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Removing Cross Bars on Roof Rack 2011 RDX

drdkdrdk Posts: 11
edited September 2014 in Acura
The cross bars on my roof rack interfere with my ski box. I can remove the cross bars, but the sliding retaining pieces the cross bars screw into can't be easily removed. Does anybody have a technique to remove these pieces from the roof rack?


  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    We just got our RDX last nite, and will have our rack installed as soon as it comes in. After that I should be able to see exactly what you are refering to. Check back soon...
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    Here are the install instructions. You or someone you know may be able to remove the screws with the instructions here - just reverse them.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    It looks like those clips just slide to the end of the track and come off.

    See page 7, item 21...(their term-left and right holders, 4 total)

    I'm guessing you got them off already.
  • drdkdrdk Posts: 11
    The clips don't just slide off unfortunately. When I bring the car in for its first oil change (I am at 40% now), I will have the dealer show me how to do it. He also said the clips should just slide out. I'll let you know how I make out.
  • drr98drr98 Posts: 80
    One of the roof mounts, the part that bolts the side rails to the roof, has to come off, and then you slide the cross brace bracket off. Then put the roof mount back on and replace the fasteners.

    I am not happy with the factory rack. The front cross brace will not go forward all the way, making it very "unuseful". The diagram I posted for you makes it look like it goes forward all the way to the forward mounts (where the slot ends) but it is wider at the front and the cross bace only moves to about 2/3's forward.
  • drdkdrdk Posts: 11
    Thanks for the help.
    I am not very happy with the roof rack either.
    I have 30% left on my original oil. When I go in for the service, I will have the technicians show me how to remove the fasteners. I will post my findings after that first service.
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