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Blazer driver's side power seats not working

gesche444gesche444 Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet
Here is what I have done. 1. removed the driver's seat. 2. pulled back the carpeting [as far as I could]. exposed the wires running along the floor. 3. Discovered several wires severed through corrosion. 4. There are three orange wires [severed] Also one orange wire running from a harness. It appears that the one orange wire was connected to the three orange wires leading back towards the seat. 5. Also there is another connection of one black wire joined to three black wires in which the connection was badly corroded. 6. The circuit breaker that controls the seat, keyless entry, and power locks. The keyless entry works. The power locks work. The power seats do not.

What I cannot do. I am trying to check power [DC Voltage] from the circuit breaker on downward to see where it stops. Also, do not know if power seats have a relay [under hood or dash]. I have not been able to locate.

The three orange and three black [separately of course] wires are spliced together and have continuity from the splice to the outlets near the seat.

I really need some help to check for power. I have a clamp meter that has DC voltage and other check on it.
Thank you. This is my first post on this forum


  • I know that checking for power is electricity 101. I am pretty good with AC, but I have not been able to conquer this DC other than the battery voltage.
    Anyway, I disregarded the power thing and hooked everything back up after cutting out the corroded wire and adding additional length for splicing.
    I now have my power seats back working.
    My next job is looking for the source of the water leak that is getting under the carpeting.
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