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2012 Subaru Impreza



  • cgalnycgalny Posts: 8
    I don't know. I would assume this subject is covered in the navigation system's operating manual, which I have not looked at. I feel one should be able to use a navigation system without referring to the manual. If I have to read the manual to figure out how to do something...well, let's just say I won't bother. I never had to refer to any documentation to use the Garmin units.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    i know what you're talking about i think, but it think it's a matter of the difference power and torque curves. i haven't tried to go over 4k yet (i'm still just under 1000 miles) but from what i understand, peak hp and torque are in the 4k band. for my VTEC tiny 1.6litre civic, it didn't have the torque the Subie has at low rpms, but once spun up to 4-5k, it really took off. so i think it's not that one is better or worse...but more what you are used to...
  • clarkbar6clarkbar6 Posts: 7
    Bluetooth was a huge sticking point for me, especially since I was comparing to a Focus (SYNC is very cool). The Subaru website has a compatibility list (here Subaru Bluetooth that does not paint a rosy picture: Basically it says the system does not support phonebook downloads from an iPhone 4 (or any of the 15 other smartphones I checked, so its not an apple thing). The iPhone 4s DOES support phonebook downloads, i dont see why they would be different if both running up to date software. Heres my experience with an iPhone 4 (from memory, once, havent taken delivery yet):

    Phone functions
    + you can pair the phone via bluetooth, which allows you to accept incoming calls via steering wheel controls (henceforth SWC)

    + I was not able to download my phone book. this basically means that via the "call" SWC you can only dial by number (call 9-7-8-4-5-...)

    + BUT you CAN use built in iPhone voice functions. you cant initiate them via SWC, but if you hold the button on the iphone to activate Siri, the voice will come through the car speakers and will listen via the car mic. This is the same as the SYNC, Siri stuff must me initiated via the phone.

    + So by just stabbing at the iphone home button, youll be able to do anything Siri can normally do - dial by name, read a text, dictate a text, whatever. This is a fine compromise to me.

    +this also works for pre 4s voice functions, which is basically limited to dialing by name and playing music (like "play artist Bruce Springsteen")

    Music functions
    + a paired iPhone will also stream music through the stereo. this works in the stock music app, and 3rd party apps like pandora and instacast (podcasts). It also displays track and artist info on the dash (if i remember right)

    + you can control iphone music streamed over bluetooth via SWC and the head unit. Wheel has no play pause button, but if you hit the power button on the head unit, itll pause. if you hit it again, itll resume right away. you can go forward and backwards via the up down toggle on the left side of the wheel. this even works in Pandora (something that the sales guy wasnt aware of)

    + via bluetooth, the only way to pick music is on the phone, and then it just routes it through the speakers

    + if you plug in via USB, the head unit will have all of your track info and artists and things and youll be able to scroll through them on the big screen.

    + if you are plugged in via USB, and not bluetooth, you wont be able to play 3rd party apps like pandora.

    + If you are connected via bluetooth, and you want to plug in f your phone to charge, and you want to use pandora, do one of the following 3 things:

    1. at the playback screen in the app of choice, someone where near the time scrub bar, there should be a rectangle that has an up pointing arrow (it is also probably blue) that is the output picker menu, and its usually hidden if you arent connected to anything. tap that and choose bluetooth and not USB Audio.

    2. from the homescreen, double tap the home button to bring up the multitask bar. swipe from to right to get to the playback controls. look for the same arrow in rectangle icon and select the desired output. (you might have to swipe left to right again to find the icon, im going from memory)

    3. from the lock screen, double tap home to show playback controls. the blue triangle/rect should be right there. pick the output

    this will allow you to use bluetooth audio to play pandora while you are charging.

    I think the phone automatically picks the most recently connected output. so if you start the car and bluetooth connects, then plug it in, youll have to switch the output back to BT. if you get in the car, plug in the cord THEN start the car, then MAYBE BT will connect second and no switch will be required.

    Ill be messing with this stuff extensively once i get my car. Crap that was long
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    4 words for real fun: double you are ex!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    edited May 2012
    On the '12 Impreza with navigation that I test drove, I was able to load my iPhone 4 (not 4S, but 4) contact list on to the car's Bluetooth.

  • kanjiikanjii Posts: 99
    Words to live by :shades:
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    for a 2.0 liter, the performance is outstanding. It will hold 80 mph no problem, and keep up with normal traffic.

