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Jeep Commander Water Leak and Radio Problem



  • swift1776swift1776 Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    Hi bwilliams,

    I too have a 2006 Commander Hemi; I purchased it new. My car first stalled on the highway after two years; my gauge said I had a quarter tank left. However, the sending unit malfunctioned and I was on empty. Fixed under warranty. Then the Trans Over Temp warning kept coming on. For several months the Temp light would come on at random and the car would stall; sometimes at low speeds, sometimes on the highway doing 60MPH! The dealership replaced the sensor and it still came on and still stalled. Then they hardwired the Temp sensor to the ECU. Still came on. Then a Trans specialist at the dealer looked at it; the transmission was actually overheating; the Trans pump was failing causing the care to Trans to overheat and make the car stall. They dropped the transmission, rebuilt it and it stalls no more. However, the car intermittently does not start. This they cannot figure out.

    The new issue, which was discovered a few months ago was the exhaust manifolds are warped and both have broken bolts. New forged manifolds won't be in until Sept 24, 2012. They know there is a problem with this so I we get yours checked. The excessive heat in the engine compartment has caused the paint to peel on the hood. It appears as bubbles and when you touch them the paint falls off revealing a white powder.
  • I took the Jeep into the dealer after having gone to Speedy Auto Glass because of the front floor board flooding on the driver's side. I thought they did a faulty installation of my windshield. But this had been almost a year ago. The technician said problems usually show up immediately. He did a test and the windshield was fine. He was nice enough to help me out and found a clogged drain tube by the sunroof. He even cleaned it out which wasn't that easy. He ran water on that side of the car and Viola, no more leak.

    But the next time it rained I discovered a flooded floor board on the passenger side. I took the '06 Commander Limited to the dealer and he got it fixed.

    I told him I was very skeptical because of all the complaints I had read on the internet and wanted to know if the dealership guaranteed the work. He said yes and then took me into the parking lot and ran lots of water all over the sunroof. No leaks.

    I asked him to tell me what he did. I told him I wanted to post it on the internet. It has been about 3 months ago that he did the fix and there have been at least 6 or 7 rain storms since then and no signs of leaking. So I am finally posting what he told me as his fix worked for me.

    He said this leakage problem occurs when the sunroof is not totally in line with the roof. If the sunroof is either too high or too low it compresses the gasket either too little or too much leading to leaks. To correct the problem first you need to place the sunroof in the "vent" position. Then look for 2 (two) allen screws on both the right and left sides of the sunroof. On my Jeep they are silver in color and easy to see against all the other black trim and rubber. Loosen the screws and make the necessary adjustments. He said this might take several attempts to get the sunroof perfectly in line with the rest of the roof.

    I hope this is an easy fix. It sounds simple enough but then I didn't have to do it. Good luck.
  • Lets not toss the baby out with the bath water! In this case, rain water.
    The "blue tube" issue is a piece of cake, and if anyone charged you $250 to blow it out, they ripped you off! It doesn't even require any tools! The problem isn't the tube, but the grommet in the floor the tube plugs into. It is crimped at the end and gets plugged up from debris from the road. The water can't drain and overflows the catch pan of the sunroof, into your roof liner, down the b-pillars to the dash and floor pan.

    Just pull the door kick plate(snapped on by clips) then pull the side molding from the under dash foot area, by pulling from the front toward the back. Held on by two clips as well. This will reveal the "blue tube". Lift up carpet to see black rubber grommet the tube goes into. It's soft rubber, so pull tube out of grommet, and then the grommet out of floor pan. The end of the grommet is crimped and exposed to the undercarriage, so it needs to be cleaned off. Then, just blow into the tube ( or use air compressor), to move any debris out. Open sunroof and clean out any leaves or dirt out of the pan and away from the drain holes in the front corners of the sunroof pan.
    Took less than 15min. Poor design but easy fix.

