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Chrysler 300M



  • For those who use it, carandtrucknews is back online. Probably a victim of excite or
  • Has anyone done the install of the Basslink sub with the 300m's upgraded stereo (infinity amp)? I just purchased one and am wondering if the install is pretty simple or if I should have it installed by a shop.

    SDMike, did you do your own or have someone do it?
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    We are a non-profit organization. Cost is $14.95/year. Here are some of the benefits.

    We'll be having several meets again next summer, probably one near you. Also check out the great prices we have on embroidered logo shirts and caps.
  • Glad to see you are still alive & well!
    You didn't say if you are going to replace all 4 tires... probably a good idea if winter ever arrives in Bufalo!
    Try or for a good deal on proper replacement tires. I don't recall you having PHP on your car, so you should be able to get a good all-season replacement at a reasonable cost.
    Good luck!
  • Count me's almost next door for me! I was about 10 minutes from the LH plant 2 weeks ago.
    I will probably do Dream Cruise again this year, it was such a blast last year. Maybe we can wangle a visit by Dr. Zetsche.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    I had a shop install mine. They charged me about $70, but then added $15 to the bill to install a power sensor so the unit would turn off when the car was shut down. They, and I, didn't realize that there is a several minute delay in shut-down when the power is cut off. Several people in here have installed their own, I believe. The instructions that come with the unit are pretty straight forward. There is one set of connections to use if you want to connect it directly to the low-power connections from the amp, and another set to handle the high power output from the amp. You can hook into either (not both) depending on your needs. Mine is connected after the amp, I believe. I'm not sure they connected it exactly right (there are connectors for left/right/front/rear) because when I turn my fader to my rear speaker only I don't get any sub-woofer bass. I only get it from the front inputs. My guess is that they only connected one pair of wires after the amp. I might take it back and have them fix it, but I never listen to it that way anyway so it's not a big deal.

    The biggest reason that I had someone else install it is because I didn't want to fight with getting the power wire run through the firewall. I remember some postings saying it was a "female dog".

    Good luck! You'll love it!

  • Some interesting pics I saw on another 300m forum

  • Well, after looking at those pictures we can see the answer of how dual exhaust is on the Special. Twin pipes all the way back to the transverse muffler. Too bad we can't see how they connect to the muffler.

    Is that flex pipe I see from the muffler to the resonators????

    Otto, correct me if I'm wrong, but based on the description you gave of the assembly process these pics must have been taken just before the body is mated to the drive train in the Sanyo machine.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    At 40k on orig. tires, I'd almost go for a full set myself. You'll save money on the set, since there's usually a discount in places. Costco is a great place to go (at least mine is). Easy to deal with, and pretty quick. They've got the MVX4 plus (H rated I believe) 225/55/17 for about $145 installed. Plus, Michellin has been running a $50 rebate on a set (or poss. more, I forget). Also Costco is very safety consious. They will not put a single new tire on the front, has to go on the back. They will only match the tires when installing. They hand torque it (I like that). Nice place

    The Key FOB - Someone has to know how to program a Key FOB transmitter to work on the car... I used to know, but can't find the directions... Someone?? :)
  • FastDriver, yep, kids have been keeping me busy and spending alot of weekends out in middle of the creek trout fishing LOL... probably where i wind up with the flat! From what i understood was that the thruway is restricted since it is under the "jurisdiction" of Thruway authorities. I dunno... it was 4:30am and i was frantic, to say the least!

    Russ, yep, still alive and kicking. when this car gets cleaned (if it sees that day again soon) would love to take you up on that cup of coffee i missed out on last year. *waves a raincheck in the air* you are still local right?

    Lastly, TOUR... WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW? :) my eye sight isn't as good as it was before when i start to scroll back and back... and back......
  • Where did you get a picture of my baby without her clothes on?

    Kosh and otto ... My dealer thinks my Special may be delivered today. I may get it tomorrow. woo hoo!!
  • Has anyone seen any tests of the Special in car mags or elsewhere? I'm curious about how much of a difference the performance enhancements make in the 300M's performance.
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Uh...I meant to say in my post above that the Basslink can connect either to the low power outputs of the HEAD UNIT or the high power outputs of the amp. Duh. Either way it's easy to get at the speaker wires from the trunk (right side) where they come in (low power) and out (high power) of the amp mounted there.

  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    Those are WAY cool! I love the look of the exhaust. Reminds me of how the Vettes and Z28s are done. Wide pipes from the cat to a transverse collector in the center/rear, and then back to dual mufflers. Not a "true" pass-through dual system, but lots and lots of airflow because the intermediate "pipe" consists of two 2 1/2 inch+ pipes compared to the single one on the stock M (and the Hugo design that I use)
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    We're planning a long weekend of 300M Club fun in August. Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit on Saturday August 17th (ask Russ about this year's cruise) then caravan to Brampton Ontario Canada on Sunday and tour the Chrysler LH assembly plant on Monday August 19th.

