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Volvo XC60 Power Steering Problems

newmdxgirlnewmdxgirl Member Posts: 3
Bought XC60 in November, 2010 direct from factory and car had to be towed to dealership due to power steering going completely out. Had to wait 5 days for parts. Anyone else had this problem? Not a good way to start off with new car with less than 5k miles on it.


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    mikey38mikey38 Member Posts: 141
    I got a letter from Volvo reecently saying they were extending the warranty on the power steering system on several Volvo models, including the XC60, due to some possible problem
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    wimp1946wimp1946 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I had the same problem with my new 2011 XC60 AWD T6, the dealer has now had my car for 3 weeks waiting for parts. They said that it was a power steering module failure. Why is it taking so long to get the parts that is unbelievable. There was about 4500 kms on it. I bought it in February of this year. I am going in to see them to-morrow to find out whats going on.
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    idmdidmd Member Posts: 23
    Took Acura 2 1/2 weeks to fix a moonroof rattle....thank goodness for loaner cars. Not the best way to start things off but obviously these units are defective and they"ll be replaced under warrantee. Volvo will track down the issue as soon as it becomes apparent it's not random and adjust accordingly.

    This doesn't have to be a sign of things to come and if this ends up being the only problem or the biggest problem in the next 6 years then it's not so bad.......I drove a Toyota Tercel with more problems than I could handle and it died at 89k and a Dodge Neon that went 150k without a problem. Go figure.

    I spent my entire time owning the Tercel thinking it's a Toyota this must be an isolated incident and the entire time driving the Neon expecting the wheels to come off and it to catch fire. Neither expectation came true.

    Now I just take care of the car and try and enjoy it and not think too much what if.....
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    mark410mark410 Member Posts: 7
    Unfortunately had a car back into me while driving in parking lot, and more unfortunately am now hearing that i need a power steering pump (for my 2011 xc 60), but its on backorder and needs to come to California??? Been waiting now for days.....
    What's the story with the backorder status on the power steering pump?

    Help , anyone??
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    May want to call Volvo customer service and ask.

    Seems like a recurring problem. :sick:
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    michaelhomemichaelhome Member Posts: 1

    Grining sound from driver side wen turning to the right. XC 90/ 04. Alignment shop could not find problem!

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