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Chrysler 300M



  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    I would return it right there in the service office in front of everyone just to embarass the #$&% out of them. Or even give it to the service manager. He'll probably have a "chat" with his staff about being more careful and that might just save someone down the line from having to deal with a careless mistake due to inattention on the part of the service department. A bit far-fetched, I know, but every little bit helps!
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Started a new project last night. I am putting 5.6" active matrix TFT LCD screens into my headrests! My wife already had video in our Warner Brothers Edition Venture, and I figured I'd keep the munchkins happy when they travel with me too! I am going to use a FM transmitter to broadcast the DVD/8mm/Xbox/PSOne sound through my stereo to take advantage of the installed sound system and subs instead of using the screen's built in speakers. I will be mounting the headrests in the car late next week after I get my windows tinted so they don't disappear in a parking lot someday!! I'll post a link to some pics this evening. I'm still trying to figure out where I can mount the DirecTV dish for high definition viewing!! ;-)
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    Has anyone added an aftermarket Sirius radio to their 300M? I am strongly interested in adding one to my 99 LHS, but I am not sure how best to proceed.

    Yes, I am aware that this isn't the LHS forum, but given the electronic similarities between LH platform cars, I figure I have a better shot getting some advice here :)
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,097
    So, I take my '99 M to the (now rated)3* dealer to have the driver's seatback adjuster fixed (that was fully functional prior to them performing the seatback bolts recall). I presented the screwdriver they had left in the seat to the SA. He looked a bit sheepish. Go next door and eat altogether too much lunch. Return to the dealer after an hour. Car is "ready." My definition of ready is somewhat different than the SAs. Anywho, "something" has broken a plastic sprocket thingymadoo that allows the electric motor to move the seatback. I suggest that the "something" may have been a screwdriver. SA again looks sheepish and apologizes. 5-7 business days to get new part, "at, of course, no cost to me" per the SA. Gee, thanks for that.

    Oh, yeah. When the SA was writing me up he asked was there anything else? I said how 'bout a car wash for my troubles. He said he'd see what he could do. Guess he couldn't do much...

    Also, checked out a Pacifica. Big. $41k+. Not for me at that price, or apparently many others if the rumours I've heard are true. No Crossfire on hand to check out. They did have a $48k 2002 Corvette. Anyone ever check out the interior of a Vette? Talk about cheap looking materials! $48k!!!

    So, 3* has a chance to redeem itself or lose another * at my next appt. It's unlikely that I'll be buying another Chrysler unless there's something hidden in the pipeline (or the 300C looks dramtically better in the flesh) in the next couple of years, so I won't worry too much about future service there.

    There are certainly much bigger problems in life than a stationary, upright seatback of course. Like a seatback that doesn't stay upright while cruising on I95 at 80!!! (To you know where, fastdriver...)

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • lonestarsledlonestarsled Posts: 226
    I see that you dealer cannot even screw your car up correctly. The screwdriver was meant to be in the tech's back pocket w/tip up, so when he sat in your car to pull the car out of the work bay the screwdriver would puncture the seat. Man those guys just can't do anything right:)
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,097
    When the "valet" brought my M out front after the service, he did leave several greasy fingerprints here and there. Haven't checked for punctures, thanks for the tip!

    Still a great car.

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    :-))) You DEFINITELY want to be UPRIGHT when going 80 on I-95 to Gov. Rowland's favorite income producing site! ;-))

    I am SO glad that all those nit picking things the * dealers do to customers are behind me now. It was aggravating enough when something broke, leaked or didn't work right and you had to go there in the first place, but then to have them break or not fix or scratch something else was a bit much to take.

    At the rate they're going now, they might not have to worry much longer. They've made the WSJ 3 times this week- nothing good. Pacificas were mentioned also as being stockpiled on dealers' lots. Oh well, Deiter had a chance to talk to all the 300 enthusiasts and get their take on the 300M because he was/is a member of the "OTHER" 300 group. They would have certainly given him their thoughts for FREE! I'm sure he could care less what anyone thinks except the organizations that rate DC.

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Install a hitch and pull the satelite dish behind your M. Other wise you will have to go with Cable (and extra long cable at that). :)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Do you know how many of those 300C Hemi convertibles they built and what has happened to that/those cars now? Are they in the garages of the DC bigwigs?

  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    Do you go to the Dealer in Norwood? Did they ever supply a free loaner car? Tell them you want a couple of free oil changes for your lost time and inconvenience.

    I go to the one in Natick where I bought my M and usually got a loaner for warranty work. I wasn't too happy with their work however because it usually took more than one visit correct a problem. But at least I got to beat on their vehicles--usually a Jeep or PT Cruiser.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,097
    I go to B-G in Natick as it's more convenient to where I work. Small place, friendly enough and they give me a ride to work. Haven't had enough visits to really get a feel though. This seatback thing is annoying. I definately do not want to make a habit of visiting the dealer for work! Luckily, lunching at Vinny Ts next door somewhat eases the pain. Although Chuckie Cheese looks tempting!

