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2010 Elantra....transmission failed at 2600 miles!



  • @kylue73 said:
    My 2010 elantra with 48500 miles on it needs a new transmission. And Hyundai tried to give a hard time replacing it.

    Again, not surprised. I figure I'll get some reporters on the issue when problems come up. If they're enough issues and they may affect your life, attention will be placed on the manufacturer (maybe).

    I read a bunch of metric-related data on the internet. Many of you probably saw the push for Hyundai during the Super Bowl. It's the adverting/marketing that's pushing up their mark. It's also getting y'all to register on Hyundai's website so they can keep track of you and market to you (and me but I clearly told them nothing was going on their website from me and I refused to give them a VIN).

    The cars supposedly got better since I last look at the piece of junk and took two for a test drive many years ago. It feels good and I am concerned about what will go wrong because customer support at corporate is useless and I don't trust the local service at the dealership to repair the car right since I was lied to by the service manager (explained by the general manager - he was just trying to bring in business).

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