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Lexus RX 350 Driving Experiences and Problems



  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Hi, Jackur. I did get a limited campaign service bulletin for an oil hose replacement for my 2007 RX350. It sounded as though it only related to that year model, I'm not sure. I already had it taken care of back in January, and everything is so far so good.
  • jackurjackur Posts: 6
    Hi Maximafan, Thanks for the info!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Nichelle02, I forgot to ask you about the keyless access function
    on the SRX. I also saw on the Cadillac website that the "performance collection" did not have keyless access, but the car still has the push button start. I thought all cars that had push button start had keyless access. If not, how does this work? Do you have a separate key for unlocking the doors? :confuse:
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    It's finally warming up in Chicago and I got to drive with the sun roof open. I have to say at 50 miles per hour there is much less wind noise than on my 2008 RX.
  • debbie731debbie731 Posts: 10
    Does anyone know who to write to at lexus headquarters re a problem with my new RX350? I essentially want out of my lease because the car is not acceptable and need to go the next higher ups. Thank you.
  • Hi maximafan - Thanks! I fell in love with the Imperial Blue color as soon as I saw it. My car has navigation but it doesn't show in the picture as the screen is down in those shots.

    As for the keyless access, the terminology differs with Cadillac, I think. All models have push button start. Both the Luxury and Performance models have 'keyless' entry via a remote. The Premium model has 'passive entry' similar to the Lexus. With the Premium model you don't have to remove the keyfob from your pocket. I really wish they'd put this feature on at least the Performance model. After paying the add'l dollars for AWD I wasn't interested in paying extra in order to get the entry system and ventilated seats. I live in Minnesota. Heat during the winter is all that really matters for seats.

    Regarding the spare tire, it's a donut. I haven't received it yet. but here's a link:

    Spare Tre Kit
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Marqevans, I had kind of the opposite experience when I drove a
    2010 RX350 loaner car for close to two days. I opened the sunroof, but I had to crack open one of the back windows because I was getting that helicopter-like noise, almost like a buffeting noise. I'm not getting this noise in my '07 RX. :surprise:
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Hey, Nichelle02. For some reason I can't open up any pictures with the jpg extension on them on the Cadillacowners website.
    I get a message that you have to either log in or have access privilges or something to that effect. I did get to see some pics of the members that had purchased 2010 SRX's on that website
    where some of the pics would automatically come up. But for some reason when I came across the list of pics that had that jpg extension, the website would not allow me access to look at those

    However, I have seen a Crystal Red one and the Platinum Ice one
    and they looked sweet. I think they were performance collections
    also because they had the 20 inch wheels. How is the ride with the larger wheels, by the way??

    Again, enjoy your new ride! :shades:
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    It's funny that you say that because this is my sixth RX and in all of them I heard that helicopter noise if the back window was open and no other windows were opened and the sunroof was closed.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    edited March 2010
    That is so weird, Marquevans. I think I had this problem with a Nissan Pathfinder that I drove for 3 years. But, no, it's true. I drove home this evening with the windows closed and just the sunroof open on the '07, and no noise at all. I'll have to try it with one window open on the '07. I only spent close to two days with
    the 2010, but I did have to close all windows on that vehicle to stop that crazy noise while keeping the sunroof open. I wonder why there would be such different scenarios on these vehicles with the sunroofs?
  • vollyfvollyf Posts: 2
    Folks: Those who driven both new 2010 RX 350 as well the previous years, can you point me to the right direction.

    To me smooth/quite ride is important. Even among the previous year model which one you suggest ?

  • younikwooyounikwoo Posts: 12
    with the remote touch how do you override the system so my wife can input address and search for POI while i am driving?

    also,how do you setup the side mirror reverse-tilt?
  • bv2000bv2000 Posts: 15
    That's not going to happen. You can only input an address while driving by entering by voice, which isn't always accurate.
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    Let me start by saying they have all been very quiet. I was most impressed with the quitness of the 1999 rx 300. I think because it was my first Lexus. I had the 2000 rx 300, 2003 rx 300, and 2005 rx 330 all of which were quiet.. The 2008 and 2010 rx 350's with the 3.5 liter engine is a bit noisier at cold start up. Hope this helps.
  • vollyfvollyf Posts: 2
    Thanks margevans!