    Also may want to peel the tape from the drain holes in the bottom of the doors. Mine were also collecting water. Hope it helps!
  • I had the same problem with my 06 with 65k miles. The sunroof was an easy fix after pulling back the carpet and cleaning out the sunroof drain tubes. The transmission light it another story... The light would come on intermittenly and would turn off automatically or after a restart. Took it to the dealer 2 times where it remained the first time for a few days and the second time for 4 weeks. They could not get it to replicate this and told me everything appeared to be operating normally and gave me the runaround that it may be the solenoid pack(replaced less than 1 year prior at the same dealership)or the computer or some bypass valve. I called jeep corporate to inform them of the issue with the dealership and vehicle and they were of no help. so I pulled it out of service. Overall, I was very dissatisfied with the dealer for not even offering a refund for the diagnostic fee which they could not dianose and for jeep corporate with there lack of assitance. Really makes me hesitant to own another jeep product as i have been a loyal owner since driving nothing but jeeps for 11 years. Thanks jeep. your awesome and really know to keep your customers coming back. Not!
  • So after going back to dealer what has happened? we have an 06 commander also and believe this should be something that was disclosed when purchasing vehicle which we bought new have had this problem before, dealer took care of it but now vehicle is out of warranty and now 6 to 7 yrs later they tell us that it needs regular maintenance for this problem. So for yours, ours and everyone out there with this problem I am going to call
  • I have an '06 Commander that I've had since new. For the first time yesterday I had water leaking out both A-pillars and a distinct sloshing sound on turns. Shortly after that the radio started cutting in and out and the speedo and tach started moving erratically. Assorted dash warning light coming on and off completed the picture.

    I have never had leaks before but based on all of these posts it's clear I am not alone. Now the radio comes on but there is no sound at all.

    Had generally had a good experience other than horrendous gas mileage and a windshield that seems to be a magnet for every pebble out there.

    Will check the drain tubes but I fear the radio is toast. There should be a recall for this.
  • Isn't a shame that there has been no recall. I guess you will have to join all of us Commander owners who cannot leave our garages when it rains. And when we have to, we always have a tarp come along w/us..... Something should be done! Shame on you Jeep!!!
  • I have an '07 Commander Ltd Hemi that has been leaking for over a year. Thought initially it was a faulty install of a new windshield. Windshield company ran water tests and told me the leak was coming from eroded fasteners on floorboard.
    Carpets are molded.
    Recently, the front windows do not open and the radio does not shut off when I turn off the car.
    I have 1 more month on the lease, and I am dreading turn in.
  • This was the solution to the leaking sunroof issue that you are experiencing. It was due to a design flaw of the draining tubes. This YouTube video shows how to remedy the problem.
  • mstav2umstav2u Posts: 2
    We just purchased a 2007 Commander Overland and have the same problem now with the radio not shutting off when I turn off the jeep and the next day my front windows won't open. Has anybody figured out what this problem is with the 2007? I'm waiting now for other things to go wrong, I sure hope not, as I'm sure repairs aren't very cheap. Thanks for any help on this.
  • What the big problem is that it's not repairs are expensive, but rather no one has a clue why these cars are having all these problems so they cannot fix the problems. So you are basically throwing your money out every time you bring the car in for a one can actually fix the problems. It's just disgusting how the company did not have a recall on these vehicles. I wonder how many of us drive around with a tarp in our cars. The only ones that don't have a problem are those who cover their cars when it rains. So go buy a tarp and throw it over the car when it rains and you will have better luck than bringing it to a dealer. Good Luck...I cannot even talk about it makes me sick!!
  • Actually, i had some of those problems on my 2006 jeep commander and going through this blog, i found some tips to fix some of the issues so I would recommend you to keep digging this blog to find solutions.
    i would recommend you to lift carpet and sub insulation on both driver and passenger front floor and look for leaks.
    The issue is most of the wiring is going on the floor for all front dash commands and seats and if it is in the water, then you start to have some of the issues like radio not working, heater not functioning properly, etc...
    one of the fix I found is the blue pipe (drain) going vertically from dashboard to floor along the main structure of the car. this is the drain of the sun roof and this pipe is cut too short, so, instead of pouring the excess of water outside from the hole on the floor, it pours inside and fill up your car with water.
    the fix is easy ; go to home depot or Lowes and buy a clear flexible tube just on size up of the blue pipe so you can insert the blue pipe onto it tightly and drive this pipe through the hole in the floor and long enough so you can see/feel it under your car from outside.
    but before you do that, try to blow air onto the blue pipe in case it may be clogged.
    the reason i am using a clear pipe is that you can see in the future if there is clogging or material going through this pipe, which means it is time to clean it
    This would get rid of flooding on the front of your jeep.
    I believe there is the same drain issue towards the center and the back of the car but i did not explore that part yet... i am waiting for better weather so i can work outside on the car without freezing myself.

