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2012 Subaru Impreza



  • ammo_umbammo_umb Posts: 4
    I'm glad to see that some of you are getting VINs and good delivery dates but I wish I had the same luck. I've been waiting since Jan 15th, still have no VIN, and was riding on my 3rd est. delivery (Apr) until today. I just got off the phone with SOA and was told that my date changed to May and they are still trying to figure out why I don't have a VIN yet.

    This sucks because normally I would be able to get my dealership to swap cars with another dealer but there are zero 5-doors available in Utah and zero in the pipeline. It sucks a little more because, as I told SOA, they miss dates and add months which is extremely inconvienient for customers. I told them that since they have stopped taking orders for 2012's they are setting people up to get brand new 1 year old cars the minute they take the first order for a 2013.

    I've done my homework and found out that there are quite a few 5-doors sitting on lots in the Eastern states (which I suspect are deliveries from cancelled orders). I asked them what the possibility of shipping a car from IL or PA (dealers in both states have exact matches to my order) and they tried to tell me that I would have to work that through my dealer. I told them that moves can be made by dealers within the regions but not from out of region to which they agreed (I guess their booger flicking back to the dealer wasn't such a good response after all). They said they would look into it an call me back Monday.

    So now when/if they call back on Monday I'm going to have to give a deadline; get the car here from Japan no later than 15 May or find a car to get here by then. I'm pretty sure they'll try to make me or my dealer pay for shipping but I think they should cover that since anything beyond a 90 day wait for a car is extremely unreasonable and anything over a 30 day wait for a VIN is completely crazy. IMHO their problems are terrible tracking and transportation.

    Sorry for my rant, I'm trying to exercise as much tact with them as possible but I'm starting to run low. With luck they already have a policy in place for the times they can't deliver and I'm really hoping their policy isn't to cancel orders and ignore the problems.
  • aknight3aknight3 Posts: 9
    I ordered my 5 door Impreza Limited hatchback mid March, and was told I had another 6 weeks of waiting. I said that a few other colors would be ok with me (not black or white) but there are none to be had in the region. In the meantime, I am racking up the miles on my soon to be trade in Forester which needs an oil change now. I don't understand what the holdup is, since I've never ordered a car before. I have to agree, now that new cars are coming out, I'll be getting an older version which price should be reduced. I'm thinking of canceling, but I really want that specific car. Sigh...........
  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    Took 3 weeks to find, but I finally found the '12 Limited Dark Gray 5-door I was looking for. My brother in-law picked up a Sport Limited back in Jan (he ordered his), which turned me on to it. This is my first Subaru! My previous ride was a monster compared to this ('03 GMC Yukon) in both size and mpg. I've only been driving the car for 3 days, but I find myself itching to take random drives everywhere I can (trying to break-in the engine as soon as possible, lol)

    Considering how hard they are to come by in the trim/color combo I think I got a decent deal on mine. $23,029 + TTL with a Moonroof, Cross Bar Set. I added the 10" Sub ($640.00 installed; I know, I got ripped off on that one, lol), but I wish I had the Auto-dimming mirror (which I may still add on). Less the mirror, I got everything else I wanted, and the Cross bar set was an added bonus.

    I had to drive 80 miles to get home from the dealership I got it from, fluctuating speeds between 55-75, but not revving past 3.5k rpm at all. I did rev up to 6k rpm once for a split second, only because I forgot I was in "manual" and kept it in 1st gear. I do have a slight uphill highway drive to/ from work, but I don't need to strain the engine to get over it.

    I'm still somewhat of a newbie when it comes to breaking-in new engines but I just wanted to ask if the ride home from the dealer (80+ miles of highway driving starting from 10 miles on the odometer), as well as my daily commute up a slight incline are a detriment to the break-in period . Lastly, did I get a decent deal?

    I'm looking forward to many more years in this car and love it a bit more every time I drive it.
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    Congrats on the new Subaru!

    Price really depends on where you are in the country. Some pay less some pay more. For the engine break in, I'm not an expert, but I'd say just take it easy and limit the revs and it should be just fine.

    The Subie is way different than that Yukon! Have fun driving. We have an 03 Tahoe, to go along with two Subarus. The Impreza is the fun one.
  • skid0skid0 Posts: 16

    There's two ways to badly 'break in' an engine. The most common way is to drive it like it's extremely fragile. This prevents the cylinder wall/ring interface from smoothing out/wearing to a tight clearance. The you get high oil consumption.

    The second way is to use full throttle on a cold engine, which will deform the pistons before they have had a chance to relieve built-in stresses from manufacturing.