    From your reply I assume, I do not get anything great by going for 2010....

    So CPO is the way to go. Unless any one can tell me about the greatest/latest in 2010.
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    There is a significant difference in acceleration with the rx 350 versus the rx 330. I like my 2010 because I now have bluetooth and a USB port for the IPOD. I have never purchased the built in navigation. The storage in the cargo area is larger because the wheel wells no longer intrude. The rear seats f newold down with the flip of a lever from cargo area, There is a lot more electronic customization you can do your self through a menu switch on the steering wheel. The suspension seems firmer in the 2010.

    As far as buying certified used versus new, I am not so sure the price difference is big enough not to buy new. My list price was $44,000 the discounted amount used for my lease was $39,800. My 2008 turned in after driving almost three years was put on the lot certified for $32,800 with 34,000 miles on it. Bottom line I think it is a push weather you buy certified or new.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..smooth/quiet ride.."

    Wheels no larger than 17" and summer ONLY tires.

    My '01 F/awd RX300 runs on summer only bridgestone Turanzas THROUGHOUT the year. Tire chains when/if needed, rear ones first and then I add the fronts if things get extreme.

    Provided they adopt DFI my next SUV purchase is very likely to be the new body style 2012 Mercury Mariner hybrid with F/awd
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    On the other 5 RX's I've leased the radio stayed on until I opened the drivers door. On the 2010 the radio shuts off as soon as you push the ignition off. Is there a custom setting the dealer can do to change this? As it is now you have to shift to neutral before shutting off the car to have power to the radio continue.
  • bobbassbobbass Posts: 34
    It must be the way the push-button start system is designed. Same thing happens with our TCH. If you want to sit in the car and listen to the radio, you have to push the button in again and go to accessory mode. PIA!
  • car2unecar2une Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced an unusually loud noise coming from the drive train of their 2010 AWD RX350? Ours is 1 year old, with less than 12k miles. At all speeds above 35 mph there is a noise that might be described as a low pitched whine or a hum. It seems to come from the center or rear of the vehicle. It sounds a little bit like the tire noise from aggressive snow tires, but I am certain it is not tire noise. I can hear the tire noise at a much lower volume, and at a higher pitch. (The car has stock Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires.)

    We previously had a 2001 RX300 AWD and never experienced any thing like this. I have read reviews and comments about how quiet the 2010 RX is, so I must believe this is something unusual. On the last service visit, the service department said there was nothing unusual going on. It's going back to the shop next week, and I want them to check it again. Something needs to be done. My wife doesn't like to drive the car now, and passengers ask "what's wrong with your Lexus" when they ride in it.

    Has anyone had a similar experience, or any ideas. Could this be noise from the transfer case or differential?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The F/awd system in the new 2010 RX350 (also the new venza, and the 2011 Sienna) is entire different from the totally useless F/awd system in you (and my) 2001 RX300. The new F/awd system is a virtual clone, knockoff, of the Ford escape, Mercury Mariner, Mazda Tribute, and Mazda CX-7.

    The CX-7 seems to be the only one of these not having poor relaibility of the PTO, Power Take Off, system. The CX-7 uses liquid cooling, engine coolant, to handle the heat load of the PTO when the rear drive is engaged.

    I would suggest finding the fuse for the rear drive clutch and removing it to see if the noise doesn't abate. With the fuse removed you will not have engine torque to the rear wheels but this time of year that may not much matter.

    Having a solid level of drive to the rear simultaneously with the front will put a serious torque loading on the PTO in certain conditions. The RX350 only engages the rear drive clutch under three circumstances.

    A.) During acceleration in order to divert, apportion, some of the high engine torque across all four wheels thus preventing loss of traction, and thereby lowering the potential for an accident arising from loss of directional control. Really lowers the number of times of TC activation.

    B.) During an accelerating turn. Since the PTO stress can become extreme in a tight accelerating turn the level of torque coupled to the rear will be moderated, LOWERED, via PWM, duty-cycle, modulation. The tighter the turn or the harder the level of acceleration the lower the coupling coefficient to the rear drive will become.

