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Chrysler 300M



  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    I know I'm beginning to sound too much like beach here, but having had two M's in two years, I've earned it. The '01 finally sold, so I've been driving the Special.
    1)Has anyone had any hands on experience with the driveability of the Special as compared to an '01? My Special seems to have more engine vibration at idle than the '01 did. It only has 134 miles on it, so it may smooth out. Just wondering if any other Special owners have an opinion.
    2)The transmission shifts seem to be much more noticeable under normal driving. Also, if the transmission kicks down to 2nd on the freeway (which it does very easily), it does not shift back up for a few seconds after the gas pedal is released. It would be great on a racetrack going into a turn. Is this normal for the Special? I know the Special claims to have different transmission control logic.
    3)The stereo sounds poor. I drove a co-worker's 1999 yeterday and it sounds a million times better, as did my 2001. I've already corrected the out of phase wiring on the front door speakers. The 2002 stereo does not seem to have as much "presence" as the earlier ones. Have the speakers changed? I know a lot of people have claimed the amp is much worse, but I have trouble believing it's the amp. I'm thinking speakers. I got ahold of a shop manual and they don't show a reference for the solid green and solid black wires that are soldered to the sail panel front door (tweeter) speakers. How does one know if they're in or out of phase? The manual does not acknowledge the existence of this small harness on the speakers themselves. I tried swapping the one out of the 1999 and it seems like it has better highs. Suggestions?

    Thanks one and all.
  • I don't believe phasing is very critical in a tweeter because of the shorter wavelength and the beaminess of the transducers themselves. In the bass range an out-of-phase hookup will cause cancellation at the midpoint (quickly diagnosed with the balance control). A sad fact of life is that audio equipment manufacturers will usually "overengineer" the first production runs of equipment to establish rave reviews, then perform "value engineering" by substituting inferior components in the second year. Keeping the price the same of course. I have seen it done in the high-end turntable market. I suspect the car biz is not immune to this strategy. Anything not directly affecting safety is fair game. The car manufacturers are constantly pressuring their suppliers to cut prices.

    Good luck,

  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    Does this apparent reduction of sound quality explain the omission of the Infinity emblem on the sail panel speaker enclosures???????????
  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    Why don't you think it's the so called amp? My feeling is the quality of the design and build of these new amps is so poor, that almost anything else would work better. I agree with previous posts about the speakers that the wiring being out of phase will not overly affect the quality of sound. If you don't believe that, come over and listen to my sound system that I can intentionally place out of phase for testing purposes. From all the negative comments from just about everyone that has an '02, I believe the only answer is to trash the amp and speakers for aftermarket stuff. I don't think DC is going to do anything else about it. There is, I understand, a TSB out there for this amp, but I feel changing it would just be trading one piece of junk for another. My advice is to get a really nice sound system installed; something that the M deserves to have and then bill DC for it.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I swear- I haven't been near your car! ;-)))))

  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    Glenn-Somehow I don't think DC is gonna' pay me to install aftermarket stuff. Go figure. Do you still have any of your original audio components? Does the TSB you reference indicate replacement with a different part #? Can anyone provide me with the TSB # so I may research?
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    Kosh - actually there are several cars in the US that have that odd single rear foglight. Volvo and Audi have them standard. When we got my wifes volvo, I thought one of them burned out when I turned it on (there is a space on the other side of the trunk for another bulb - just no socket there it turns out ;) It's only supposed to be one....

    mrl859 - you can find the tsb here and there is more useful info here you can check to see if the wires are crossed - also there seems to be a recall on some of the headunits. Good luck!

  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    Thanks for the great info. I've already corrected the speaker wiring (they were reversed) which changed it from sounding like a $5.00 walkman to a $40.00 walkman. Now we're going for the sound of a 30k+ luxury car! I called three dealers where I know people (there's power in numbers, you know) about the TSB. One states it doesn't exist and the only TSB is on the speaker wiring. Another states that it only applies to radio option code ARF and is checking my V.I.N. The other is still checking.
  • My experience:

    Engine: Mine was "tight" when I got it and seemed a bit rough at idle. As it got broken in it smoothed out and runs fine now.