    The best way to break in any engine is to fully warm it up, and then to use near-full-throttle for a few seconds at a time to wear-in the rings and cylinder walls. Do this at least a dozen times. Let completely off the throttle after that, to get oil back on the rings.

    I first read of this back in the '70's, and have used it on every engine I own. 7 cars and 11 cycles and 1 snomobile. None of them burned enough oil between oil changes to need oil added after 5,000 to 7,500 miles. All of them had exceptional compression. (My 2000 Outback had such great compression after 95,000 miles that the mechanic checked it twice, and them remarked about it to me after replacing the timing belts!)

    You should do this before you put too many more miles on your car.
  • wimchattawimchatta Posts: 28
    Hi aknight,
    Sorry to hear about the delay on your front. I ordered my Impreza end of Feb, was supposed to arrive 4/23, and eventually showed up at the dealer 4/27, will pick it up tomorrow (4/29). It was held up for about 10 days (before the 4/23 ETA) near the port of Richmond, apparently they install all the accessories there before distributing to the northern Bay area.. Once that was done 4/16, for a few days there the dealership did not know why the car hadn't showed up, looks like SOA has insufficient communication with the dealers wrt distribution ops.
    Hopefully the situation gets sorted out for you.
  • wimchattawimchatta Posts: 28
    Thank you, skid0!!!!
    Have often wondered about this, and as I am picking up my car tomorrow, is great timing for the posting. How much time apart should I do the post-warmup intense workout?
  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    Thanks guys for the replies! I took my car up and down to Santa Cruz after my first post and never had as much fun driving through hwy 17 as I did today...not too crazy with the throttle but taking some I those corners was awesome; very different compared to the Yukon (in a good way :-)

    @skid0: Should I rev high while in park, or should I perform this while driving? I know the manual says not to rev past 4.5k for the first 1k miles, but your experience sounds convincing...
  • ammo_umbammo_umb Posts: 4
    I'm on the same wall as you as my wife really wants this car. We went out yesterday to see what other brands offered and couldn't find anything that peaked her interest that came even close to the same mpg.

    My biggest problems with this mess is that if you order a car the way you want it you should be able to get THAT CAR in a reasonable amount of time. You shouldn't have to call or email for updates when you get a delivery date. You shouldn't have to have your date changed (I'm on the 4th date now). And lastly you shouldn't have to have anyone look for a different car, different model or a different color because the car you ordered should deliver the way you ordered it.

    Once my car arrives I expect to get my trade-in valued with the miles and condition it was in on the first estimated delivery. I will also pressure for compensation for the excessive wait. And I will also insist on an extended warranty (without a deductible) if my car delivers after they start taking orders for 2013's. My reasoning is that the car should not have been delayed past the first estimated delivery without a damn good reason (in writing) because "I don't know" is not acceptable. Everyone that has been delayed deserves compensation because you should be rewarded for not cancelling your order. The extended warranty is to make up for the fact that once the 2013 orders start your 2012 is a year old whether or not you have received it.

    Best of luck with your order and I highly suggest calling SOA so they can log your delays and to make them aware that you are considering cancelling.

    By the way I'm still waiting on an email from SOA that I was supposed to get last Thursday. If the email does not include a solid delivery date for the car I ordered I am going to ask them to ship a similar car from either PA or IL at their cost. Monday will be day 107 from the date of order so the reasonable delivery time for me has been gone for quite some time.
  • Just wanted to share my buying experience with the group. I ordered an obsidian black two toned sport limited on March 5th. Not much options just the popular package 2 here in the NW which included homelink, all weather mats, cargo tray, seat back protectors and rear bumper applique. The price i paid was 22100 for the vehicle and out of the door was 24511 including 9.8% seattle tax, license doc fees etc. I was told that this would be about 8 to 10 weeks for car to arrive.

    Was given a delivery date of May 2nd for 2 weeks ago, and a VIN number about a week ago. Got a call on Friday that the car just arrived on the lot, and I picked it up last night. Pretty decent buying experience, Finance did sell me on the CLIA protection (interior and exterior) and considering I will be transporting 2 toddlers quite a bit, we got it for $512. Looks like the wait times in the Seattle is spot on at 8 weeks. Been happy with the 30 mile drive so far, very impressed with the handling and the room for a car of this size. We went out to dinner last night with 3 adults, a 4month old and a 22month old, and we managed to all fit pretty comfortably. Our 15 mile commute is something we are going to look forward least for a while :)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    May I ask...?

