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How to Pick a Pickup



  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Won't argue with the 302. However, I still own my original truck that got my buisness stared for nostalgia reasons. She is a 1978, F-250 with the 351 and it pulls still today.
    I understand your gripe. Hell, that could be me, I guess, about those damn 95 Chevys with the 305.
  • I am thinking of buying a 99 silverado with an extended cab and shortbed. I have been reading about all the windshield noise, steering wheel clunks, real spring problems, driveshaft noise, rearend noise...etc. Am I crazy to even consider buying this truck?? What should I do ?
  • every truck i have had holds oil pressure at idle except this suburban 350 i was just hoping someone had this same condition and solved it without all the headaches...charlie cicero....please respond
  • keith24keith24 Posts: 93
    I don't think its as much a "truck w/ a 350" problem as it is a General Motors problem altogether. That's not to say GM products are bad, but every GM vehicle I've had hasn't held oil pressure at idle. V-6, V-8, old, or new. It hasn't made any difference at all. Nor did it cause any problems in my GM vehicles. The best car I've ever owned, BAR NONE!!, was a 1981 Olds Cutlass w/ a 3.8l v-6!!!! But the oil pressure would drop to nearly nothing at idle. I put 154,000 trouble-free miles on this car before I traded it. It didn't use any oil. Leaked a little, and had a little valvetrain noise, but the car NEVER,EVER stranded me! My parents '86 Buick was the same way. As was my sister's Olds. And my 1987 GMC Sierra Classic.

    Sorry to get off the topic like that! I think that any of the new truck offerings from the Big Three would make a good truck. Just drive all of them & see which one suits you the best!!

  • I am getting ready to retire and want to chase blues and drum along the atlantic coast. I want to get a 3/4 extended cab 4x4,automatic and a small slide in camper. This will also be a daily driver. I am confused as to get a gas or diesel. Since I want to travel some is the extra expense for a diesel worth it? Is there an advantage to a diesel over a gas for what I want? I have enjoyed comments in this column and decided to ask your opinions
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    There are other topics on this same subject and advantages and disadvantages to both. Given what you said here are some things to consider. If while you are fishing do you have a requirement to operate appliances/electrical in the camper. You can leave a diesel at idle much better than a gas engine. Is your driving range a consideration (i.e. would you rather have 600 miles on fillup or 300 miles)? Is diesel fuel or diesel service available where you want to go? Is the engine noise/smell a problem for you or spouse? How long do you intend to keep the truck (75k, 100k, 300k)? I would tend to say that price is probably your last consideration and that how you use the truck is more important to the question of gas v. diesel. Good Luck.
  • kmkmakkmkmak Posts: 2
    Does anyone have experience with either the Dodge ram 2500 5.9 or the Ford f250 towing approx. 7000lbs. TYIA.
  • I need help finding the right kind of truck. I previously owned a '87 Ford F-150 with a 302. It recently died with 170,000 miles. Occasionally I tow a utility trailer (approx. 5000# filled). The Ford had problems with this. I don't know if this was due to age and wear, or what. It ran hot on the highway and had trouble with wind resistance. Now I'm unsure if I need a 3/4 ton, desiel, or just a bigger motor on a 1/2 ton. I occasionally haul 1/2 ton or more weight also. This new truck will be used for daily short trips, and cross country trips with the trailer. I am looking at used trucks, and the cost of repairs on the desiels scare me some. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • dberrydberry Posts: 22
    There are some important pieces of information missing.

    A manual transmission, on a 302 Ford 1/2 ton or other make of 1/2 ton with a similar size engine, would have tow load a range of 2,000 to 3,100 lbs. An Automatic with the same engine would have a tow load range of 5,300 lbs to 7,200 lbs.

    I can guess you probably didn't have air conditioning. If so you would have a higher capacity radiator and probably not likely to run so hot. When running hot performance decreases. Even so 170,000 is not bad considering the high temperature.

    Short trips - get the gas, the diesel would just start getting warmed up. If the 302 seemed a little lacking go the next size up.

