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Any experience with 2011 Town and Country?



  • yamaha651yamaha651 Posts: 2
    The problem exist with the 2010 too. I have had mine in three times in the last month. They tried the computer reflash which helped but never completely fixed the problem. Two weeks ago they replaced seals in the transmission. All gears now change smoothly except for second. I am not impressed at all with Chrysler. This is not a problem we should be experiencing. Someone goofed at Chrysler and we are now paying for the goof!!
  • rudybadvanrudybadvan Posts: 12
    sorry to hear that you have a lemon also. hears my advise, find a lemon law lawyer and tell him about all of the problems that you are having with your van. 3 repairs for the same problem qualifies your car as a LEMON. i sued crysler, they settled out of court. i should be receiving notice any day now on when to return my LEMON to the dealership for a re-purchase. yes they are giving me ALL of my money back less .10cent per mile from the first time that i started having problems. the process takes some time, however my nightmare will be over in a matter of days. good luck :lemon:
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