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Honda CR-V Road Noise



  • Many have inquired about the missing warning indicator for low washer fluid level. The fact is that Honda does not put a indicator in US models, only those in Canada. The US models have a dip stick that does not serve any purpose. Asked if you could retro the dash indicator and the dealership said no. This and power passenger seat would have been preferred over the moon roof in my opinion.
  • I have notice in the past that for what ever reason the Michelin tires seem to run quiter. I know they seem to last longer than other tires I have tried.
  • I have noticed that my 2013 CRV and others seem to surge turning right into a driveway with an incline. Now it appears that the transmission downshifts while you are pressing the accelerator to go up the incline. Its not a smooth transition but an abrupt surge.
    I made sure I wasn't stepping on the break and accelerator at the same time so that couldn't be it. Anyone notice this?
  • I recently bought a used 2008 CRV AWD. We will be using it as a toad behind our motorhome
    and some light off road use. I spent months researching this and similar vehicles. I chose the
    CRV because it will 'flat tow' (all four tires on the ground) without modification, it's legendary reliability, economy and resale value. I was forewarned about the road noise but I got a lot more than I bargained for. Years of time in aircraft have deafened me but the road noise is still overwhelming. In order to listen to the radio one must increase the volume to an uncomfortable level, conversing with another passenger is difficult. It's road noise is nearly unbearable on some
    road surfaces while on others it's tolerable. Thus far I've spent a couple of grand trying to quiet it down. Dash cover, seat covers, more carpeting, blanket folded up with the spare and jack, $100 worth of
    sound deadening material and six days of labor ripping out the interior and gluing it in. New Michelin's at $1100. all in an effort to quiet it down. The result thus far is moderate improvement.
    . The rear wheel wells seemed to be a major source of the road noise, that appears to be the area
    that improved the most from the application of the sound deadening material. I've yet to do the front doors (the back doors were a royal pain). The noise is still much greater than it needs to be.

    I regret not following progress with a db meter and hope someone does.

    Future plans include treating the front doors and getting the CRV on a hoist and shooting
    polyurethane foam into the numerous holes in the floor pan. If I'd thought of it I'd have shot foam into the holes in the floor when I had the interior ripped out. I'd recommend it to anyone who embarks on a similar quest for peace and quiet.

    Now; a word of scorn for those apololgists who happily sacrifice ride comfort for fuel economy: BUNK; my 2003 DeVille gets better mileage (average 25.6) than the CRV and does it with very little road or wind noise and vastly better handling and ride comfort. Unfortunately it wants to be dolly towed and is not so sprightly off road as the CRV..

    I will happily entertain suggestions from others who have had success in quietening the otherwise fine little CRV.

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    edited August 2014

    Oh, c' it really THAT bad??

    I agree, that one downside to ALL Hondas is road noise. Each new model get's better but they still have room to grow. We have had one of every CRV generation and still have a 2003 we bought new and a 2013. The 2013 is MUCH quieter than the 2003 and I can assure you your 2008 is quieter than our 2003.

    When I was still selling them, the road noise bothered very few people but once in awhile it would be an issue. You are probably comparing it to your De Ville and that may be part of the problem. I just tune it out and don't give it a second thought.

    Tires make a difference too. The new Michelin Defenders on our 2003 made a noticeable improvement. There is a product called Dynamat that can be installed under the carpet and in the door panels that I've heard make a huge difference.

    That said, yeah, Honda has long been taken to task for this and they have improved but they still can do more to quiet down their cars.

    If you do flat tow your CRV, MAKE VERY SURE you follow the towing directions or you WILL ruin your transmission. So many people didn't follow the directions and destroyed their transmissions and they tried to blame it on Honda that Honda quit saying they could be flat towed.

    Then I had the customer that didn't release his parking brake completely and TOTALLY burned out his rear brakes and rear differential. It had gotten so hot, it stunk up the entire shop.

    Of course, he accepted no blame and refused to admit he left the parking brake partially on.

  • I added soundproofing in my 1998 CRV and it made a huge difference. We can actually speak normally when driving, and there is no need to turn the radio up. I simply put a Moving Van blanket (after cutting to shape) between the roof headliner and the roof. No more road and engine noises echoing through the empty roof cavity. The blanket stops the sound from going up the pillars of the vehicle. The OEM dampers were a joke. When we got the CRV, I could believe how loud it was. And imagine with winter tires! One gets fatigued from road noise very easily. Companies scrimp to save on weight, but as a user we put a whole more lot in (rubber mats, supplies, emergency kit, etc). So I don't think a pound or two of sound proofing is going to change much. A good test before buying any vehicle is to hit the headliner and if you hear a tinny or metal sound instead of a nice dull thump, you can be certain it will echo the road and engine noises. I should know; my Lexus is very quiet and we never get tired driving it. lol.
  • jimbo65jimbo65 South Central IllinoisPosts: 65
    Bought our first CR-V in January, a 2015 EX-L Fwd, and really like everything about it and especially that it is VERY quiet! Totally happy with it. : )
    2015 CR-V EX-L 2WD = One Sweet Ride :p
  • Is it possible that you can compare it to a CR-V 2012, mine is BAD for road noise. I have heard rumors both ways that they have or have not improved the road noise. I really like this SUV, I would hate to buy something different, but the road noise at times can be very tiring.
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