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Toyota RAV4 Catalytic Converter Warranty Question

smithcasmithca Member Posts: 2
I had the Catalytic converter on my Rav4 replaced under the 80K miles/8yr warranty.
Now only 2 years later, it's failed again.
I just called the dealership, and was told that there is no warranty on the parts that were replaced now that i'm beyond the 80k/8yr period!
This sounds like a total rip off .. it means that if you had the parts replaced at 80K miles, if they failed at 8001 miles, toyota takes no responsibility for them?
Has anyone else encountered this?


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    austinsaustins Member Posts: 9
    You can get a catalytic converter online for around $200-300 and have it installed by a mechanic. Did one fail or both? Rav 4s have 2 catalytic converters. It's not a ripoff that they're not replacing it since you are out of warranty. Rav 4s are also notorious for engine and transmission problems. Your dealership never offered you an extended warranty before your previous one expired?
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    shashairishshashairish Member Posts: 1
    I may have topped everyone with my 2001 Rav.
    My first cat convert went at 20,000 miles!
    I am now on my 5th!! At 125,000. Miles! Every 25 thousand
    I have to replace it and in turn it burns out the oxygen
    Sensors! The first 3 were under warranty, the 4 th
    Was not. She told me once I buy one, the part is
    Covered for life will just have to pay for labor.
    Wen I buy one? I told her I did when I bought the car
    Or was that not included in the purchase of the vehicle?
    So now my Rav is at the dealer getting its 5th converter. BUT the dealer
    Says that converter is only a one year warranty so I am on the phone
    Arguing with Toyota about what they told me.
    Also my transmission went under 100,000 miles and I had to replace
    The whole thing, just under $7000. Toyota doesn't give a crap! By far this is
    I want my money back but that's a joke. Who can we send complaints ">link title</aa href="
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