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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    If it means anything, when I was looking at vehicles to purchase (2002), I had narrowed the two cars down to the Subaru WRX and a Maxima SE manual with LSD. The Maxima's interior was superior to the WRX's, and IMHO just as good if not better than the 6's. It also had a stronger engine than either. Price was about the same (Maxima, I was going to get sunroof and the Bose system).

    It basically came down to - driving and handling (and a great front seat!) vs. interior and image. I went for the former. There really is nothing in the WRX's price range, including the 6 that can compare to the driving experience (power-train and handling) of the WRX. The 6 does not. If the WRX has the same tires as the 6 (17" and either 215 or 225) it would handle as well, if not better, on the skidpad. The WRX, due to its 4-wheel drive setup also has the advantage of now plowing into turns (the rear wheels actually drive the car around a turn!). Thus it is more agile. The WRX is also faster due to its lighter weight and other factors.

    My decision between the WRX and the Max was what do I want? A practical sports car, or a nicely appointed sports sedan. I really wanted the sports car, and thus got the WRX. Despite my whining about rattles, I would probably buy the car again today. It is just a blast to drive!

    One last comment - I mainly drive on the highway (putting well over 20K miles a year, and occasionally taking 400 mile trips) and have found the WRX a good highway car. The noise is acceptable as well as the ride. The seats are great.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I would not even compare the Mazda 6 and the WRX in the same sentence!! The 6 belongs in a comparison with the Accord or something like that, certainly not an AWD sports sedan!

    Some rebuttal:

    I was really disappointed with the "basics" of the car. The stereo even w/6-disc changer was horrible. Does everyone just go to circuit city and upgrade? That would be my first stop.

    Actually, it's the stock speakers that suck. The upgrade speakers are much better, or you can throw in some aftermarket ones. I put Rockford Fosgates in my WRX, with the stock head unit and factory sub-woofer, and am very happy with the sound.

    The cupholders? ridiculous. the one in the center console by the shifter can only fit a soda can or small water bottle. Would a starbucks cup even fit in there?

    Yep, it will fit regular sized cups. I got a large soft-drink cup in there today, and routinely have coffee cups.

    On long drives on the highway the car is tricky. it handles better at 85 than at 65. And the whole time is very loud.

    Pick some other sports cars in the same league, and the WRX will compare pretty well.

    Not having the keyless trunk was a major pain and the keyless system overall was sub-par having to repeatedly hit the buttons and have the car beep two or three times before opening the passenger doors.

    I've seen other writers gripe about the beeps too. You just need to look on the back of the remote and it will tell you how to turn the beeps off. Most cars are like this nowadays.

    Also, most people prefer not unlocking ALL doors with the remote by default, hence the 1-2 procedure. That's also fairly common among various makes.

    Even the gas cap was hard to get off.

    ??? Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!!

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,317
    They might have also been checking for the height of your front plate. I'm pretty sure that there is a minimum clearance for the front plate (which might not be if your car is lowered).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    The WRX is actually faster than anything Mazda currently sells to the public in the US. The 6 was timed in 0-60 in the lower 7 sec. range by Consumer Reports - approx March '03(yes them, hey they are unbiased), the RX8 at 6.7 secs Dec. 03, and the WRX 6.2 secs (approx. Dec. 01)
  • I totally agree the WRX is a better performing car and mentioned that many times. But like any sports car you have to give up certain things. Especially convenience.

    For driving around town I think the WRX is amazing. Trunk space is great. There were just little things that were extremely bothersome. Not being able to park the 6 in Chicago was REALLY bothersome.

    And yes the gas cap I had stuck, did not say "click three times" or Even once so how do you know when to stop turning? These days every cap has a different click etc. So I was just being cautious.

    And yes my car has a remote and if you click it once-then twice right in a row it opens both doors. Pretty simple. The WRX is annoying and you can't do one-two. You have to do 1-2-3 often to get it right.

    That's what I meant by every day driving. Think you guys missed all the good things I said about it ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The Mazda6 is a mid-size sedan, and I test drove it and compared it to its peers, the Altima, Accord, and Camry. Leg room in all of those is better, i.e. you can stretch your legs by placing your feet under the front seat.

    The WRX is a compact, plus it's a lot sportier. Really the RS is a closer match for the Mazda6, both hit 60 in the 7 second range, and the RS is substantially cheaper.

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    This is a WRX forum, and people here are particular to their cars (like me). As a result, people will defend their cars when people bring in nits that they have with the cars in question.

    With the stereo, have you tried the upgraded one? I think it sounds good. Great bass!
  • I totally agree the WRX is a better performing car and mentioned that many times. But like any sports car you have to give up certain things. Especially convenience.