    Subaru hit a home run in my opinion, jacking the mpg into the 30's and keeping very normal modern performance. That is coming from my perspective of growing up with the 70-80's anemia where 1.6 to 1.9 liter carburated 4 cylinders were the norm. This FB engine is amazing in comparison.

  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    edited May 2012
    Agree with John on the performance. Its solid and very good. Monday morning I had 3 teenagers and myself on the way to school. The Impreza had no problem on a long up hill on-ramp going from 20 mph to 70mph without much straining. I believe the max rpm I hit was 4k. That and my mpg is still improvong as outside temperatures get warmer.

  • clarkbar6clarkbar6 Posts: 7
    > On the '12 Impreza with navigation that I test drove,
    > I was able to load my iPhone 4 (not 4S, but 4)
    > contact list on to the car's Bluetooth

    Yep, youre right, and thats reflected in the compatibility checker link that I posted. I wasn't clear in which model i was talking about. i tried the impreza limited with the color screen stereo but no nav. Havent tried the nav one. That said, i think the rest of my points will still apply, esp regarding how to use siri and how to play music through the speakers.
  • birdadlybirdadly Posts: 10
    I don't have the Nav, but I bought a new 16GB thumbdrive for the car and it won't read it. Actually, I only put 1 song in the ROOT folder (and a folder of 3 PDF's) and on a 30 mile trip, it wasn't reading it... so I kept trying... and ONE time, it found the USB drive and played my song... later in the trip, after turning it to FM for awhile, it wouldn't read the dang thing. Nothing changed, just about 15 minutes later in the drive.

    I tried a friend's 4GB thumbdrive and it worked right off the bat, different brand. So, I think I'll just take back the drive I bought and get a different brand and size and see if it works.
  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    Thanks for the link to the compatibility index. Honestly, Siri works fine for voice dialing my contacts through BT (it's also faster than having to press the "talk" button on the steering wheel 3 times to manually voice dial a number), although the caller ID and redial/call-back functions work efficiently. I'm going to manually enter my favorite numbers and see how that works. Overall, BT has been very useful and not complicated at all. Callers on the other line can hear me clear "enough" (moderate road noise affects clarity)...
  • onemodogonemodog Posts: 26
    How do you know if you have broken in your engine correctly?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Hard to tell in a short time period.

    But... here is how NOT to break in the engine on your new Impreza:

  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17

    Siri does not work well with BT while highway driving (for me, at least); too much road noise...tried 5+ times to voice dial one of my favorites (Angie) and Siri could not figure it out. Looks like i have to add my contacts to voice dial them quicker.

    On a better note, i was able to get the body side moldings and splash guards from my dealer for 20% off and put them on myself. i thought the splash guards would be easy and the moldings difficult. Total opposite, installing the guards was easy but removing the plastic tabs that cover the pre-drilled holes under the fender lining was hard to do with the wheels in place (i dont have the means/space to jack the car up and remove the wheels). Needless to say, i was able to put them on and really like the way they both look; breaks up the "flatness" of the doors...
  • clarkbar6clarkbar6 Posts: 7
    I opted to ask the dealer to install the side moldings as well because I figured it would be hard to align or youd need some special adhesive. oh well, got a good price on the whole thing anyway

    How much did you pay for the guards, if you dont mind me asking? i have seen them online for maybe $80 plus ~12 for shipping. I was thinking about putting them on myself as well.

    I cant jack the car up either. Were removing the tabs difficult because you didnt have the right tools, or just because the tires were in the way?

    Were you able to find a video tutorial? I have seen what appear to be subaru written directions, but visual would be more helpful.

    Any other tips for putting them on, and how long would you say it takes? Thanks
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    No, I have not even gotten "Silverbolt" yet (still working on my wife). I was going through and working at what I will be adding to the vehicle after I do get him. He is on a short life of replacement's for my current ride "The Beast".

  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    I was able to get the guards for 80.00 + tax (tax at the dealer was 1.25% less than where I live which was a small bonus)...applying the side moldings themselves was the easy part. The tedious part was prepping the template to attach to the car (having to cut holes in the card stock for masking tape). Once the template is up, the rest takes 10 mins. Both sides took about and hour.

    As for the guards, the front guards are really easy. First off, turn the steering wheel towards the side you're installing to get the wheel out of the way. The existing tabs sort of "unscrew" off. Hold the outer edge of the tab and turn the "screw" with a philips and it should pop out. Try not to pry them out as it warps the fender liner and the guard won't be flush against the body (happened with the first one I installed, but luckily the dark grey paint hides the very paper-thin gap). The rest of the instructions are easy (included in the box).

