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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra's w 8100/Allison



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Height would be no problem. The front and back of the wheel well is where the problem lies if not I would think 305's would be able to fit. The stock fender flares would have to be mutilated.

    Nice truck!! Stock rims look good.

    Can you imagine them with 235 or 245's?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    as a 2002 Sunset CC LT SB HD is what I am getting!

    ....if 285's wear fine on a 6.5 inch rim....I'll get 'em....if not....245's it is...

    going from 245's to 265's is like going from 265's to 285's.....what's the point?

    (Sorry Ryan)

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    - Tim

    ....Front ain't too's the rear!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    on the rear was over 20". Ugh. Looks like a Dodge with the miniture tires.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162 the hood bulge got a little larger.....ain't no where near as ungly as a dodge!....heck....ain't even ugly at all!

    - Tim
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    You have to go with what will work and frankly, I am a huge fan of the factory wheels, the truck still looks awesome! I can't tell from the pics
    if the 285 sidewalls are bulging excessively on the stock rims. Are the bigger tires laying down a flat footprint?
  • Hi All,
    Well after reading the Motor Trend article and looking at mth1's pictures of his truck the anticipation is killin' me. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to finally get here. I checked the BNSF site with my VIN # but it came back "Not Found". The truck may be shipped on a different line out here to the east coast.
    The deal with the free toolbox was an offer that Chevrolet is making to commercial customers.
    I will be using my truck in my construction business so I was elegible. The saleman said that in order to qualify you have to have have some sort of trade license. I have a Commercial/Residential builders license so I was able to get it.Those diamond plate boxes only cost about $300 or so, but what the hey free is good.The real good news is that I will eventually be able to write off 80% of the cost of the truck as a business expense. My tax guy writes off a certain percentage every year for 3 or 4 years.
    mth1- Nice lookin' truck... I almost like the stock wheels better than the Welds.Did you have to adjust the torsion bars and trim the air dam to get them to fit without rubbing? What about reprogramming the speedometer and changing the shift points?Where did you get the Hypertech unit? I want to put 285s on as soon as I get my truck so any info would be appreciated. I ordered mine with the stainless wheels because I was planning to change them to aluminum asap, but after hearing about your vibration problem I may keep the wheels I get for a while until I can locate a set that don't cause problems. Let us know how those 285s work out on the stock wheels.
    The other day someone here asked what equipment/options I had ordered on my HD, so here it is...

    2500 HD LS 4WD Ext Cab SB 8100/Allison/4.10
    Locking Differential,Electric Shift,Skid
    Plate,Trailering Package,Marker
    Lights,Deep Tint Glass,Pewter Metallic

    The dealer will install a sliding rear window, under-rail bedliner, TracRacs,and the toolbox.I ordered this truck on October 20 and the salesman swears that it was built last week and is on it way right now.I should have it in less than 2 weeks... I can only hope that he's right.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Hypertech hasn't come out with a reprogrammer for the '01 HD as of yet. Not sure when it will happen as they are working on one for the '01 1500. Apparently, they need to get their hands on one to do the testing. If their luck is anything like I've read on these boards, a reprogrammer for the new HD's are way down the road.
  • Dogman,
    According to my dealer, my 8.1 was shipped on 1/17/01. I have the VIN and have tried the BNSF and Union Pacific sites and keep coming up with a "not found" message. Hope both of ours are actually on the way.
  • Thanks for referring me to the posts regarding the loyalty certificates. I don't access this site every day and often miss important posts. I plan to fire off a letter to the regional GM rep. Even if I don't get a certificate, I'll feel better about venting. My truck ordering experience with my last two GMC's has been less than timely. In October 96, I ordered a new 3 door Z71 and, due to a GM strike, ended up taking delivery in June, 1997 - almost 8 months. I wasn't upset, I just figured there wasn't much GM could due. I ordered the HD in early August, changed equipment twice to accommodate rumored GM part shortages before the order was accepted, and am now hoping for delivery in early February - about 6 months. My 90 Z71 took three months while my 88 Ford XC, shortbox (first year made) took six weeks. If the trend toward longer and longer waits holds into the future, if I want a new 2003 maybe I should order now. I wouldn't be so cynical if GM would release a little more information so their customers could better plan their purchases.
  • loyalgmcguy you posted earlier you had the web sites to track a vehical with, could you post them for me, my truck is supposed to be built this week and I want to be able to follow it from there
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Did the snow storm this week end give you any problems??

    What's latest on your 8100 build date??

  • Sewer,
    Try and click on tracking tools. I've tired several times and can't find mine. Union Pacific has a similar site. I can't find my truck on either. Good luck. Please let me know if you find yours.
  • Thanks for the info gmc guy, I was just informed by chevy my build date has been pushed up to the 29th from the 22nd, oh well.
  • In Dec I ordered the HD 8.1L with a 3.73 rear end and was just notified it will be built starting Feb 5. I noticed that some of the vortex 6000 engines are getting around 12 on the highway which surprises me. I have a 95 suburban 454 with a 3.73 and I get between 10 and 11 in town( real city driving- stop and go) and 15 to 16.2 on the highway as long as I stay at around 60.I have 59,000 on it and still get the same mileage. I see where some of you want to increase the tire size from the standard 245 and I am told you can expect to lose 1 to 2 miles per gallon.

    I bought the vehicle to tow a fifth wheel and now am looking to hear from people with the same engine and rear end and would like to know what kind of mileage they are getting. I know it doesn't make any difference now as I already ordered it but would like to know anyway. The only article I read on the vehicle that dealt with mileage was in trailer life but it was 4 wheel drive and had a 4.10 rear end.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    My 2000 2500 Ex.Cab has 28,000 miles and I drive avg. 75 on highway and 50 in the city....I drive very agressive....take off fast...and brake hard...I have the 6.0 with 4:10's and always get 12.5-12.8 this a fluke?