    Tranny: Yeah, the shifting is more aggressive than the standard one. It holds the gears longer when you step on it. But with only 134mi on it it's still learning your driving habits, and the stiff engine doesn't help. Give it about 1000 miles to get settled in. You'll start noticing improvement around 500 miles or so.

    Stereo: Yeah it lacks presence to be sure. I've totally upgraded the speakers and it helped some but the music still has no authority behind it. Glennbp is right that the amp is the culprit. I'm pulling together my plan to replace that amp very soon with a good aftermarket one.

    My prediction is that when the LX cars arrive on the scene the premium audio will be by Bose. Reason? The LX electricals will be shared with the MB E Class. MB's sound systems are now almost exclusively by Bose and Bose totally integrates their systems right down to the vehicle wire harness. If the LX is sharing the harness with the E Class there isn't much room there for anything else. That's likely the reason that the Infinity branding is being phased out.

    Splatt, I suspected there were probably others but I don't see many Volvo's around here. Oddly the Aurora has a pair. I've followed them on occasion when the fogs were on. They are an extremely intense red and can actually get a bit painful if you follow too close. But they definitely made the car show up in the haze.
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    Dealer #2 says my car is covered. Apparently, the bulletin discusses the speaker wiring, speaker grille and speaker mounting tightness, and then ultimately defaults to amplifier replacement. So I get a new amp. It'll be next Saturday before I can get it done (if it comes in by then). Maybe there IS hope for those of us with lousy stereos in '02s!
  • G35 , next is Z350, 287hps, fast car. Chrysler discovered the power of NEW 3.5L V6 and just wasted it! GM is faster than Chrysler to bring NEW cars to market XLR, NEXT CTS will have 5.7L V8 soon. Now Chrysler have to Watch out not only imports but also GM.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    The Target stores have the Neon wire for $9 for 15' and the purple goes for $4 I also picked up 10" neon lighting for $4 each all on Clearance. Now to come up with some used for them.
  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    Glad to hear that your system is covered. I really want to follow up on this! When your amp is replaced, let us know if there is any major difference in sound quality and in particular less distortion at higher volumes. I don't know for sure, but I am beginning to believe that the trunk mounted amp is not really an amp at all, but an "amplified crossover". It's design (no heatsinks) and very light weight would indicate a lack of output power, but the wiring certainly makes it a multi-channel crossover. Now look at the heatsinks on the head unit - I believe that's where most of the signal is coming from. If anyone has more info on this, please chime in!
    BTW - I gave my stock speakers to 300michael. By now, he has probably hooked up a public address system under the hood! LOL!!!
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 358
    My 2000 PHG M had new front brake pads put on at 23K miles, which I thought was pretty early (and others on this board agreed). I took my car in recently just before 36K for some minor final warranty issues, and when I picked it up the dealer told me the front pads were down to 2/32. I said something must be wrong if the pads are gone in 13K miles. Brought it back today to have them check it out, and they say there is nothing wrong with calipers, etc. They say that the pads probably wore quickly this time because I declined to have the rotors turned last time. Any comments?
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Den, I have 46,000 miles and no brake fade on my 99 PHP. In fact, I was thinking about the brakes this morning on my way to work and marveling at how firm they felt - no fade, no noise. These are the best brakes I have experienced on a car. I hate to sound the pessimist, but I have come to not trust Chrysler 5* service advisors anymore. If I don't know what the problem is before I go in, I don't let them tell me. The former 5* I used tried to sell me a $1200 evaporator replacement that has now proven to be totally unnecessary. I would not worry about the brakes until they make noises or you feel their performance diminishing.
  • splattsplatt Posts: 328
    Take the car to another type of shop, like a pepboys or such, and ask them to look at the brakes. Pepboys will look for free (though you may wait a bit). Just to get a second opinion.
  • We were told today that we will be shut down for two weeks starting Sept 16 till Sept 27. They say sales are down , but is it a coincidence that our contract expires Sept 17 ? HHHHMMMMM!!!!!
  • Just as we told your plant manager when we were at the tour, Chrysler Marketing is not "selling" the car very well and two week shutdowns and elimination of the third production shift is a result. I see a few commercials advertising 0% financing, but that's it. They usually show the Chrysler sedans driving as a group, but don't really talk in much detail about the cars. I can't remember the last Intrepid commercial I've seen.
  • the razorstars allow you to check your own pads--I do it all the time----just look at the caliper area and note the thickness of the pad---if much less than the thickness of the metal its mounted on, they are nearing being worn out. But you can let them go till about 3/16' or so before replacing to prevent any scoring damage.

