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Kia Optima Lease Questions



  • mxw128mxw128 Posts: 3
    The drivability of the hybrid is getting to me. Extreme acceleration lags at times (push pedal and absolutely no response for a good 4-5 count) and the regen braking kicks in HARD at times under moderate or low braking efforts causing a lurch that puts me and my passengers into the dash. So some issues that the dealer is telling me are "normal". It's dangerous at times (during merges or getting out in traffic) . Also when I look at the gas mileage savings, my current lease payments could be lowered to more than compensate for an extra .75 tank of gas a month with an sx or ex.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
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    Lease data does vary by model, mileage and can change monthly. It is very difficult to find out the info (intentionally). Sites like this are one of a few places to get the data. Unfortunately, the mods seem to respond more quickly to forums like the Accord and camry than they do to the Sonata/Optima.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
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    I understand completely. Most other hybrids are no match for the TCH when it comes to driveability. You may want to consider an Optima LX with the NEW Convenience PLUS package ($1100). It adds the Microsoft UVO audio system as well as a rear backup camera. MSRP is only 23.3k. You should qualify for the owners loyalty bonus ($1000) since you currently own a Kia. The new Mazda 6 is also out and generating quite a bit of buzz. I'm hoping that it causes the other guys to beef up their incentives soon to compete. good luck.
  • Hi ihitcows. Kia Financial Services' January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39-month lease of a 2013 Optima SX with 15,000 miles per year are .00090 and 53% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Kia is currently providing a $1,000 cash incentive on leases of this car.

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  • Hey dimsumlo. Please see my previous post for the information that you're looking for.

    If you were to lease with only 12,000 miles per year, this car's residual values would be 2% higher.

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  • Hiya. Thank ya for the reply!
    I had inquired for my bro, who just leased the car a few days ago. And, happily, your figures coincide with his deal's.

    ALSO! Wanted to letcha know, the $1,000 incentive is for the LX and EX.
    The SX gets a $2,000 incentive. ;)

    His previous car also picked up a $1,000 competitive car thingy incentive.

    Thanks again!
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    edited January 2013
    Picked up an EX base yesterday. 39 months, 15K miles/year, $0 out of pocket, 38 payments to go.

    MSRP: 24,734.00
    Selling Price Before Incentives: 23,191.82
    Payment: $332.81/month.

    The payment is much higher than you might expect because we elected to keep $2,000 in rebates, (loyalty and lease cash), using only the $500 auto show rebate in the transaction.

    As I've said in previous posts, our '12 Optima EX was totaled. Our insurance paid KMFC full market value for the car, which was over $2K more than payoff. Legally, KMFC isn't required to return the difference, and they play hardball, folks (Lexus and some other manufacturers acknowledge that they are also entitled to keep payment in excess of the payoff amount, but don't do it as a matter of customer relations policy).

    So, this time, instead of using the incentives to "prepay rent" as KMFC put it, we will just pay about that same amount over the term of the lease, at the low lease rate. Should the car get wrecked - and don't think it can't happen to you - we may be upside down after primary insurance, but KMFC provides gap for that. They played the "it's our car" card when it worked in their favor, it can be their car in the negative equity situation if it happens again.

    Will post on the "buying experience" aspect when a "we owe" is fulfilled and the rebate money is the bank. Hopefully, we will have a great story to tell...
  • dimsumlodimsumlo Posts: 14
    edited January 2013
    OK! Thanks car_man! It is time for me pay back!!

    I just got a 2013 Kia Optima SXL in SoCal area 01/26/2013. I got qoutes for more than 10 dealers around the area and they were very aggressive!! I believe I did good on the deal. All communications via email and total spent less than 3 hours at the dealer.

    MSRP: $35,654

    options Included:
    - Rear Bumper Applique
    - Cargo Mat
    - Cargo Net
    - Cargo Tray
    - iPod Cable
    - Wheel Locks

    FREE: All-Season Floor mats

    Gross Cap Cost: $32,292 before $3,000 incentive
    Selling Price: $29,292
    Capitalized Cost Reduction: $3,000 ($2000 competitive bonus + $1000 Kia Financial incentive on leases)
    Money Factor: 0.00090
    The Residual%: 55%
    Residual Value: $19,609.70

    Term: 39 month 12,000 miles lease $0.20/miles additional

    Monthly Payment: $308 + Tax
    Due At Signing: $0 + DMV Title/Tax/License + Upfront tax (on $3,000 cash back) + Docuemnt processing charge + First month payment
    Acquisition fee: $0
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Looks good on the surface. Hopefully, the CA fees didn't screw you too badly. The maximum doc fee in CA is $85. Is there a $400 disposition fee?
  • dimsumlodimsumlo Posts: 14
    edited January 2013
    I wish.. but CA fees is very crazy!! Yes! There is $400 Disposition fee at the end of the lease if not purchase the vehicle) Here is the break down!

