 Sport GTS - Platinum Silver Metallic, sticker price $24,149. With additional options: Bluetooth, I-Pod connectivity, Premium metallic paint, Premium floor and cargo mats, Trunk sub-floor organizer w/first aid kit: $659. Destination charges: $745. Total Vehicle Price: $25, 553. With rebate: $23,053. Dealer gave us full book value on our trade-in. Good experience overall.
  • knewbieknewbie Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I bought mine with only 450 on it, VERY happy with , it is out standing car,paid 21000 plus TT.
  • jaydee11jaydee11 Member Posts: 19
    Is there anyone out there, who has had their Kizashi for 3 or more years? Just wondering about the longevity...... I just bought a 2012 back in July!
  • myllertimemyllertime Member Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2012 Kizashi SLS AWD w/Nav, packup camera, backup sensors (everything on it "literally") with 10k miles on it for $18,800 plus taxes, registration, and dealer fees. Came out to about 20k. To me it was a sweet deal since brand new its like 30k out the door. Already put 1500miles on it. I love the car so far. No problems. Still have the full warranty. Drives great on the snow (went snowboarding) Excited to see what it turns out to be like. Hopefully well.
  • jaydee11jaydee11 Member Posts: 19
    If only I had known this was going to happen!! I bought my 2012 Suzuki Kizashi SE Leather Edition for $21,000 with about 200 miles on it. I would have loved the model you have but the $30,000 sticker price made me stay humble! Glad you like it!! I know I love mine!!! Glad I did get it,although had I waited 4 months,I could have swung a real deal like you did!
  • bwaabwaa Member Posts: 13
    it's annoying when the mechanic says they don't see anything wrong - most of the time they're just lazy...
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