    How many engines have you driven well over 100K miles in order to prove, AND DISPROVE, your theory?
  • skid0skid0 Posts: 16
    You want to do this *in gear*, with a load on the engine. 3rd-6th. If you get the CVT, put it in manual mode (if your car has it). Give it 30 seconds or more between blasts. A couple dozen times in the first 50 miles, at a guess. You can gradually lengthen the time at full throttle. If you want more specifics, google around.
  • skid0skid0 Posts: 16
    wwest, may I ask which auto mfr you work for, and in what capacity, and for how long, to express the snark that you did?

    Do you have anything to actually contribute to the thread, or are you just wasting time in your mommy's basement?
  • tyguytyguy ColoradoPosts: 1,172
    Congrats on the purchase. I learned to drive on Hwy 17 (grew up in Mountain View). Great drive for the very capable Impreza suspension. As for break in, I prefer to follow the procedure in the manual that was approved by the engineers who designed the drivetrain. That's just me, but it's worked well in the past.
    2015 Subaru Outback, 2013 Audi A4
  • wimchattawimchatta Posts: 28
    wwest, you are out of line, and owe skid0 an apology. there is no obligation for you to listen to skid0, but at least a few of us are happy he is posting here.
  • wimchattawimchatta Posts: 28
    Thanks skid0,

    Just did the break-in procedure on the car as you recommended. The manual paddle shifters were indeed useful while doing this on my CVT.

    Also, did google around and found this Popular Mechanics article that pretty much backs up what you recommended. in-a-new-car

    Must say I really like the car, glad to have purchased the 2012 Impreza!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. :shades:

    I bet your gas bill is roughly half.
  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    Not much of a racing connoisseur, but I can definitely feel that even this stock (non-WRX) has a great suspension. Steering feels awesome and isn't too sensitive or stiff...not a lot of roll either... just really fun to drive :-)
  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    Yup, I just filled up yesterday and calculated 27 MPG (60% highway/40% City), although I did open up the throttle a few times while on the highway. I can see this car getting better than double the mileage than my Yukon once it's broken in...
  • Just followed up with the dealership again - looks like my 5-door Sport Limited will be in Minneapolis on May 18. Ordered it March 20. Fingers crossed that there aren't any delays!
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    I've got the standard CD system on the premium, and finally took the time to figure out how to connect. The system worked fine. But the next time in the car, the connection wasn't there. Does the connection need renewal each time the car is shut off?

  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    No, it should be automatic after it is paired the first time.
  • ladeefladeef Posts: 2
    Local dealer called me at random on friday and said they just got in a '12 dark grey premium 5 door CVT. He said get here now or it will be gone tomorrow. It was the perfect one with all the right options, moonroof, alloy wheels etc. got it for around 22,900. Coming from a Saab 9-5 aero. Doesn't quite have to power but rides and drives like a dream! Such a fun car!
  • ladeefladeef Posts: 2
    any one having trouble linking their iphone 4s to the usb connection?

    It reads the iphone fine, but sometimes it will stop playing on certain songs. I know it's not designed specifically for the 4s, but it's practically the same iphone.
  • clarkbar6clarkbar6 Posts: 7
    Decided on an Impreza over the Focus. Placed an order for a 5 Door Limited with remote start and side moldings in Deep Cherry, for 22,100 before TT&F. Pretty excited, it'll be hard to wait.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Consider yourself lucky you didn't get the WRX, it has a mostly non-functional VC type F/awd system, a purely after-the-fact F/awd system, whereas the "ordinary" Impreza has a much more functional "pre-emptive" F/awd system.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited May 2012
    Really, you need to quit trolling the Subaru threads.

    I had the VC in my Forester and that car was fantastic in the snow.

    Drove it all over the beaches of the Outer Banks - even once drove by an HD 4WD pickup that was too heavy to float on the soft sand. I have dozens of photos albums online for the doubtful haters.

    The VC system is AWESOME and I can say that out of personal experience not speculative theory.

    Why don't you get lost? :mad:
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    Sigh. It goes like this every time, doesn't it? ;)
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • mmetzge1mmetzge1 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2012 Impreza Limited with the navigation system. Love the car but am unable to get the nav system to play music off a USB flash drive. I have tried multiple flash drives (2GB, 16GB, and 32GB), tried taking the .mp3s out of folders, tried reformatting the drives in FAT 32 format and then reloading the drives with .mp3s, and tried multiple ways of inserting the usb drive (e.g., car off, car on and system off, car on and system on). In none of these scenarios does the nab system recognize a usb as present (i.e., the option to open the USB drive does not present itself on the touchscreen). One last piece of info that might help, the USB port works fine with an iPhone connected, which seems to indicate that it's not a hardware issue.
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