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Chrysler 300M



  • illini4illini4 Posts: 140
    The OEM pads are supposedly Wagner Thermo Quiet. They are a bit hard to find, but I bought a set last summer from for about $35. Also replaced the rotors with the top line NAPA rotor. As far as I can tell, performance (noise, stopping power) is identical to OEM at a lot lower price.
  • I have always found that quality aftermarket parts are typically superior to OEM parts. Raybestos and Wagner are typical suppliers for OEM applications and sell under their own name as well. Aftermarket parts are typically more consist quality through the years. Where as you may not even get the same quality pads from your dealer, because the auto manufacturer is constantly looking for a cheaper source for parts.

    I like the fact that the brakes (at least on the LHS) are not very sensitive, but have plenty of stopping power. I have a truck that has extremely sensitive brakes and it is very annoying.
  • bb_lhs_2kbb_lhs_2k Posts: 94
    Thats exactly what I always believed too, that aftermarket products are better than OEM. But, what worried me about Raybestos, was reading all the negative experiences with it on the 300M Enthusiast message board. A lot of people claimed increased squealing which really surprised me. One person even tried the Raybestos Quiet Stop with no luck, and wrote "Do Not Use Raybestos Products on a 300M". What do you think?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Have you guys seen the new 2004 Pontiac Grand Prixs showing up on dealer lots? These cars are very much changed and much better than ever before, especially the interior which can't even be compared to the old. That, and the new Comp-G package is much like the 300M Special with the PHG package, with performance bits all-around.

    Something quite familiar? Take a look at the interior of this new black GTP Comp-G and tell me what the colors have you thinking (hint: something "Special"):
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    as a former Grand Prix GTP owner I am pretty excited about this new Grand Prix. Although I am not 100% sure about the new style.

    I always wished for a car that could combine the best features of a GTP and a 300M.

    This one comes close to that wish.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Looks like a combination of a 300M and an Intrepid from the front
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Looks like another butt ugly to me. Maybe the Accord designer jumped over to Pontiac? Overall, vastly improved style from the plastic cladded Power Ranger editions of old.....but someone forgot to fix the butt.
  • mr23mr23 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 non PHP with Goodyear's (225/55/17). 38K miles. Any concenus of the best replacement tires? I live in So.Calif with no snow and very little rain, so all-weather performance not that much of an issue. I do mostly freeway driving. Thanks.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Am interested in your experience with 235/55/17 tires. What brand do you have? How to they compare with stock for handling,ride & noise? Have 2003 with the goofy new type wheels.
  • jona57jona57 Posts: 192
    Unfortunately, there are not a boatload of options in the 225/55/17 tire size. Have you been satisfied with the stock Goodyear's? Although some on this board badmouth them, the Goodyear's have many loyal followers. My father replaced the stock 17" Eagle LS's on his LHS with another set because of his trouble-free 43+K mile experience with his stock GY's (mixed city-highway & still had 4/32" tread left) . If you prefer another brand, Yokohama Avid's are available in the stock size & have been widely praised as a touring tire. Since snow is not a problem for you, Michelin Pilot Sport's are another option. These are more performance-oriented tires (better handling, stiffer, & more $$$).

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    You can see the hand of Bob Lutz here.
  • bb_lhs_2k, just read the posts regarding the Raybestos brakes over at the "other place" and was quite surprised. The prowler folks think the Raybestos QS ceramics are the greatest and I have not seen one negative comment regarding them on the prowler board. The prowler takes the exact same pad set for the front 730QS as the LHS/300M.

    Brake pads alone are not the only thing that can cause squealing, incorrect reassembly, caliper not moving freely on the caliper guides (there is special grease for this)are just a couple of things.

    I did read on the prowler board that one guy got the wrong set of pads inside a Raybestos QS box. Reminds me of the time I went to Wal-Mart to get my Mobil 1 oil and filter when I changed over to synthetic. I took the filter out of the box to see check it out because I had never paid over $5 for an oil filter before, wanted to see what was so special about it. Well to my surprise somebody switched out the filter for a cheaper brand. That switch was obvious, it would not be so obvious w/brake pads.

