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Civic 2006-2009 engine block seepage warranty...

lvgtilvgti Posts: 8
edited August 2014 in Honda
Yesterday, I rec'd a notice from Honda that there maybe a problem with the engine block & coolant seepage. Honda has entended the warranty on the engine block to 8 years with no mileage restrictions.

Has anyone else heard about this problem?

My '07 Civic is a genuine POS! In 2 years & 15,000 miles I've had 2 transmissions (automatics), replaced the steering gear, cv boot & joints, battery, sun visors & 3 recalls. Now there's a possibility that the engine block may fail. The Civic will be history in about 2 months. HONDA, NEVER AGAIN, NEVER!


  • Yes,
    It has been a well known problem (GOOGLE cracked blocks 2006, 07, 08 Civic) by Honda and Civic owners for some time. Honda issued a TSB to dealer service departments a few years ago instructing them on the specific areas on the engine block where these cracks may show up. I don't know why though because once the block has cracked it is "the end" for that particular engine as it is non-repairable except to replace the engine with a short block . Anyhow, owners had to argue with, beg or threaten Honda Corporate to get any compensation for engine replacement. This may have ranged from nothing to some percentage in the rather expensive ($4000-4500+) cost. This was a case-by-case determination depending on how many miles the car had, how well it was maintained (read: did it receive regular recommended Honda services at the dealer) and other factors as specified by Honda. The fact is there was/is nothing an owner could do or not do to prevent the block from cracking because it was the result of poor engineering and/or poor manufacturing techniques and materials. If one has the problem the engines fate was sealed the moment it was cast. So, after a few hundred of these showing up with Honda handling the repairs in a few hundred different ways they finally decided to issue this extended warranty to unify the repairs and the resultant costs AND save whatever little loyalty remaining from those who will experience the problem in the future...not to mention the reimbursement of those who already had the replacement. I also received the letter and while it gives me a certain amount of "piece of mind" for the next couple of years the car will be gone before the extended warranty is.
  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 2,024
    How long (months/miles) is the warranty valid for? thx

    2010 Pilot EXL-RES, 2013 Accord EX

  • I believe it is 7years (from date of purchase) / unlimited mileage.....
  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 2,024
    Hopefully none of us will experience this defect, but good to know. Thx.

    2010 Pilot EXL-RES, 2013 Accord EX

  • cmruffcmruff Posts: 15
    Not only heard of but had the problem at 37K, before the Honda notice. Smelled antifreeze when the AC ws on and the antifreeze levels dropped daily. Honda did pay for the cracked block but not the almost $400 car rental... otherwise an ok car, now 80K.
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