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Chrysler 300M



  • "Those "bubble" Chryslers were arguably the most handsome line of cars on the road (still are?)."

    I agree 100%! A few weeks ago, we were looking for a replacement car for my wife (she totalled hers). There were no deals on 300M's -- probably because the dealers couldn't get enough 300's to sell. I'll admit I considered buying a 300C (my wife would have taken over my 300M because she hates the 300C). However, Chrysler wasn't taking orders and I would not pay over MSRP.

    Anyway, a "one only" 2003 300M demonstator was advertised at a great price and we snapped it up.

    I may consider the 300C in the future as it looked so much better in person than in pictures. However, I am considering it only because of the hemi. I hope Chrysler finds something nicer to put it in...
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Well, I finally downgraded from my 99 300M to a Chevy. Course this Chevy is a 2004 coupe, Medium Sprial Gray, Targa top, has some crossed flags for an emblem, and goes like hell. Picked it up yesterday. Been looking for a 300C to dust. Big question: How do I tell the wife when she comes back from seeing the Grandchild in Boston??? She will still have to pry the keys to my M from my cold, dead, hands before my baby goes anywhere. lol
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    That is a rare color you got. Medium Sprial Gray. I was looking into a 04 vette too. Wanted a Z06 though. Couldn't find a cheap one.
  • j3studioj3studio Posts: 27

    Thanks for all the help over the years. This forum (that means you folks!) got us through the first couple interesting months with our 1999 (slate, PHP) and was extraordinarily kind, understanding, and (above all) useful over the years.

    We traded in our 300M yesterday, at a little over 86 thousand (hard) miles. Niggling things were starting to happen - the air conditioning compressor was starting to fail for the second time, as was the driver's power window motor. The driver's door was also starting to stick again. We also wanted to have all wheel drive before another winter hits.

    In spite of the issues, I believe the 300M aged well, especially considering we had the first year of production. The most important components continue to function as intended - the engine still enjoys full throttle acceleration.


    I think the 300M remains one of the finest looking sedans out there. I am one of those who believe that there was a chance to go real wheel drive and go hemi while keeping the same general look. If that had happened, we would have given the 300C serious consideration.

    Thanks again!
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Fuzzy, I got a 300C, if you want to come to Canada and I have the track if you wish!!!!! LOL
  • Geico sent an independent mechanic to inspect the tierod bushings. He agreed that both should be replaced AND a full alignment paid by the GEICO extended warranty, less the $250 deductible. They paid $190, to my pleasant surprise. Lesson learned? Ask to speak to a supervisor if the first agent you talk to turns you down. Don't take "no" for an answer if you think you are not being treated fairly.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I knew you were looking for a Z06 from the Vette board. The 04's should be available everywhere [except the Commemorative model] for about $11-12K off the sticker. I got $9K off a $49K sticker on the coupe, plus $1K from my GM card. Out the door at $39K plus tax of course. Once again challenged by the Need for Speed. lol
  • alcatrazt2alcatrazt2 Posts: 70
    Congradulations on your new car man...My mom and I were shopping around for another new car (we have a 2002 300M Pro-AM Edition) and we went to the Vette dealer to find out that they were overpriced as hell. A Z06 would cost 54K, and even some regular C5's were priced at around 48K. Anyways, we decided to pass on that car...I want a 300C Bad! "Been looking for a 300C to dust." How can you be saying that MIKE! 300C is another class and a whole notha' story! Yet, I am again a loyal Chrysler fan...LOL...that thinks my 300M and other 300M's can beat even Ferraries...Drive safe...and ENJOY!
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    In the past, when I polish my car (99 candy apple red metallic) the scratches that I have turn out blue or white from the polish residue. Well, I did try the Eagle One NanoWax. I must say it did a great job of hiding the scratches by filling them in. Much less wax residue with that stuff also. I'm just passing this along for anyone with a bright paint job who has the same problem.

    Regarding batteries, I made a mistake today that perhaps some of you can avoid. Battery went dead last night; fortunately a nice couple gave me a jump. Went to Pep Boys today and got a new Energizer battery installed. After I got it installed, I realized it was one of those batteries witht the removable plates on top that requires filling it up w/distilled water every so ofter. Big mistake on my part; down in the wheel well I'll never be able to pop it open without major surgery of removing the air cleaner, etc. I know the store also had the no-maintenance type; I just wasn't paying attention. Live and learn.

