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Chrysler 300M



  • another Chrysler mistake---and using Selene as their mascot is also a mistake--how about Britney or Jennifer--guess they are too expensive. I should would watch those commercials a lot closer if they had Britney seated at the controls of the M.

    I hope Chrylser doesnt screw up the next generation. They cant afford a mistake at this point. Its just too bad they dont plan on dropping in a Hemi in a slightly modified 300M style vehicle. Then they would have a sure hit. But the 300N just doesnt cut it like the M.
  • jab02lhsjab02lhs Posts: 122
    All these bad comments on this car from all you near luxury owners. This car is not aimed at you.
    Chrysler is going after the family driver that doesn't want to drive a mini van because of image and doesn't want a SUV because of size.

    I would not now buy this car either. But that is because my family is all grown up and gone. But, if I was 30 something with two young kids that would be my first choice.
    It is the BADDEST looking station wagon I have ever seen. I could talk my wife into it because it is a station wagon and have a HEMI without here ever suspecting a thing.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    I love the Magnum , and like jab02lhs said , this is not the 300 replacement.

    Selene ??? try Celion !!;-0
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Why don't they call it what it is: the "Family Queen Truckster," right out of Vacation, the movie. Oh yeah, the interior style... I remember now retro Art Deco.

    Just what we need, another SUV/Wagon/truckster that will blow us away off a light. Oh well... Hey Otto--Are you working the line again or still on furlough?
  • kosh_2258kosh_2258 Posts: 338
    Generally it looks pretty good, but the front end is in severe need of a rework, it's out of place to the rest of the vehicle. I think that as much as anything is what kills the overall impression.
    It looks like a compressed version of the front end on the MAXX concept pickup from a couple years back. I didn't like it then either.
    If they go to market with it looking like that, I guarantee revised front end styling within two model years.

    The dash isn't really much different than the current Intrepid design, same general shape and configuration. The gauges are in pods and the center stack reworked a bit.

    After 10 years of cab forward and lots of glass the high beltline is a pretty jarring change. Of course so was cab forward after 10 years of the K-mart car which was a cracker box on wheels.

    Time will tell.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Don't love it ALL, because that nose does look a little strange on a car I think, and the back end is a bit sparse, but to overall shape and styling more than make up for that. I guess I do tend to like things that people think are ugly (believe me, I've been told so many times before...), but in reality, that's only because I like everything that is out of the ordinary. Things that, no matter how proficient you are with cars, are instantly visible in traffic. Think CTS, the front of a 300M (the rest really isn't that "out-there"), the Avalanche, the Aztek, the Isuzu Axiom, etc.,etc.

    I fully understand why so many people don't like the Avalanche for its look, but that's one of the main reasons why the people who buy them do so. It just looks trully aggressive, and is fitting of the vehicle, as a tough, battle-ready machine. That, and it makes maintenance so easy and door dings absolutely non-existent.

    fastdriver- I'm not even faulting as much thier overall style (though it is pretty bad in most cases), it's just the absolute deplorable assembly quality and material choice so often used. Of GM, Buick and Cadillac are the best in this regard, but could still do a little better, and the full-size SUV's are also really nice. Our Avalanche has generally nice materials, and everything is rock solid, lined up perfectly, and there's no funny noises. However, the build quality on the new GM triplet mid-size SUV's is just disgusting, though not as bad as many smaller cars. Despite this, the reliability doesn't always suffer, for instance, in cars like the Impala which is quite bulletproof, but puke-inducing inside and out. I had this discussion with my father a few days ago when he was disgusted with his '69 Chevelle's assembly, and he admitted that GM has potentially the best engineering and design of all domestic makes, but their poor assembly quality that ruins so many cars. Basically, on design alone, the cars are quite nice, but the, um, "people" at the factories screw it up.

    Sorry for the long post, back to the 300M!
  • I agree with Fastdriver. I can't believe DC is basically abandoning the 300M. It's really sad that the RAM Hemi and Neon SRT will be the fastest vehicles. True, I'm sure DC will make a lot of money off of both, but the there are a lot of buyers in the near luxury market that would love a Hemi powered M. If the Hemi does not make it to a 300N, Chrysler division will be in trouble. I hate the fact that they have put ALL their money into the UGLY PT Cruiser. The 300M blows it away in the looks category. Now with the PT turbo, it looks as if those owners will have the last laugh.
    Well, this is one M owner that will abandon DC if they ruin the upcoming M or N. I guess I'll go buy a G35......
  • anyone know the price of a properly equipped G35. I dont think they discount the list price as much as on a 300M.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    It is a bit like a squashed school bus.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
  • I think the loaded price is around 33,500. Which puts the 300m to shame for the bang for the buck category.
  • More like $35K+ for the 6 speed coupe, with options, & dealer mark up because it a new car. The sedan is about $34K. Still expensive since you can get a fully loaded special for under $30K.
  • yositoyosito Posts: 55
    Chrysler´s styling is superb!
    Sorry they have such bad dealers, their service practices are terrible!
    They are the ones who make the cars bad!

    MOST of their dealer don´t deserve to be dealers!
    BTW, designs like these DESERVE NICER DEALERS, most of the show rooms are ugly, and what can be said about SERVICE and PARTS DEPTS.???