    Registration Fees: $310
    CA Tire Fees: $8.75
    Electronic Vehicle Registration/Transfer Charge: $29
    Document Processing Charge: $80
    Upfront Taxes (on $3,000 cash back): $277.20
    CA Tax Rate: 9%

    so sad..... all to Uncle Sam!! :cry:
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited January 2013
    Actually, some of that goes to crazy Uncle Jerry! ;)

    I put your numbers into a lease calculator and got 308.06 using 0% tax rate. That included the mandatory $595 acquisition fee from KMF.
  • joshcsjoshcs Posts: 8
    How did you negotiate such a great deal? What was the final price of the vehicle going into the lease agreement? I'm trying to purchase this week. Thanks!
  • Hey carman,
    Your web site lists two different lease cash bonuses for the Optima. One is 1000 and the other is 1500. Which is correct?
  • Hi Car Man,
    Could you post the Kia Financial Services February lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2013 Kia Optima EX with 12,000 miles? If it matters... the only option I would be looking for is the Premium Package.

  • You're very welcome ihitcows. I'm glad that your brother got a good deal.

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  • I'm glad that I was able to help, dimsumlo. Thank you for taking the time to give back to the community by sharing the details of your deal.

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  • Good question pegasus17. The cash incentive that Kia is providing on leases of the 2013 Optima varies by state. In most states the allowance is $1,000. It is slightly higher, $1,500, in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello azmitch. KFS' February buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Optima EX with 12,000 miles per year are .00105 and 55% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi Car_Man,
    Could you give me the money factor and residual % for the 2013 Optima SX on a 36 month lease with 12000 miles/year?

    Thank you.
  • Hi Car_Man

    could you give me the money factor and residual for the 2013 kia optima hybrid on 36 month lease with 10 or 12k/year ?

  • Hey guys. Dont if this is gonna help anyone but i just got a 2013 kia optima sx turbo with pleather seats heated front and rear no money down for 282 a month for 39 months... Money factor was 0.00096 residual value $16000 12k miles per year. Other than a little tire noise and small amount of engine noise car is awesome! I live in north va and sales tax was rolled into monthly payment and i was given $2000 competitor bonus because i switched from a cadillac. I also got $1000 first time buyer and $500 because auto show was in town the week i got the car. All in all i think i got a good deal!
  • bwaabwaa Posts: 13
    I agree, that is a good deal. Thumbs up!
  • rob233rob233 Posts: 10
    Optima ex with Premium package- tint and spare tire and kit included

    2500 down

    39 months at 247.00

    13,753 residual value

    What do you think?
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited March 2013
    need msrp, sell price, # months, residual % and money factor to calculate lease data. Seems high to me at the moment.

    Have you checked the current incentives for the Optima?
    what do you drive now?

    Lastly, you should NOT make big down payments on ANY lease. Maximum o-t-d should be less than $500 in every case ection=customer_rebates_irr
  • rob233rob233 Posts: 10
    retail value- 29,445.00
    5900.00 in discounts
    selling price- 23,543
    2089.00 sales tax
    1000.00 - doc, registration, etc fees
    26,635.00 total price

    waiting on money factor and %, will get back to you-thanks
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    what state are you in? tax seems high
    msrp and retail value are NOT the same; should be closer to 28k msrp
    1000 for fees is ridiculous
    is this a kia lease?
  • rob233rob233 Posts: 10
    yes, from a Kia dealer

    I am in Arizona

    money factor is .00105, residual 56%
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    looks like they inflated the retail value with something;
    i meant is this a Kia motor finance lease vs a bank lease?
    doc fee is completely negotiable in AZ
    still seems very high; if you get me the msrp, i can show you
  • rob233rob233 Posts: 10
    2013 NEW KIA OPTIMA 4D SEDAN EX AUTO (53242)
    12000 STOCK NO
    Lease Options
    Term $1000.00 $1500.00 $2000.00 $2500.00
    39 $289.12 $274.73 $261.01 $247.30

    Total Retail Value: $29445.00
    Discount: $-4402.00
    Factory Rebate: $-1500.00
    Selling Price: $23543.00
    Trade Allowance: $0.00
    Trade Difference: $23543.00
    Sales Tax: $2089.30
    Dealer Doc. Fee: $399.00
    Registration Fee (est.): $399.80
    Other Fees: $5.00
    Dealer Defined Fees: $199.00
    Subtotal: $26635.10
    Pay-Off of Trade: $0.00
    Service Contract: $0.00
    Total Cash Due: $26635.10
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    that's a purchase, not a lease

    Have you signed this deal yet?
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