    May everyone have a safe and happy 4th.
  • morselandmorseland Posts: 25
        Although we planned to trade our 1999 300M (Steel Blue 2000 color)for our new Dodge Magnum R/T the day before the trade in we were rammed by a Lincoln Navigator while parked in a hotel in Hyannis, Ma. I have a great body man and I am confident the car will look as good as new when he is done. I too am having air conditioning problems and I wonder if I should have it repaired or live with the car without. It has 80,000 miles but still drives and handles like it was new.
         Although the new Magnum is terrific is does drift to the right slightly and hopefully we can have it repaired properly. The 300M still tracks perfectly. I like the style of both cars and although my wife wants me to trade the repaired 300M for a small pick-up I am
    debating keeping the car which is still fun to drive.
         I wonder why the 1999's have had compressor problems and I wonder how many miles I can expect to get from the V-6 before major problems. Of course we have had the window servo problems and transmission sensors replaced, but overall I still feel it has been a great car overall.
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    The engine should last well over 200K miles; you needn't worry about that. Things you may have to replace before 150K might include the wheel hub bearings, possibly the alternator and generator. The prices of these parts are cheap compared to a new car, though. BTW, don't get remanufactured parts; they don't last as long as the other type.

    My '99 M has 88K, and I'll likely keep it another 5 years or so. Good luck w/your decision.
  • morselandmorseland Posts: 25
    Dear Bluesky,

         Thanks for your response. I am definitely leaning toward keeping the car. I have a landscape business and drive trucks all day. Getting in and driving on a back road has always been enjoyable especially on a summer evening with the sunroof open. The car always has a special balance of handling and road feel and still drives great on the highway. Of course I'm not quite the king of the castle around here so I'll have to work on the wife. But I feel if I do maintain the vehicle properly the car has a lot of life left, unlike what some dealer salespeople may tell you.
         I still check out every other 300M that drives by and most other 300M owners I talk to still love their car.
  • funroadsfunroads Posts: 49
    The center dash speaker in my '01 w/ premium sound system is blown. Anyone have any advice? I'm a do-it-yourselfer and am looking for info on how to get at and replace this speaker.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I have about 70k on my 00M . In a year or two, I will buy a new car--possibly a 300C. But I may very well keep my 300M if it still looks and drives ok. The way it is holding up, I would expect to get at least 150k out of it. Just be sure to service the tranny and use synthetic oil in the engine with a good filter. I use synthetic now and change it at about 4-5K.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    why dont you try to return the battery and tell them you can't use it due to location of the battery. They may understand and give you a credit toward a maintenance free battery. It's also a good idea to make sure it has one of those little green eyes on it to show the condition of the battery.
  • dustinnewtondustinnewton Posts: 242
    Has anyone heard any reviews or know of anyone who has gotten the Kenne Bell treatment to the M's computer? Based on past reports on this board for the JetChip, I am steering clear of that bomb and have been eyeing the Kenne BEll solution for about half a year now. Kenne Bell is a VERY reputable high-performance company that has been around for a long time and they are in the business of making HP so I definitely trust the name. It adds 10 engine HP (8 to the wheel), but it all adds up. The combo of it and my Magnaflow exhaust system and K&N FIPK should be nice. I am also curious if anyone has had the intake manifold and ports polished.
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    I'd try to get a hold of a factory service manual. That will help you alot more then anyone here could. Try ebay, or call the 800 # in the back of the owners manual. They should still be selling them. They aren't cheap, but worth it if your the "do it yourself" guy.
  • My leased 2000 300M got great gas mileage. When I turned it in, I bought a 2003 M. My wife recently got a new (demonstrator) 300M to replace her 2001, which was totalled.

    We have both noticed that the gas mileage has not been as good as the prior models (2000 & 2001). However, we have only 7,000 miles on each of the 2003's, so it may get a little better.

    In checking the window stickers on the 2003 models. I noticed that they have a pollution index of .48. The 2004 has a pollution index of 1.00. The sticker indicates that the average of all cars is 1.02.

    It seems as though Chrysler has been adjusting the engine or pollution control equipment from year to year, affecting the gas mileage. I couldn't find the 2000 and 2001 window stickers for our previous cars, but I would be willing to bet the pollution index is higher than the 2003, thereby yielding better gas mileage.