    The rear guards were difficult because I could not turn the wheel and I did not have a flat pry bar for one of the tabs (prying this tab off did not affect how flush it sat against the body). A small, flat pry bar would make installing the guards way easier than what I did (I won't divulge how I took them damn tabs off, lol). I'd say about an hour to install the guards, assuming you have the right tools.

    Overall, I really like the way the side moldings and splash guards look. I'll try and post a pic of before and after (if I can figure out how to post a pic :) )
  • donnieyodonnieyo Posts: 2
    Picking it up tomorrow! Exactly 12 weeks after order date. Whew!
  • wimchattawimchatta Posts: 28
  • wimchattawimchatta Posts: 28
    edited May 2012
    hi pdxgarcon,
    I think the Focus is a nice car, and that torque vectoring is a neat concept.
    The Impreza is good all around as well, and the visibility felt much better than on the Focus. My 8 year old son gave the Impreza a big thumbs up after sitting in the rear seat during back-to-back test drives on the two cars.

    Having had it now for several days, I must say I really appreciate the great visibility on my long, mixed commute (for good measure, have taken out the headrests in the back and stored in a cargo net).
    The side view mirrors are very well thought out. I also like the moonroof w/ deflector, and the alloy wheels on my premium hatchback.Am getting comfortable with the satellite radio and navigation interface as well.

    The good engine response at low to medium speeds make the Impreza fun to drive just when the commute gets more dreary. The CVT works smoothly, no issues on a moderate downhill (on the Sunol grade on 680N in the SF East Bay).
    So am happy with the decision in favor of the Impreza">
  • dcm61dcm61 Posts: 1,552
    Picked up my Camellia Red Sport Limited w/ Moonroof last night.

    Duration from order to pick up = 9 weeks.

    Paid $728 under invoice. Local dealers are now selling (the few they have) at MSRP.
  • ammo_umbammo_umb Posts: 4
    I finally got a VIN and a 4th delivery date for my 5-door Camellia Red Limited (w/Nav & MR) last Friday which was 111 days from the date I ordered.

    Nobody has been able to figure out why it took so long for the car to get built and I'm hoping it gets here when it's supposed to so this can all end!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    glad everyone endure the wait....was lucky...4 weeks from the time or order in early Nov till delivery the second week of Dec.....just rolled over 12,500 miles today on my complaints at all with my HB Limited CVT in Deep Cherry.......
  • kanjiikanjii Posts: 99
    Hey all,
    I'm thinking of getting body side moldings for my SP Hatch and was wondering if its worth it. No dings on the car yet, thank goodness. Also, is it easy to install or better to have the dealer or a professional do it. Looks pretty simple when I checked out youtube.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    easy enough if you take your time. because i got the offer from my local bodyshop (who would have fixed the car i totalled) to help me do it, i took them up on it. but i helped out.

    if you take the time to cut the holes out of the patterns provided, you should be able to get it perfect. we didn't, but still got it pretty spot on with two sets of hands.

    if it weren't for the offered help, i certainly would rather take my time to do it right myself than pay the dealer $120+ they wanted.

    key is: budget enough time, cut the holes suggested to hold the panel/guide securely in place, and have a second set of hands.
  • crlstocrlsto Posts: 17
    I was able to install them with ONE set of hands! (lol j/k, but I wish I had some help at the time :P)

    Seriously though, they're pretty easy as long as the prep work is done right. It's more tedious to get the template attached to the car than it is to attach the moldings themselves. I actually sat the edge of the templates along the door sill to keep them level from front to back. Attach both the front and back templates at the same; it allows you to check if they're level with each other.

    I figured that the templates sitting on the sills makes the moldings sit a tad lower than trying to line them up along the bottom edge of the doors, but it looked like the sills were on the outermost edge of the door (serves their purpose better).
  • kanjiikanjii Posts: 99
    I saw this youtube vid and thought it looked pretty easy.
  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171

    i definitely think it can be done solo if you follow directions. we (the tech at the shop was in a hurry) didn't bother to cut the holes which would allow an easier mounting of the templates. we just taped the top and bottom and i held the templates in place while he lined up the trims.

    but yes, it's a fairly easier job and saved me $$$...much easier than the crazy homelink mirror i installed...
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