     I went to Norwood when my tranny went into limp mode. They rented me a car for the day for (I think) only $15 (Neon-I would never buy one of those!), no free loaner. Saab at the same dealer always gave me a free loaner if I booked in advance. I'm really hoping that once the seatback is fixed, I won't be visiting any dealer for repairs for a while.

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Tour the vette factory in Bowling Green Kentucky and watch the vette being "made". Afterwards, when you see the prices they get for it, you'll understand the old saying "there's a sucker born every minute". The interior of the Chevette was better.....
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I usually get a free loaner at B&G as I do a lot of driving in my business. As long as you have no problem getting a ride back to the dealer, the free lift to work is probably fine. Otherwise ask for a loaner, but you have to book way ahead so they can have one for you.

    They have usually solved my problems with the M but it often takes more than one visit. I usually deal with Ed and he's a pretty good guy and usually tries to please. However, it took me four visits before I could convince him that my seat movement was not normal and that there was a tsb on it. And I was told that my single black power window button (all others were chrome) was normal--"they're all like that." After I told him about the club and Ottoworker, he finally agreed and they replaced it.

    On the plus side: They always wash my car unless it's raining. But I usually bring it in extra dirty. Yours may have been too clean to need washing.

    Ask for a free oil change for your troubles. They are pretty good about perks for inconvenience.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Dont know where or who has the 300C , but I sure wish it was me.
    I was talking to a guy I know who has been working down in Detroit for the last year on the LX cars. He mentioned that he had driven a 300 with a PVO package( SRT-4, SRT-10 and Viper and soon to be SRT-8 ) ,it has some crazy H.P and it goes like stink . I wonder how much more that option will cost. This is the car I am waiting for , the Dodge 4 door sedan with the PVO package.
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Car was running rough, making high pitched whines as I accelerated and slight popping noises as I turned figures, the constant velocity joints haven't failed yet, so they are over due. This car has utterly amazed me in its unlimited capacity for failure. Looks like the 300M is not going to get me through the summer. G35, here I come.......
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    I don't know how many they built but there's one in the tent at the Chrysler "Art of Driving" show in Villa Park Ill. It is still the most beautiful convert I have ever seen. Also there is one of the early 300 2 door hardtops. Show is free and if you are in the western suburbs of Chicago it runs thru Sunday. You can test drive any of the Chrysler models on a closed course including a 300M Special, but the feature cars are the Pacifica and Crossfire and their competition. Lexus SUV and for the Crossfire, Audi TT, Porsche and Lexus coupe. Check out for details
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    When I first saw that car in a local car show, it was love at first site. Few cars can have that much of a "wow" affect on me the instant I see it. I prefer a hardtop for security reasons, but if I were in the market for a convertible, that would have been on my shopping list if it was under 45k. It's too bad Daimler fears the 300C convertible would compete too much with its Mercedes line. Talk about a company cutting its own throat. Why don't they listen to what the public wants and produce that car. Even if they decided to bring it out under the Mercedes brand name, they should produce it. The car is a hit with the public.

    I sure hope Daimler doesn't destroy the Chrysler brand but it's starting to appear that they might just end up doing that.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    Sorry to hear of all your problems with your M. Did you buy it used? I guess it's the luck of the draw. Many here have not had major problems with their cars.

    I have had several small warranty covered problems, the worst being a failed power steering cooler which was covered under factory warranty. I now have 53k on my 2000M and the only present problems are a whine from the belt area(probably just needs new belts) and a failed door lock actuator (4th one to fail). Other than the aggravating problems with mostly small stuff, its been a very dependable car and still rides, looks, and handles like new. My only out of pocket expenses has been routine oil changes, preventative differential and tranny fluid changes, a passenger mirror that I broke, the eventual replacement of one door lock actuator. I also replaced the rotors due to slight warpage, the brake pads and new tires--all done at 40k. The original pads lasted the longest of any car I have ever owned. I usually go through pads about every 20K, but the originals lasted 40k and were still good for another 10k when I replaced them. I haven't needed to replace the battery yet at 3 years and 53k miles. At least to this point in time, this car has needed the least routine maintenace and repairs of any car I have ever owned.

    You might want to consider getting a later model M which may prove to be more dependable.

    How's your Sebring holding up? How many miles on it?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Well since I am very close to having my warranty run out I brought my 300 back in to have the popping in the steering wheel fixed. the first time they replaced the rack and pinion steering. That worked for about two days. This time they replaced both front tie rod ends. Dealer says the popping through the steering wheel is gone but now it seems something is still wrong with the front suspension. they have to keep the car and rent us a ford escort. My 300 also whines when it first starts and idles they are trying to isolate that still also. I just hope they get it fixed. I have my first service appointment for my FX35 I have one small problem with seat movement ( same problem I had in my 300 starnge enough) it will be interesting to see how they deal with it.
  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Easy, I bought my 1999 300M w/PHP new, not used. Clpurnell, the whining you hear could be the steering pump failing, or the fan motors. Apparently ever accessory motor on the engine, at least on mine, has had bearing failures. Just about every whine was a bad bearing. One of my fans was about to "deshaft" and one had failed entirely.