    Good luck !
  • How do youlike the ford diesel? I asked above about using an automatic. People have seemed dissapointed with the dodge auto but I have not heard any comments on the ford. I want 3/4 ton 4x4 extended cab. I am an old gm fan but they don'tmake this truck, I want extra doors on the cab. What is your take on the ford automatic and what rear end would work best.
  • tom167tom167 Posts: 1
    My wife and I are looking to move up to a Sundowner gooseneck horse trailer that accommodates sleeping. The sales person indicated the trailer weight around 8800lbs. Our two horses add another 2200lbs bring the weight to around 11000lbs. What size truck will I need and with what options to safely tow the trailer. I would like to add we are only recreational campers/trail-riders meaning we would likely be towing the trailer around 12 times during the year, mostly less than 100 miles at a time. This truck will be my wife's vehicle so it will need to be something she can handle. She currently has a Grand Cherokee and pulls a two horse bumper pull. She loves the idea of driving a truck so that is not viewed as a negative. My research so far has been limited to the Ford F250/F350 trucks. I'm not interested in a diesel so we can eliminate all the debate around gas verse diesel. Both have very strong points and I respect both views. I guess the bottom line is I'm looking for the most comfortable truck with the best amenities that can get the job done. Any advise is welcome.
  • paynerpayner Posts: 31
    I ordered a Chevy 1500 4X4 Ext Cab with the 4th door I have until Fri. to change my order and I am trying to decide if it is worth getting the 5.3L motor or should I stay with the 4.8L?
    I have heard that the 5.3 is getting better mileage, has anyone found that to be true?
    Oh and how are the factory tonneau covers?
  • afs93afs93 Posts: 30
    I think that you won't regret selecting the 5.3 engine. I ordered the 5.3 after driving a pickup with the 5.3 engine. This engine will get more mpg's & move your truck like a sports car!

    You won't regret this engine. I have a extented cab on order. It's about 500+ lbs heavier then the regular cab. That's something to think about!!!
  • zemanzeman Posts: 1
    I'm about to buy an F350 Supercab 142" and want to know if the 142" (6 1/2 bed)will cause a problem pulling a 5th wheel trailer or should I get the 158" (8 ft bed)?
  • abdo1abdo1 Posts: 3
    Wow! I just picked up my 4 door Sierra 2WD Extended cab pick up truck. These 4 doors are awesome! The 5.3 Vortec engine seems to have a smooth shift between gears and great pick up! The dealership that I bought it from kept telling me that it would be worth the wait for the four doors..... They were right!!
  • I am planning to purchase a 1999 chevy S10 Ext. cab V6 or a 1999 Gmc sonoma Ext. cab V6 I was wondering which one is better I cant get the third door because I got a family of four so I was wondering which one would be better I plan to travel to Canada maybe 3 or 4 times and I was wondering which one would be better if someone could please help thanks!!!
  • I haven't had a pick up for about 5 years. I used to drive a 1985 Toyota SR5 that I bought from my mother after my dad died. I have come to the decision that I want to buy a new, full sized pick up with an extended cab (have 3 kids already)with 4 doors and 4wd. I had decided on a Ford F150 but then spotted a Chevy Silverado and saw that the rear seat area was much bigger than the F150. I want the most room that I can get. However, I took one look at the invoice price of the 3dr 2000 Chevy at $29,019 and compared it to the 4dr F150 at $22,403. Is the Chevy worth it? Any help, comments, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • I am planning on fulltime 5th wheeling in 2001, so I am in the market for the right truck to pull the load and still have a nice cab area, seeing as how we will be in the cab for extended periods. I know I am buying a diesel, either 2500 or 3500 ram, or f250 or f350 whichever is the best all around. My 5th wheel is 34 ft. long and has a dry weight of 13,300 lbs. Any help would be appreciated.
  • kcampbekcampbe Posts: 1
    I'm looking to by a lightly used ('98 or '99) pickup. This will be used for commuting and also for pulling a boat.

    I'm interested in a 3 or 4 door truck so my kids have a place to sit.

    I'm leaning towards the F150 or the Dodge 1500 QuadCab with 4WD.

    Any thoughts/pros/cons that you can help me with will be appreciated.
  • Nibotl - I would check out a post by Brutus at the "Ford vs Dodge" topic site, he has given some excellent information from his own experience on what you might need for hauling. Also one by bmckenzie just prior to that. Sounds like you might need the 350 or 3500. Good luck.
  • neltelneltel Posts: 1
    I have been shoping for a 00 Silverado 2500 or 3500 extra cab maybe, most important is that I want it with a CTEC work body on it. I've been to a few dealers however how do you decide what is a good price since there is no listing for commercial trucks price comparisons. Any suggestions?
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 578
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