    C.) If wheelspin/slip develops due to the elvel of engine torque being applied. All teh literature available indicates that wheelspin/slip is likely to only occur on teh front wheels and as a result while the rear drive will be instantly and fully engaged TC will also activate. With TC activation the engine will be DETHROTTLED, forced down to a virtual idle, while at the same time the brakes will be applied to the slipping wheel(s).

    The literature indicates that while the RX will have the ability to manually engage the F/awd system, close the rear drive clutch system, as long as roadspeed remains below 20mph, neither the Venza nor the Sienna will have that capability.

    The early Ford Escapes, Mariners, etc, had such a feature, manually engage the rear drive clutch but was removed from newer models, I suspect once the high PTO failure rate was "discovered".

    I'm not sure I would buy a new RX350 F/awd absent knowing the PTO cooling is used and I might well modify the system such that it DID NOT engage the rear drive system EXCEPT at my behest, use of the switch to manually engage teh rear drive.

    If it does have the PTO cooling, or such is adopted in future years, I might considered purchasing a new RX350. But I would immediately set to work converting it to FULL TIME RWD with PART-TIME R/awd(4WD) capability. Drop a front halfshaft and apply 12 volts to the rear clutch, result...RWD. Reconnect the front half-shaft and have a PART-TIME 4WD.

    Drop the front half-shaft and the 12 volt source, result...TOAD.
  • aresrocaresroc Posts: 6
    We bought the Canadian build '10 RX350 with FWD just recently. When compared to the RX330, RX350, this new '10 model's transmission is very load. Louder than any other car we had.

    During acceleration, it gets very noisy. ;-( I would shift the car into neutral while cruising, and rev the engine a few times to see if the noise is coming from the engine. The 3.5 v6 engine is whisper quiet after it is warmed up, but not so for the transmission. This is even the FWD version!!! :surprise:
  • jogan1jogan1 Posts: 11
    I have a 2010 RX350 with FWD purchased in late December that has about 2,500 miles on it and the transmission is not loud at all when new or currently. It performs the same as the 2007 RX350 I had. Have you discussed the loud transmission issue with the dealer you purchased from?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    While it's rare for a new car you may have a CV joint on the verge of failing, noise on acceleration, especially accelerating into a turn, would indicate so.
  • aresrocaresroc Posts: 6
    This is like a hollow humming noise. We brought it to the dealer, and test drove the other RX350's they have on the lot. The service person said the noise is noticeable, but it also exists on the other RX's they have as well. :-(
  • My AT&T Tilt will pair with the RXs bluetooth system, but then it disconnects suddenly. This same phone worked flawlessly with my Audi Q7 and still works with my wife's 2008 RX. Does anyone have any insight into this problem?
  • rxrxrx3rxrxrx3 Posts: 8
    edited April 2010
    I just called to schedule my 1000 miles checkup and the dealer said that they just changed it to 5000 miles because the oil is synthetic. Has anyone else been told that?

    Also I noticed that someone is suing because their 2008 RX350 accelerated and caused a serious accident. Apparently not even the 2010 has any brake-to-idle override. And yet such features are put into other cars. - gainst-toyota-for-death-of-their-five-year-old-son-in-lexus-sudden-acceleration-- - incident-2010-03-18
  • aresrocaresroc Posts: 6
    Was told the '10 RX350 have a 10K interval, which is unique among Lexus because you first have a 5,000 mile check-up (without oil change), then you have another factory covered 10,000 mile check-up and oil change.

    I would never worry about "unintended" acceleration. It's been known among many of us that a car's brakes out powers the engine significantly. There is a reason you can stop a car in a much shorter distance than it takes the engine to bring the car to the same speed the braking started. Typically brakes can produce 500~1000 HP of stopping power, and your RX350 engine can do 275HP. The current issue of Motor Trend has an article on this ;-)
  • bobbassbobbass Posts: 34
    edited April 2010

    You are correct in that statement, but AOL & Consumer Reports just posted a story and excellent video on this showing that if you lift your foot off the brake even once during an "unintended acceleration full-throttle incident," you lose braking power. I had read about this and understood the principle, bvut they actually demonstrate it in a 2010 Avalon.

    This will be a very worthwhile five minutes spent. And, see if you catch the "misspeak" at 3:57. You don't have to READ the article, just scroll down and watch the video:

    AOL/Consumer Reports on Brake Override
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    What is the link to the video?
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