    One thing is : don t change the joint of your door or the seal of your windshield or any of the BS the jeep dealer wants to sell you because it will not fix the problem and they know it

    Keep the faith, we will overcome this, together, as a team ; we can be stronger than a corporation
  • Thanks for the tip on the blue tube ; it helped me figured out that my blue tube was cut too short and was pouring inside the car instead of outside ; I extended it and worked like a charm ; I don t have a swimming pool in the passenger side anymore.
    I still have leaks in the rest of the car, lost the lighting on the dashboard for the heater and ventilation, the radio button can only be controlled on the wheel but i keep hope to fix things as we go and explore...
    At the end, i think i will be able to un-build and rebuild this car my eyes closed lol
  • it is a great car and fall in love as soon as i sat in the driver seat but I agree, i would never bought it if i knew all the major water and electrical problems we have with those cars ; it is just unsafe and would not recommend you to buy one.
    each time i drive, i expect something to go wrong and always watch out for something to go terribly wrong

    not a fun way to drive
  • did you check the blue pipe - do a search for blue pipe or blue tube on this blog and you ll have your solution for the water leak on the passenger side
    this is the drain of the sunroof that is clogged or cut too short and pour into your car instead of outside.
    rip off the carpet and insulation from the floor, look at the frame on top right and you ll see a blue tube going down vertically to the floor and normally onto a hole on the floor and outside

    first, blor air into it to see if it is clogged, then pour water on your sunroof to make sure water goes through it and then extend it and make sure the tube goes through the floor

    that will fix your problem
  • mstav2umstav2u Posts: 2
    We just took our 2007 commander into the dealer because of the radio not working and the front windows not rolling down, just like yours. It was a pinched wire going to the sunvisor, so you might want to check it out on your vehicle. Everything is working again since they unpinched it. Just thought this might be your problem.
  • Hello,
    place me on your list of folks to contact mine started leaking last year.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I agree, maybe a thread titled just 'Jeep Commander Class Action' should be initiated, then let that on-line presence build and see if an attorney doesn't pick it up then?

    I just received the safety recall notice re. commander that reflects problems people within the Edmunds Forum have been complaining about since 2006.

    The problem they say could be corrected by software fix but Jeep can't get in touch with the software manufactuer so they are replacing - if I have it right - the transfer case actuator.