    If I went to 285's....I'd be turning less RPM's on the highway....should compute into better MPG....yeah it takes more to get going.....

    - Tim

    ...I'll be getting an HD 8.1 with the 4:10's as well..
  • Sewie,
    I recall you mentioning that your truck will be built on the 29th. My HD was built on 1/16/01 but was not shipped until 1/24/01. Finally found it on the BNSF tracking site. Truck is in Illinois headed to Montana. I'll post arrival times and gas mileage when received.
  • mth1mth1 Posts: 12
    My dealer said he charged $102.00 to recalibrate the speedo, adjust shift points and alter my ABS system. I have not had it done yet. I did turn the torsion bars up and got about 1.5 inches. This week I will take the truck in and have it all done at the same time. I would wait for the Hyper tech but it will not correct part throttle shift points. It can only change WOT shift points. The tires seem to fit good. They do not bulge as much as I thought they would. In case everyone has not seen, pics at
  • falknorfalknor Posts: 27
    I should wish that I could get my truck as fast as you are. I ordered my LT 2500 HD Ex Cab with 8.1/Allison tram, 3.73, locking differential 8' box, custom leather reclining Bucket seats, trailering package, fog lamps, camper type retractable mirrors, camper & fifth wheel wiring, recovery hooks,Lt Pewter no roof lights on Nov 22 and still no built date. Maybe tomorrow. I just have to wait on GM to get around to me I guess. Happy motoring to you Dave
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Order iniciated with Dealer Sept. 05th.

    'ado LT 4x4 XC SB 8100/Alli/3.73 w/all but couple of the available options.

    Hard to read about 8100/alli orders iniciated in Dec having early Feb. build dates. What worries me is not knowing if the lack of dealer allocation thing is going to delay this out Six to Ten months. MY drop dead date is late july to pull 5th wheel to Oshkosh. Grandson depending on ME for that.
    Oh well, If it weren't for reading these post it would be no fun at all. :-) Hanging in their i guess.

  • Some of you are asking why some dealers have the 8.1L or duramac and some do not . One thing I found when looking for the ID 8100 was that the dealers that had them on the lot had commercial accounts. When I ran into one that did not have any on the lot, They told me they were not a commerial dealer and did not receive priority. I guess it make a difference. I went to two commercial dealers and they had plenty on the lot but not the one I wanted. so, I ordered it. on commercial dealer did not have any.

    Now the big question. What is the mileage on these 8.1L 2 wheel drive with a 3.73 rear end. Be honest now.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162 that the new McDonalds burger?


    - Tim
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Just got call from Dealer advising TPW of February 12th (DAYTONA WEEK-GO EARNHARTS)so if delivery is early March took 6 Months.

    But as someone wisely posted recently 'what gm givith gm can takeith away'
    So anyway maybe i can just focus on complaining about 'ugly black flairs' now -- but sure glad to have line drawn in the sand to put this ordeal to an end.

    (:-) sorry ryan if your still reading these!! Better come back - Poca's not that bad--

    2500HD 4x4 LT ExCab SB 8100/Allison/3.73 (IndigoBlu)-L18 M74 GT4 G80 VYU Z82 NZZ TP2 K47 K05 UY2)
    September mrsp $37,255 and gms+3% Approx.$32,560 -
    I guess they stick to the order date price don't they??

  • sf0383sf0383 Posts: 204
    of 1/29. I just hope there aren't too many super bowl parties in Pontiac this weekend if you know what I mean.
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Looking at the way the Sierra hood slopes from the Grill up and over. Seems not as BLUNT as the 'ado. Know there different over the headlites. Looks more streamlined like the LD's were.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    the GMC's changed at all did they?

    the ones I have seen look the same?

    - Tim
  • Just got this truck last week. It is 8100/Allison/3.73/locking miff./stock tires. It has the trailer package (gives 1000 bbs. tongue weight without weight distributing hitch). After 500 miles of breaking it in, I just towed a 1000 l. boat trailer for 750 miles at 55-70 mph. Got 11.9 mpg. Then towed 750 miles back home (with a new boat),6300 lbs total, at 55-70 mph and got 7.9 mpg. This truck is awesome!!! IMHO there is no need for the 4.10. My truck hardly ever kicked down from 5th gear, and never went below 4th even on Monteagle (a long steep hill on I-24 in TN). I seldom used Tow/Haul because the truck just didn't need it. (Downhill on Monteagle Tow/Haul held the truck in 4th and I never touched the brakes the whole way down).

    I have to admit at one point on the way back I got up to 80 mph on a flat section and the rig drove as smooth as most cars.

    My only complaint is that this truck needs a larger gas tank. 26 gallons at 8 mpg means a lot of stops along the way (This trip it was not a problem since my wife is pregnant and we had to take a lot of rest stops along the way.)
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    over the '00 2500's. I assume the HD hood is deeper (so to speak) like the 'ado.

    but no matter - Just looked not as 'blunt' as the 'ado.

    Thought someone might have noticed or my imagination??

  • Hope to hear more from you on how well the truck is doing on mileage. How about city and highway without anything hooked up to it?
  • n75v111n75v111 Posts: 243
    Looked at pics in the bulletin and I think the '01 HD hood and grill are exactly the same as the '00 LD's. I saw all those chrome horizontal bars and assumed the whole grill/space for - were different like on the 'ado.

    So now I wonder if one wanted a more streamline appearance in the HD 'ado you could just put on the 'ado LD hood. So as to keep on topic, I thought the 'ado hood was deeper because of the 8100 engine. --Hmmmmmm!!

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