    For driving around town I think the WRX is amazing. Trunk space is great. There were just little things that were extremely bothersome. Not being able to park the 6 in Chicago was REALLY bothersome.

    And yes the gas cap I had stuck, did not say "click three times" or Even once so how do you know when to stop turning? These days every cap has a different click etc. So I was just being cautious.

    And yes my car has a remote and if you click it once-then twice right in a row it opens both doors. Pretty simple. The WRX is annoying and you can't do one-two. You have to do 1-2-3 often to get it right.

    That's what I meant by every day driving. Think you guys missed all the good things I said about it ;)
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I know we're a little touchy sometimes, and I appreciate your clarification.

    Subaru's remotes are not the best at far distances, but should be pretty reliable when you're 5-10 ft from the car. If not, I would suspect the remote's battery may need to be replaced.

    I think all new cars past a certain date have a ratcheting fuel filler cap, it's part of the emission control system and satisfies federal regulations. Technically, the cap should be tight enough after 1 or more clicks. If the cap in your test car was behaving differently, perhaps it needed to be adjusted.

    I guess the way I look at it, the WRX is a tremendous sports car for the money when you consider the power, handling, AWD, etc... It's definitely not a family car or something the majority of people can get comfortable in as a daily driver. For a $22-26K sports car, however, it's hard to beat. I haven't seen anything in the price range that comes close. BTW, my previous sports car was a Honda Prelude SH, which stickered at around $27K in 1997. The WRX is a far better sports car, and I paid around $22K for it in 2003.

  • Hi y'all! Here's my .02 worth: my WRX serves me well as my daily driver, commuter car, family car, etc.. I absolutely love driving it, so it doesn't matter if I'm hauling kids to basketball practice, running to Walmart, driving to work, or anywhere; the car is a blast to drive. It's quiet and smooth-riding enough for my family, and it also runs with the hot rods when and if I ask it to do such things. The wagon would probably suit me even better, but I personally prefer the looks of the sedan.
      It's like my old '95 Mustang GT convertible, except it has a usable trunk and 4 doors! (okay, and a few other things here and there... ha).

     Happy WRX-ing!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hmm, other than they are both cars and have 4 doors and 4 wheels and japanese nameplate, what exactly about them would you compare? I find that similar to them comparing a '98 Rodeo to a honda accord, then complaining about the gas milage of the Rodeo!!!!

  • subaru_teamsubaru_team Posts: 1,676
    chiming in with my $.02 to you, LackofDave! I know my feelings would be biased and I wouldn't want to give the impression that I'm arguing on behalf of my company. But - I do have to say ONE thing - based on my experiences with the folks here. The WRX drivers that post here are really very knowledgeable about the technology behind the vehicle and the performance aspect (which you bestowed the appropriate props). I think that the folks that buy this vehicle aren't really focused on the cup holder type of design as much as the other aspects. I guess it's a matter of what's important to you. FWIW - we take information provided here to get improvements in the vehicles and I know that they are taken seriously. Check out the "suggestions" board. There's a wonderful amount of sharing here at Edmunds.

    Now - I'll shut up and let you folks have fun!

  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    "I think that the folks that buy this vehicle aren't really focused on the cup holder type of design as much as the other aspects. "

    - If it means anything, with the Max vs. the WRX, I went to go testdrive the Max and the WRX back to back with a good friend of mine. After testdriving the Max, we approached the WRX and went to go sit down. My friend exclaimed, why are you even looking at this car when you get so much more with the Max?

    After the testdrive, he told me to get the WRX. I did. True story.
  • Hey all,
    Sorry to have bothered you with my posts. I'll go running now.
    I didn't realize by sharing my thoughts I'd bother people. I'd seen many of the same complaints I found on this very board. They were very minor things. I wasn't insulting anyone's family or anything.
    I'm very glad there are this many subaru enthusiasts out there. that's very cool.

    As far as comparing apples and oranges the one commonality I was mainly suggesting was brought up in this last post was they are compareable in price, horsepower and yes are 4 doors. That was about it. Someone else said the WRX is not a car for cup holder people. Well there you go, that was my point. It isn't supposed to be an "accord" like car therefore it isn't made for comfort etc. It's made for performance. But It's still guised as a 4-door and wagon (the most soccer mom genre out there) so it does have a slight identity crisis. Something the common reader will not understand.

    No car is perfect and I was just pointing out the things I didn't like. Of course the performance can outweigh a lot of things. and it's good to know all of you feel that way.