    PLUS THOSE TERRIBLE SALESMAN, they don´t know what are they selling, and also think they are doing you a favor!!!

  • I was referring to the sedan with comparable features. At 34k, the G35 has more options than the M(not to mention outstanding customer service). True, the M costs a little less, but the Infiniti will have better resale value which offsets that difference. I still love my M, but competition is getting better and better. With the direction DC is going and the latest 300N pics, I think they're going to have a lot of people jump ship. I guess time will tell, but my lease on my M will be up when the new M or N arrives so I'm watching impatiently!!!
  • I haven't had a car yet to be coverd with snow. Not even the 300M seen snow. I picked the right time to visit to NYC...

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    The new grand prix should be pretty good in the looks department, and they are finally getting rid of all that plastic cladding (that was used to hide the rust). As for the Avalanche I think most buy it for the virsitility, not the looks. I think they sell them dispite the looks.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I like the All the current chrysler designs except for the Neon. And I think they should keep Celion. She is a class act unlike Brittney. And Chrysler is suspoised to be class. Brittey can do Dodge (in your face). It is a shame they did not put the hemi in the 300M as the first vehicle, it would have been a nice historyical note, that one of the first cars to have it. would be the first to see it's return (dam, I should be working for Chrysler) Too bad.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I like the interior but not the exterior. But it is a very nice vehicle. Sorry I hate the Z car, too much like a TT (which I do not like eather).
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Does it come with a Dick Tracy watch?
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    This is off topic, but maybe someone has great experience and can enlighten. My daughter just took delivery on an Audi A4 about 2 weeks ago, and two days ago while transporting one of her cats from the vets, it let go and emptied its bladder that went through the carrier and on the rear cloth seat. Any thoughts short of a new seat. [She started a Pinesol treatment and is going to have the seat shampooed I guess.] I know cat urine is bad stuff but maybe someone had a similar event and a success in cleaning. I told her to get the M with leather seats but when do they ever listen??
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    My advice: Terminate them both with extreme prejudice.
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Saw the GXP at the San Diego Auto Show yesterday. Although it was roped off so you couldn't get inside ....from what I can see I really liked the interior. The exterior is pretty similar to today's w/o all the plastic body cladding. Great wheels too. I think it had around 280 hp. It was the nicest GM car I saw there (except the H2 was pretty cool)
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Another thing I noticed at the show yesterday....the 2003 M they had didn't have rear headrests. Looks like more decontenting. The seats had a humped shaped to them in the back instead.

    Otto...are they all like this or was this just a freaky M?
  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    I've seen several 2003 300M's and each of them have that "hump" in place of a proper headrest in the back. Yes, it's more decontenting, sad but true.
  • Just happened to my son's Camry, and this was the only approach that finally did the trick:

    Took the seat bottom out.
    Removed the cloth cover from the seat bottom by removing clips and hogrings that hold it on.
    Cleaned the seat cover with shampoo and a pressure washer (yes a pressure washer)
    Put the now clean seat cover in the dryer set to air fluff only (to prevent shrinking)

    Now for the foam pad (which was saturated as well):

    Got one of those hand held rug shampooers (spray and vacuum only - no brushes) and repeated the spray/suction/let dry process over a period of five days until the smell was completely gone.

    Reassembled the seat cover to the pad / frame and reinstalled in the car.

    Was this a royal pain in the arrrs - you bet!! But it worked like a charm. Looks and smells like new. You have got to get the pee out of the foam pad, or the smell will be there forever.

    Hope this helps.


    PS. We had taken the car to a detail place first, but after all the perfume dried, it smelled like cat pee again.
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Johnee99 -

    I love these tires. Best I have ever owned. I don't think they look too aggressive at all. I especially like the fact that you can go wider...I have 235's instead of the stock 225. Check it out:

    Installed the molded mud guards this weekend. Love they way they look on the slate M (see above). Also put on the Magnet bra a couple weeks ago -- can hardly tell it's there. Great for winter. Will probably go back to the regular hood cover in summer.

  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    The new Grand Prix is nice, but I think the front has some weirdness to it and some of the wheels on regular models are just ugly. I saw the GXP too, and the graphite paint and gorgeous wheels did wonders. The rear end looks a little strange too. But overall, quite nice and a big improvement from the current, already nice car.

    300michael- Yep, the Av sells quite good. In its first year, there was over 100k sold. And yes, a lot of the buyers do choose it because of styling, with versatility about tied. That, and as the saying has been made before, "TO DRIVE ONE IS TO BUY ONE". Cool looking SUV crossover that rides and is as silent as a big Lexus.

    blonda- I've seen that "deletion" of the rear headrests too. That was one of my favorite things about the car, for the simple fact that even though you were in the backseat, you still had an adjustable headrest. And, few cars (except really $$$) have them. I hope with all this money their saving, the LX's are loaded to the gills with standard toys.
  • wire2wire2 Posts: 188
    >using Selene as their mascot is also a mistake--how about Britney or Jennifer--guess they are too expensive ...

    Just my opinion, but as I see it, Celine Dion has more awards and hits to her name and would probably command a heftier retainer than either Britney or J.Lo.

    Yes, the plant is idle for the next 2 weeks.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    I like the Caddy version a lot better.
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