    Inspect the pads that are installed on your vehicle, the leading and trailing edges should be chamfered and the pads will have a groove in them. Also since you have an LHS be sure they install the pad retension springs. I am sure this is one item that gets overlooked.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    GTO was designed in Australia a few years ago. Bob Lutz just made the decision to import it.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Made in Australia. Throw it on the Bar-B and make sure you light the fire. Another dog. Will they ever be "bold" enough to get rid of the front grill pattern? Seems centuries old. My car mags however, think the Australian version is pretty good.
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    I have the Micheline Pilot Sport A/S which are very expensive (approx. $235 each) but they are very nice tires so I guess they are worth it. I also expect them to last at least 3 years. I don't know of many other brands that offer the 235/55/17 size. They only leave about 1/4" clearance between the inside edge of the tire and the spring mechanism, but I have had no issues in 10 months. They handle and wear great and are far superior to the Goodyears that came with the M. They look great too.
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    - It got a good writeup in C&D recently
    - Overall, I like the look but I agree w/PSTER that the butt isn't graceful, but it may be that we just need to get used to it
    - Ruski, how was the reliability of your GTP? I consider the 'M pretty good in that regard, but have no idea how the Grand Prixs are
    - Interior is nice, but could use some wood grain for those of us who like that
    - The 3.8 litre is now coming as a Series III--it turns me off to buy such an old-style engine. The base engine will only be 200-220 hp, will need SC to get more powere and torque. SC is more parts that can go wrong when mileage gets high.
    - The wheels shown in the picture don't compare to our razorstars

    All in all a fairly nice package, but not a home run IMO.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I had almost no problems with the GTP.

    One issue was the tranny that started shifting with a kick on the day 2. Turned out that some wire's insulation got compromised (possibly by acid from battery) and was shorting. Dealer fixed it quickly.

    Another issue was a broken steering rack. Mine broke shortly after I hit a huge double pothole in NYC. But in general, there is a TSB or a recall for steering racks.

    The car was a blast to drive.

    The engine is an old design but it does not mean that it is old technology. It is a proven design and is quite inexpensive to produce and repair. Many say that this engine is bulletproof. It makes lots of torque down low, and the torque curve is quite flat.

    The trannies in the Grand Prix are very good too. Very smart at the right time.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    Took my 99 with just under 50K miles on it in to the dealer this morning because of an intermittant "miss" in the engine. Turns out that despite the 100,000 between tuneups, mine is in need of a tuneup and a replacement of the throttle body. I also am having them replace the battery while I am at it. Total bill - $597. A buddy of mine that worked at a Chrysler dealer had forwarned me that tune-ups would not be cheap for this car. Hopefully, I'll get the full 100K miles out of this one.

    Also, since my seats had the "rocking" issue, and the NHTSA has a recall for that (number 03V035000), I was told that this recall did not affect my vehicle. I called the number listed in the NHTSA docuoment for Chrysler, and they told me that it affects the OTHER LH cars, but not the 1999 300M. Since Chrysler hasn't given them an owner notification schedule yet, be aware that your vehicle may not be covered under this recall.

    As I said - a little disappointed in this event, but overall satisfaction with this car remains high.
  • illini4illini4 Posts: 140
    A tuneup consists of replacing the spark plugs. Unlikely that plugs and throttle body would be causing problems simultaneously. Also unlikely that the throttle body would need to be replaced. If anything it might need cleaning.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Wyckoff has the throttle body for $166.75 on the net. Add in the plug costs, and it looks like you are paying a lot for installation of parts unless I'm missing something.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    tuneup, replacement of throttle body, and replacement of battery. I am not one to work on my own vehicle, so I bite the bullet and pay more to the dealer. It also provides some level of recourse in the event that the "fix" wasn't for the right thing.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Same ugly pictures, BUT there is mention again of a convertible!

    MAYBE, they mean this?

  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Posts: 206
    I too have put wider tires on my 2001 M. They are Dunlop Sport A2 235/55R17's. They are fantastic. I replaced my Michelin Pilots, which were good tires but WAY too expensive IMO. The Dunlops have had NO rubbing issues, fill up the wheel wells and only cost $104 at the Tire Rack. They are JUST as quiet as my Pilots were, handle great, and cost half as much. I recommend them to anyone looking.....
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    From time to time people have asked about the smoke colored edging that goes on the top of the windows, so you can vent the car in rain, or when leaving it in the hot sun. I had a set of Vent Shade edges put on a few months ago, and they have worked pretty well. My Ziebart guy did the installation. Cost was $59 for all four windows installed. [They are on sale on the net for $49 a set of four.]For the more handy they can be had off the net at the carxcessory site or just use Google and type in "vent shade." They look nice in smoke on my platinum M.
  • During the afternoon rush for home on the freeway yesterday I had the pleasure of merging, far too briefly, into the lane next to a bright silver M, which is beautiful on it's own. But driving it was a very fine looking blonde woman who smiled at me as she saw my M moving up next to her. Traffic wouldn't allow me to remain there for long. As I caught up to her again I was about to motion to her that I liked her car but the blasted traffic intervened again. Her lane slowed abruptly and I zipped on by and I never saw her again. I will certainly post it should this encounter happen again. It sure is nice to see a woman with good taste in cars.
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