    So in sumation the WRX is the perfect car.
    Perfect sports car
    Perfect family car
    Perfect Economy car...what else...
    Perfect minivan...oh wait...
    Just teasing.
    Take care.

  • subaru_teamsubaru_team Posts: 1,676
    We actually enjoy sharing our thoughts and opinions. I read back throught he post and I don't think we/or anyone took it personnally. I hope none of the sharing was being defensive!

    Actually, I'd love to see you buy a Subaru one day and hang out with us here more! Your thoughts were very valid and well written. I'm sorry if it appeared that we weren't responsive in the way you anticipated.

    So, come on back!!

  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    He's destined to own a Subaru ;-)

  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    Yeah, you shouldn't be concerned with cupholders on 227 h.p. AWD car. :-D Even though I added UK rear cupholders myself. ;-)

    Same for the stereo. My first ride in a WRX was with a guy that just drove it from Tampa to NYC (Weasel). We were stuck in traffic and I went to find the news station on the radio, but the radio hadn't been set yet. I asked what the heck he listened to on the drive from FL to NY and he said, "The turbo, mate!!".

    The sub/amp is a decent upgrade IMO, if you want to keep the stock look. Just take a CD to the dealer before you buy one (although the sub can be set differently by each dealer and the adjustments are tricky to get to).

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    After I installed the Prodrive muffler, I spend a lot of time just listening to the car -- it sounds so awesome. Screw the radio!!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    What do you mean you were teasing?! ;-)

    hypov is right, demographically, he is destined to own a Subaru. About 40% of Subaru owners are named "Dave", including hypov himself.

    Cup holders? Is *that* what those are? I thought it was there to hold your spare brake fluid and PS fluid when you went to the track. Oh well, live and learn.

  • schizaschiza Posts: 31
    I'm getting weird noises as I steer the car, almost like a grinding, it goes away as the car warms up. I though it might be a power steering belt being loose. The dealership tightened it up, but the noise is still there. I also have a slight vibration as I make slow turns under 10 mph. The vibration happens frequently but not all the time. Does anyone know what this could be. I had the tires rotated, steering belt checked, I will bring back to the dealership.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Turn the wheel -- is the noise there when the car is stopped, rolling, or both?

    Does the noise vary with vehicle speed? engine speed?

    We had an odd steering noise when our 03 Forester was a couple months old. Turns out it was a small piece of plastic air dam (in front of the tires) that had come loose and was rubbing on the tire. About 1/4 of it got worn away before I noticed the problem! I was able to tuck it back into place and reattach with some screws (the original fasteners were long gone). I'm guessing it was either loose from the factory or got knocked off somehow (maybe my wife goes offroading or something....).

  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I think some people get confused with the WRX as it is built in a 4 dr Impreza sedan body. That was just for economics. If Subaru had built the car "from scratch" (its' own body etc), it would have been much more expensive. The way it was done, the development and production costs of many of the components are shared with a "high volume" car line, the Impreza (further increasing the volume - and giving the design more exposure). It should be thought of as a "hot-rod limited production specialty car" built using some parts from a "volume production car".

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    No Soccor moms here drive anything less than a Lincoln Navigator, Excalade, or H2.

    Even the cheapo ones won't be caught dead in a wagon or minivan!