    More details later, but mark it on your calendar.
  • hmk123hmk123 Posts: 122
    One question about getting new tires: Is it also a good idea to get an alignment? I like the Costco tire places, too, but have noticed that they don't do alignments (at least not around here). I was wondering how necessary you guys think that is.
  • I'd get an alignment. Think about it this way: you're spending hundreds of dollars for new tires. You can totally screw up a tire (or tires) in a couple thousand miles if your suspension is out of alignment. So, for a relatively small amount of money, an expert alignment can potentially prolong your tire life considerably, while enhancing the handling of your car.
  • I found the link to the pics from another Brampton employee that chats on another forum (Yahoo groups 300m club). I hope he can get more pics.
  • Using the working remote fob with the ignition switch on, press and hold the unlock button for 4-10 seconds,within the 4-10 seconds push the panic button. The Body control module (BCM) will chime. Then press any button on the new remote, the BCM will chime as each fob is learned. To be safe also puh any button on the working one too. You will hear a second chime. Turn of ignition or wait 32 seconds the BCM will chime again. Remotes use 2 Panasonic CR 2016 batteries stacked on one another, and last about two years. Info is from 99 service manual.
  • Be careful when programming the new remote.If it has only three buttons(no separate trunk release button) the panic feature will not work. The panic feature will open the trunk. I have a 96 Minivan and a 99 Intrepid and have programmed the Intrepid fob to work on both cars, as carring two fobs was a little much.
  • If your dealer is right, that was one heck of a fast trip by rail from near upstate NY to where you're at. Which reminds me, where ARE you located? I've looked back through your posts but didn't see a home town mentioned.

    I took a tour through the dealers lot today just in case, but nothin yet. I'm thinking Thursday at the earliest. I'll check with the dealer tomorrow and see what their status report shows.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Yup ,those are some good pics. Yes this is just before decking in the Sanyo .That is the pallet they are sitting on.I wonder who took the pics?.
  • toms99toms99 Posts: 252
    The Basslink install is an easy DIY job, even for a 46 year old guy like me!

    Install Instructions: (Courtesy of Racefan)

    The stock amp on the upgraded stereo is located inside the trunk on the right hand side behind the carpet, there is one tab holding the carpet.
    using speaker level inputs tap into the wires coming out of the amp:

    white/black = - left rear

    white/red = + left rear

    tan/black = - right rear

    tan/red = + right rear

    dark green/red = turn on lead

    after you hook up the speaker level inputs, connect the ground to a spot under the trunk carpet, and run a power wire to the battery.

    You do NOT have to go through the firewall for the power lead. Connect a heavey guage red power wire from the Positive "jumper" cable junction, and run it along the pass. fender inside edge and out by the pass. door hinge area (there is some gray foam piece you have to remove, then replace.) Then just push the wire through the moon-roof drain grommet to the inside pass. leg well area, remove the little trim peice, then snake it to the back under the rocker trim.

  • toms99toms99 Posts: 252
    I have 36K miles on my 99LHS. The ride has always been a bit "softer" than the PHP-300M, but I just recently bought my wife a new (leftover) 2001 Concorde and driving it I could really feel the difference. It was a pretty firm ride compared to my 3 1/2 year old LHS. It was like I remembered when my LHS was new, but I guess the ride gets softer so slowly over time you really don't notice it until you ride a brandy new car and feel the difference.

    My question is: What kind of mileage have you guys been getting out of your suspensions? Any of you replace the struts yet??

  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Just to let you guys know, we will be getting the 300M back tomorrow afternoon. It has been at the body shop since October 24. We stopped in last Monday to see it, and it was "reconstructed" but had no back window, back seat, trunklid, or paint, etc. but did have tailights and a back bumper. Then, yesterday, we happened to be coming back from a doctor's appointment and while we were stopped at the light in front of the shop, we watched the garage door open and saw a dark-colored car with blue tape and paper on it. Someone moved the car sitting outside in front of the door and guess what pulled out? Our 300M came out covered in paper and tape in different areas and then it reversed and the door closed. We went in and they said it was just being painted but everything else was done. Today they were going to let the paint cure a little more and clean the car up. We should have it by tomorrow afternoon. I wonder what it'll be like now...??

    Gotta go!!!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    At least that nightmare is over! I have NEVER heard of such a crazy insurance story! I hate insurance companies with a passion, because I don't like their tactics, but you have to be protected so you don't have much choice. You should never have been treated that way!

  • I saw my new Special tonight. I'm paying for it tomorrow. She was dirty from the trip but she'll be cleaned and ready when I pick her up tomorrow night. I emailed Ottowrkr already with the news.

    Kosh, you are gonna LOVE your car! The dealer here in Toms River, NJ stood and gawked at it along with me. The headlights are cool. The Tires and wheels are the thing you notice first. They are big.

    We started her up and she purrs like a Tiger from the dual exhaust. Not as loud as I thought but much louder than the Stock 300M. Inside the interior is just like the brochure. Beautiful. I didn't try the stereo yet but the 300+ watts should sound freaking fantastic!
  • Ah NJ, that explains why you got it so quickly, not very far to travel. Mine will be a few days out yet, but it is making good progress. Otto informed me that it had reached MI last Friday morning so it should be getting close at this point.

    Now I KNOW I have to give the dealer a call today and see where it's at. After your report I'm really anxious to see it.

    I expect an initial drive impressions report from you sometime before the weekend, IF you can pull yourself away from it long enough to do that! ;) Enjoy it Arby!
  • changed her oil and used royal purple.. can ya believe it? purple oil!!!!!!!!! LOL

    anyone tried this ?
  • hi everyone,
    i have friends who use it in motorcycle racing applications and they swear by it! to last in an engine that turns 15,000+ rpms and holdup,it has to be good.
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