    I just know my tranny and constant velocity joints are going to explode. You know, I think there are many more problems with this car than those on this board realize....this board consists of enthusiasts who baby the car and probably exceed its maintenance requirements......I think there are many more 300M problems than those reported in this small group. The failures on my car are just incredible....too many to be statistical.
  • Just got back from my annual trip to Tiki Island, TX (Galveston area)for a week of fishing in honor of my son's 13th B-day. 317 miles, one-way. Had to add a half quart of Pennzoil at the end, but none on the return trip. It rained pretty much the whole time, so only got out on the bay about two hours total. Thank God for the Playstation II my son and his buddy brought along to fend off "cabin fever". I used the down time to apply Zaino leather treatment.

    The weather was clear on the return leg, and drove 75, with occasional stretches at 80. No strain, even with a heavy load. Very comfortable and STILL the best looking car on I-45!

  • psterpster Posts: 293
    Ah, the memories of my days in Houston in the 80's and visits to Tiki and Galveston.....oil tar mixed with sand on the feet....100% humidity without rain.....the twinkling lights of the oil production platforms at night...Marios Pizza.....Shiner Bock Beer...and strip clubs on every corner.....those were the days.
  • cmyers300mcmyers300m Posts: 206
    Well, I for one can say that my M has been 'near' perfect. All I've had done was the seat bolts replaced under recall. My 2001 is over 2 years old now...awesome car. Would buy another if the new one wasn't going to be so ugly. Now I'm turning to the G35 as well.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Michael-ROFL! Luckily, it's a small dish. I was thinking about using two on the rear of the car. That way, I could add red bulbs and they could serve double-duty as brakelights!!

    300 Hemi C-I would venture that there aren't any in anyone's garage. For a car to be DOT approved fo the road, it has to go through tone of emission and crash tests. Without those tests, it's illegal to drive it on a US road, although I'm sure that publicity shots would be allowed. Of course a concept car with only 2 or 3 built wouldn't have all the testing done. It's a shame. I'd love to have one. I got to see the Pontiac Banshee in person in 1989 and I would have loved to have that one too! Porsche had that problem back in the late 80's i think it was with the 959 gruppe B series cars. They couldn't get DOT approval so the ones that had already been imported couldn't be driven. That was a shame because the 959 was an incredible automobile!
  • blondablonda Posts: 542
    Just curious as to the build date of your 99. I have a feeling that the 99's with tons of problems came through in batches. Possibly the first half of 1998 (very early builds) and later in 1999 were the the ones with issues (vendor problems possibly?).
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,097
    Thanks for the advice, I'll ask for a good wash at least. I actually bought my M at a small-family owned Chrysler dealership up the road (Kehoe). Three months later, the family retired the business. The dealer in now a used car lot for Jag/Volvo dealer. (You probably know all this...). B-G sent out letters to Kehoe customers offering their services.

    Pster: My '99M was built 6/99. Other than known issues (two window motors and tranny speed sensor) mine has been rock solid reliable. I don't baby it, but I'm no Fast & Furious guy either. I've been actually a bit surprised and impressed (please, please let it continue this way...!) with the reliability of my domestic, first model year Chrysler. It's about to turn 48,000 miles and, yes, still one of the best looking cars on the road! I'm truly sorry yours has been Christine II (to commiserate, seek out fastdriver). I hope your next ride is a 180 degree turnaround for you, reliability wise.

    clpurnell: wasn't there a tsb or recall for the FX seat issue?

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • 300 hemiC...I thought there was only one built. Any pictures I have seen and the one I saw at the Pomona auto show last year were the identical color (champagne). Somewhere, I thought I read there was only one...could be 2 or 3 -- all champagne? Anyway, I love the car, too -- I have it as wallpaper on my computer. My wife loves the Chronos, but unfortunately the odds of either being produced are slim to none...

    Just a comment on fairness to DC, the decontenting has been accompanied by price reductions. I believe in 2002, the base price of the 300M was reduced over $1,000. It has risen each year since then and I think it is now close to the original base price of the 99. So, while we may be discontent with the decontenting, they have at least reduced the price accordingly...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I remember when Chrysler came out with their "T-Bird" like (4-seater) turbine car. I got to see one in person and get a ride in it. This was back in the early 60's. Someone in a nearby town got to test one for 3 months I believe. Here's a link to an article on one-


    I bet pster's 300M was built the same time as Christine. Mine was built in April of 1998. I want to say the 17th- I think it was a Wednesday or Thursday.

  • psterpster Posts: 293
    I'll check it tonight and post the build date.
  • no1trustno1trust Posts: 151
    Did you check out the 2003 Lincoln LS? IMHO a cut above the 2002... maybe a suitable replacement for the 300M other than the G35.
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