  • schizaschiza Posts: 31
    The noise happens when moving and when it's cold, it does go away after about 5 minutes of running the car. The vibration can happen at any time. both problems started around the same time. Sometimes the I can feel a tremble through the steering wheel as I turn it without the car moving.
  • 1hokie1hokie Posts: 36
    I saw someone with a WRX sedan on the roads today - went to give him the "nod" as I drove by (in traffic) and noticed his antenna wasn't even up! The guy had tinted windows, so I didn't both with the "nod" thing. Guess he likes listening to his car too (he had an aftermarket exhaust of some sort).
  • Hi Dave,
     Welcome the world of loyal to a fault Subaru nuts. They will defend Subaru's no matter how constructive the criticism. It actually does say a lot about a car company that can foster such unabashed loyalty.
      Hi Patti,
     Well if your really interested let me make some suggestions, in no particular order, mind you some of them are really off the wall.
      Get rid of that tiny sound the doors make upon closure. I've gotta believe your loosing customers by the score before they even take a test drive. Unfortunately even the perception of quality no matter how poorly based can make a difference in sales.
      While were on the doors how about that neat trick Audi does so that there is a slight pause that prevents the doors from swinging completely out with out a subtle second nudge. Those lights that beam back to alert on coming drivers and shine down to expose lurking puddles and other hazards are cool too.
       How about lighting all the controls so that you can find them in dark? I'd really like illumintaion to tell me that child doors and locks are appropriately engaged. How about all lighting controls such as fog lamps on the same stalk? Those fog lamps should be able to be independently lit as well. Those stalks are also hidden by the steering wheel in some positions. Auto 1 touch up down with sensors for the windows and sun roof would be cool. The winter safety sun roof option really belongs on the wagon. Many people with children opt for wagons, don't children deserve extra safety? Many people with pets opt for the wagon. The wagon with all that extra glass could really use that upward ventilation. The center seat belt on the wagon negates the practicality by crossing over the span of the cargo area. The LATCH system is a joke. That it doesn't accommodate seating in the safest center position is a serious oversight. Why not enable those with older (bigger/heavier) learning disabled children the opportunity to secure them in an appropriate booster/belt? Built in boosters would be nice. How about a 66/33 split rear seat so that one could expand the cargo area and still have room for two children in the back. Those seat belts are nuisance. Pull completely out retract and tug, each and every time to secure a child? How about a self enclosed dog gate that can be folder or retracted as needed? Could keep parcels from flying over too.
    How about space in the rear compartment of the wagon for the roof rack? How about a full sized spare tire and appropriate space (including optional wheels)? How about using the air compressor to maintain tire pressure. How about a cubby for the drivers cell phone with retracting power cord. A fold down cubby with power receptacle for a radar detector. How about a fold down video screen for the rear passangers? How about a navigation system for the driver? How about paddle shifting? How about being able to remove a front seat and sliding over the tilt and telescoping control pod and adjustable floor pedals to accommodate a center driving position for the driver? How about a glove box with a separate lower compartment for the owners manual,etc? How about a center cubby that can accommodate CD's, DVD's? How about better quality lit mirrored sun visors? How about map pockets on the back the front seats? How about leather seats, a lot easier to wipe down for those of us with kids and pets? How about moving the wheels to the far corners for less front and rear overhang (could be a good thing for rally racing)? Those arches are too big too. How about moving the engine back behind the front wheels to allow for a front mid engine vehicle with 50/50 weight distribution? How about having a wagon with enough cargo area to accommodate a large dog carrier or two? How about reducing the width of that pregnant center dash console? Knee room is already dear (and I'm a really short). That rear window and tail treatment both in and out is tasteless. Those side vents scream 1970's Datsun. While we're at it does the car have to so conspicuosly scream "Yo, cops over here". It's alot easier to carry on dressed as Clark Kent than Superman. Those bulges gotta go. How about the better 17" wheels and brakes the rest of the world gets. Those tires are a mistake too. The gas cap is too sensitive. That little button near the dead pedal keeps coming loose. How about defogger's all around including mirrors? Less turbo lag, more low end grunt with more linear power delivery. Rear reading lights. Separate heat and A/C controls for left, right, front and rear. Power antenna. Wiring for stereo sub woofers. The wagon with it's higher center of gravity should have at least the same track width as the sedan. Most important of all, an STi WAGON! Make that STi WAGON available with a high quality performance oriented all Season rubber option. I haven't had the opportunity to actually drive an STi, but, I wonder if better gearing, tighter turning radius, twin scroll turbo, automatic water spray, better rear LSD, plus all of the above would be a good idea, HA!
      Before everyone jumps all over me. I shopped around, and my priorities would have me buy another WRX wagon in a heartbeat. From my way of thinking I got all the really important stuff from an Audi S4 Avant for less money than a stripped down 1.8T. Unless Audi chops off 15K from the S4 my next car will be the long awaited STi wagon! A sporty, practical, affordable, efficient, go any where, any time machine. Nobody has anything like it for less than $15K more! At this point in time I'm one of those Subaru nuts, too.
  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    Er... wrong thread. I think Suggestions is where you want to be ;-)

  • I'm such a knuckle head sometimes! Anybody have any suggestions on how I can transfer this silliness to the appropriate site. I'm not up to doing it again. Thanks in advance!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Merrycynic mentions getting rid of the buldges, yet wants the wagon to have a wide track and 17" tires...... Kinda odd if you ask me.

    And would you be willing to pay $30K+ for said vehicle? The vehicle you are looking for is something similar to the SVX, but those were priced too high for the "subaru crowd" perhaps you will like the 9-2 much better, as it will basically be a WRX wagon with a toned down body, and more creature comforts inside.

  • Paisan,
       I can understand your response. I just thought they could make a wider wagon using the same styling cues. If the only way to get a wider track is with the bulges, so be it, I'll take the bulges. The Saabaru might be the ticket, but I was under the impression that it would be a three door, which doesn't work for me, and there would be no chance for an STi. I'm still hoping for that STi wagon!
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