    Did they say all 4 were worn? Unless your rotors were seriously scored which I doubt at 23K, I smell a snow job. And its too early to snow yet. I have caught so many mechanics trying to squeeze some extra bucks out of me for work not needed that I trust none of them . But most didnt succeed and some lost my business. Learn all you can about your car and you can prevent a snow job. I bet if they knew what you did for a living you would get treated a little more honestly.

    I have 39k on my original pads . I have another few thousand miles still remaining on them. My other cars usually needed brakes at about 22k. I use the autostik on occasion to slow down a little quicker but dont abuse it by jamming into 1st too early. That may explain the extra life I am getting. My rotors however show signs of warping. I may go with the raybestos rotors but will stick to factory pads.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Bingo! If you don't have any advertising, you're not going to have much business other than word of mouth. This is still a competetive sport/mid-lux sedan despite shortcomings, but there's still a lot of people who have no idea that the car even exists. You see commercials for the G35 everywhere, the TL-S is always on, etc., etc, and they all give excellent video and details. Chrysler does nothing but think it's going to sell a $30k leather-lined sedan by showing a picture of one in a commercial that also includes a cheap Voyager, and is just to advertise 0% financing. They still do have the 300M-Amish commercial, but I've only seen it 2-3 times in the last 5 months.

    otto- It's a shame you have to keep getting shut down, but Chrysler is clearly to blame. Rarely do you ever see this situation with other auto plants, with the exception of dirt poor Isuzu who just announced the same plan "to reduce overstocked dealer inventory". You'd never hear of something like that happening at a Honda/Acura plant, or even the stupid Chevy Impala plant, as they're working constantly just to keep up with demand. These are also the cars that happen to be advertised, hmm, what a shock!

    I'd venture to say that from now until the day the last LH-car is built, things are going to be increasingly slow, as you can't keep selling the same un-changed designs for such a long period without promotion when there's such strong competition beating the doors down. They must really be trying to make the new LX-cars quite a step up from the LH, with pushing the intro dates back so far. But, the problem is, a lot of people are left idle in the meantime when they just can't figure out why designs that are on their 5th or 6th year are growing less and less popular.
  • You are right about DC's advertising, even here in Canada all we seem to see are ads for the Seebrings and the 300M, nothing on Intrepids, Neons, PT Cruisers or even trucks. It's time to go on strike Otto, even just to have them push the product.
  • glennbpglennbp Posts: 327
    What's even more interesting is that Mercedes is advertising all over the place. You can hardly watch any TV show anymore without seeing an MB spot. Didn't MB and Chrysler merge? ;')
  • No, they did not...MB BOUGHT Chrysler after a a sucessful snow job to convince the shareholders and public it was a merger!
  • Glennbp - Bob Eaton that (ADD SWEAR WORDS) sold us out just to pad his bank account. I have heard he received like 300 Million for selling us to MB

    Russklass you are correct!!

    Advertising. what's that?? Just ask Don Hanesworth ( that gentleman who drove his M from California for the tour) he had never heard about the Special till he was at our plant . Now he is going to trade in his 02 M on a Special .
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    One of you lucky guys probably have your 300M on a picture of Autoweek. if you have the dark blue 300M, following a tangerine 71 Dodge Dart it's you. It has a picture of my old Cornet and the New M.
    Autoweek September 9, 2002 page 25
  • Mike, can you scan this pic and post a link for us (since you won't "own" the pic.) :) I'm trying to remember who that might be. Hmmm.
  • Please go to this link and vote in the poll as to when the best time for a second chat night would be.

    Thanks, and hope to see you in chat one evening.

  • My 2000 M is now at 58600 miles and is still on the original brake pads. I keep getting them checked because I want to be certain I don't groove the rotors with worn out pads, but so far the pads are OK. I'll probably replace them at 60K just on general principles.

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815

    I will post this for a few days as it is not mine.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    by, the way I have voted already.
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