    As someone else had said the source of most of these commander problems were 1. the software and 2. poor quality components at time of initial manufacturing. (everything that has been replaced in my Commander - it's basically a rebuild) has not caused any problems.
  • marty91marty91 Posts: 1
    If you do get an attorney,please let me know. I have a 2006 Jeep commander and leaks badly and my handles are broken this is the worst pue I have ever bought. It just looks good.
  • kimmyb1kimmyb1 Posts: 1
    My 2006 Comander leaks like crazy, I went out one day after a good rain and there were 3 inches of water in the drivers side floor. Lights are shorting out and it got so bad we drilled a small hole so the water could drain. We thought it was coming from the back sun windows and sealed those but it still is leaking. You can hear the water move from the top of the door when you are turning the corner. Now the transmission is hot light is coming on.. We already had to have a differential put in just a month a go. The car has 65 thousand miles on it.. I dont get it
  • jeepercreepjeepercreep Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    I own a 2006 Limited 5.7 HEMI and had the same leaking problem. I followed the fix instructions in the YouTube video above () and it worked beautifully. NO MORE LEAKING!! Of course since I've already been swimming around inside my Jeep for the last year or so, my radio/nav screen just has lines across it (like a bar code) rendering the NAV useless. I was told by the Jeep dealer that I could do a swap out for $975. For that price I can get a better aftermarket radio/nav with bluetooth, wifi, HDD, etc. However, since this is an expense that could have been prevented by the manufacturer widening the grommet hole at the bottom of the sunroof drain tube, I feel that I should be reimbursed for my expenses. My carpets also are beginning to mold, so that is going to be a future expense. Oh, and to list my problems so far: radiator cracked and replaced, cylinder misfires, rough idle, broken sunroof, replaced cyl 5/7 lifter bank, cylinder 7 MDS solenoid replaced, pushrods-intake valve replaced, 4WD front and rear harnesses and actuator axle locker replaced. I bought the Jeep in April 2012 and as of today has 85K miles on it. (It began leaking around July/August 2012 at 65K-70K miles.)
  • robinclongrobinclong Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    I have a 2006 jeep commander the sunroof is leaking and now my u connect stopped working and also my door handles on the inside are broken. I have also had an incident where the right front ball joint broke when I was driving wont he road and my car slid across the road on the tire with it laying on the rim. Had we been going faster than 25mph we probably would not be here . I ended up costing me 1700 to fix and now to have this sunroof and blue tooth ( uconnect) issue it's driving me nuts. My ac is also making a noise when I turn it on now like something's in the fan... Any advice would be great ...I have the 2006 limited jeep commander with 5.7 hemi around 80,000 miles
  • nickisloannickisloan Posts: 1
    edited May 2014
    I read several messages. I have a leak as well with my passenger side filling with water with a big rain. I love my car, just want it fixed, and now my radio does not work. If anyone has contacted a lawyer please let me know. Will get the blue tubes checked.
  • I wish I had read these messages prior to buying my 2008 Jeep Commander. It's like I have a swimming pool on the drivers side after it rains really hard. I have not heard of any recalls but I am certainly trying to find one. The smell in the car after it rains is horrible. That in itself is a health hazard. I cannot believe that Jeep would make a product that is so defective. Who wants to drive with a small puddle under their feet? Certainly not I. When I took it back to the dealership they told me that they don't think the shortage in the radio is connected with the water leaking but I refuse to believe that. This is really annoying. I will NEVER buy another Jeep Commander in my life.
  • thegalwaygirlthegalwaygirl Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    I have less than 100,000 miles on my 2006 jeep commander. The heating and cooling system has always been a problem. A week ago the blower stopped working and I am so fed up with constantly having it looked at and temporarily fixed that I was going to tough it out but of course the defogger does not work so I took it back today. Unable to diagnose or fix the problem the mechanic suggested that I contact Chrysler to see if there were any recalls due to this particular problem and that is how I found this site. I had water problems that were addressed by the dealership while it was under warranty and water problems after the warranty expired. I have had water on both the passenger and driver side. There has to be rust issues and mold issues as well. It was so bad, I kept the wet vac in the back of the jeep After I vacuumed, I then used 3 to 4 beach towels to soak up most of the remaining water. If I were in a position to donate the car, my conscience would cry! Has anyone had any problems with the heating or cooling system or with the blower? Thanks.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I have the exact same problems. I have been on this site for several years. We all have the same complaints. I have small leakage at the top of my windshield which is a safety problem. I haven't had a radio for years. I lost my blower a couple of months ago. I may have to get the blower fixed. We have to get everyone that has complaints to contact one party that may help us get these problems resolved. Good luck to you and hope we can get some support somewhere.
  • banner4gbanner4g Posts: 1

    We also have a 2006 Jeep Commander with water leaking issues. But we do NOT have a sunroof. Have owned the vehicle for many years without problems, but now the passenger side foot well fills with water after a hard rain. It reeks of mold/mildew. The smell is almost unbearable. Even if we miraculously fix the leaking, I don't know that we will ever get rid of the stench.

    I saw the video posted above for Commanders with a sunroof. Wondering if there is a similar hack for fixing the leak on Commanders without a sunroof.

  • I have the same problem as all of you. I have a 2006 commander, purchased in 2008. I just started having trouble this year, 2014. When it rain really hard I have a lot of water on the floor on the driver side of truck. I was told it was the windshield, so I took it to replace the windshield, but they put the truck in a pressure washer to see exactly where the water was coming from, it wasn't the windshield. Please help now I have no idea where the h2o is coming in from.. If there is a lawsuit out there anywhere about this issue,, please. Someone let the rest of us know. Thanks
  • treestertreester Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 Jeep Commander. Suffering with the wet floors also for years and no radio. We did the sun roof drain cleaning and trim the nipples like everyone else. Also did the door gasket secondary seal tbs suggested. It still leaked. Radio still turned on but no sound..... The amp is out....where is the amp.... Found it.... Back left hand panel( no where near front drain tubes)... And has water damage. We took almost the whole inside apart to find the leak. Here is what we figured out. Our problem resides with the roof rack. The top body frame is like a gutter and that's why you may hear sloshing sound. The front 2 bolts are rusted and noticed all the bolts are not tightly seal and secured. We silicone the heck out of each bolt and the rivets that the bolts screw into it. We are now looking for a replacement amp. hopes this helps any commander owner.
  • Hi guys. My 2007 commander it doesn't have sunroof and I have it since 2008. Around 2010 I founded water right in the middle of the dash. It is coming from the rear little mirow inside and after that it was occasionally leaking water depended how it was parked. Now it is leaking water from the right arm handle from the screw too. If any one of you commander owners know what is going on or how I can fix this please let me know. My email is [email protected]  
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