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2011 Jeep Compass

steverstever Posts: 52,683
edited December 2010 in Jeep
"For 2011, the Jeep Compass got a new hood, new front fenders, a new front fascia, new quad-reflector headlamps and a new Jeep-family seven-slot grill. The rear gets a new spoiler, LED tail lamps (on the Limited), rear fascia and chrome exhaust tip."

Anyone tire kicking?

Revealed: 2011 Jeep Compass (Straightline)



  • I am checking them out. We are looking at the crossover compact class. We had our decision mostly made to go with a RAV 4 (4x4). We are coming off our lease on an 08 Chrysler Town & Country and we want to loss 1000 lbs and 2 cyl's but keep some comfort and storage capabilities. The compass just hit our Chrysler showroom. I would not have considered it as a contender before it's recent makeover but my first look was interesting and they are making some noise about offering us lease loyalty $$ so we are going to drive it today. Side by side the Compass (lattitude package) and the RAV 4 (basic value package) offer similar options at almost identical MSRPs (the available radio option is a bit better deal on the jeep). The main difference is the CV rear-end in the Jeep. I am looking forward to see how that feels. Gas milage is too close to call between the two models. It looks like Toyota is willing to offer a better leasing package but we will see what Jeep/Chrysler is willing to do to keep a repeat cutomer.
  • I've owned the Jeep Compass 2011 since April. Yesterday was my first opportunity to carry 5 passengers - problem was we could only find 2 seat belts in the rear. So how is this car supposed to carry 5 people?
  • I just got my 2011 Jeep Compass yesterday. Love it but the avg MPG is 14.0 sticker says 21 / 27.
    Is this normal and will get better or is this just the way it is?
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    how well has the cvt transmission performed in the compass?
  • No problems, I am loving this vehicle!
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