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tissue paper front bumper - 2007 tacoma

bill4444bill4444 Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Toyota
I'm curious if anyone else has had a similiar revelation with their Tacoma. I've got a 2007 regular cab that slid off an icy road last week and toppled a stop sign. The stop sign was undamaged - it just needed to be dropped back in its posthole. However a different matter with the Tacoma. I expected some scratched paint and a small dent, but all of the front grill/trim was shattered and unnervingly, the bumper had been shoved 6 inches back against the radiator.

How this model ever got good crash test ratings is a mystery to me. I get queasy thinking about hitting an immovable object at 20mph rather than a movable one a 3mph. I can picture myself holding the engine block in my lap.


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