    Nothing we can really do about it, but just another thing to check when buying a car you think you already know...
  • yositoyosito Posts: 55
    My brother is trying to find a new one, of course looking to get the best price, no matter where the dealer is located; my brother wants to import the car into Mexico, any help for him?
  • Try
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    Easy, I did voice my conern to the service mgr re/the battery. He stated that with this particular battery it should last its full life w/o checking the water. I was skeptical, but I asked if such a situation would affect the warranty and he said "no", so I let it go at that.
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Do a search on the DC worldwide site, but if he wants to come to Canada there are several in the showrooms in my city here in Calgary Alberta. We have around 7 dealers here and if you have a problem accessing the dealer sites, then contact me here and I will e-mail you my postal code which will allow you access to local dealers. I do not have my 300M any more, as I now have a 300C. Good Luck!!
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Well, I survived the surprise showing of my new ride to the wife when she arrived at the airport after a couple of weeks in NE. After seeing the Vette her questions concerned getting rid of the 99 300M. No chance. Maybe I can get rid of her Eldo?... Now I am really courting death. lol. Anyway the new ride has been tinted, striped and photographed, and it should be ready for the Woodward Dream Cruise if I don't get any 300M'ers who are interested in a meet up near Detroit. Local Bob B. will assist me if there is interest. You needn't be a Club member to join us, just love the M with your heart and soul, and come see the greatest gathering of cars you will ever encounter. Check the WDC site out if you don't believe me. Anyway, any 300M'ers interested in a meet? Always the 3rd Saturday in August just north of Detroit.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    My 99 Intrepid went into limp mode and returned to normal operation after a off on of the ignition switch. Hard downshifting, by itself would return to the limp mode. Thanks to the 300M owners, I suspected one of the trans sensors, since the car is still covered by the extended warranty, with a deductable, I brought it in to the dealer and suggested I knew that it could be one of the sensors but suggested they check both. They ended up replacing both and the car runs like a dream again. Thanks again 300M'ers and Intrepid owners for bringing this up on these boards.
  • bluesky999bluesky999 Posts: 253
    That was just one funny title for a post. :>) But you may be counting your chickens prematurely; she might just be considering her options at this point, such as an "accidental" collision between you and her Eldo, possibly even slow death by nagging (the worst of all) --who knows? But on the serious side, congrats on your vette purchase. It's an incredible car; definitely best bang for the buck in the over 40K performance car category. Wish my savings weren't decimated by the stock market crash and I might even have one...
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Stickered for $49K. Out the door for under $39K, and I suspect that I did not get the "best" deal available, altho I am happy with what I paid. The deals are definitely out there as they clear the lot for the 05's, and now it is back to GM going 0/60 on the 04's. Oh, well.
  • alg528alg528 Posts: 18
    I know I've read several things on this board about the dashboard light show the 300M can put on, but I never thought it would happen to me. This morning, after 59,000+ miles, it did. What should I tell my dealer about in the way of a solution? Was there a TSB concerning this problem? Thanks for anyone's help on this.
  • You might be better off to grin and bear it!

    My wife and I have had 4 300M's and 2 of them have given us a light show (both interor and exterior, by the way). But it happened only once with each car. There were no detectable side effects from the show.

    You know that your dealer already has his response in his computer waiting to print out on your work order -- "could not duplicate problem." LOL!
  • lflowerslflowers Posts: 155
    Car & Driver has pictures of (supposedly) upcoming coupe and convertible versions of the 300 in the August edition. I don't like the boxy look of the 300, but if the pictures are an accurate representation of the 2 future models, I just might be interested in trading my trusty M for a 300 coupe. Both new models bear a strong resemblance to the 300 convertible show car from a couple of years ago!
    I hope the report and pics are correct!

    Lynn Flowers
    McKinney, Texas
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Hello: My '99 M w/61K miles occassionally puts on a light show. I adjust the interior lightiing rheostat and that usually cures that incident. In the 5 years I've owned my M, I've probably "only" had a half dozen or so light shows.

    My only other electrical gremlin has been somewhat recent, I call it the Fan Show! Suddenly, CC fan will kick up to full blast, shutting off CC does not stop the now nuclear powered fan. Luckily, the three times this has happened have been just shy of my destination, so once I "reboot" the car, all is well.

    Went to a 4th BBQ, a freind of the evil wife's who had never seen my M before asked if I had just gotten a new car! 5 years of washing, waxing have kept it looking new....from a distance! A few wrinkles up close, unfortunately.

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

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