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Caliper Issues with Dodge Dakotas?

mpls6256mpls6256 Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in Dodge
Hi All,

I am a girl and don't know much about vehicles, so please go easy on me!
I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota (2WD, 4.7L, V-8) and I am going through calipers like crazy. I have a lifetime warranty on the calipers, but they keep seizing and have to be replaced. I am not unusually hard on my brakes, but the most recent issue left me with the right front caliper seized and that same side has just that brake pad 95% worn. As a result, I am getting just that side serviced since the left side is a-ok. This also explains why my truck is pulling because the mechanic explained that since the caliper is seized the brake is constantly on.....that explains the smell! I have tried searching the Internet for similar Dodge issues for calipers, but no luck so far. Has anyone experienced this or can send me a link to anything they can find related to this issue? I am tired of paying money for the repair. Even though the caliper has a warranty I still need to pay for the labor. Thanks in advance!


  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I had one caliper seize up on my 2005 Dakota Quad cab. This happened two times. The first time ruined the brake pads, which I replaced, keeping the same calipers. The second time I caught it in time (noticed the pads were dragging), so was able to fix by just working on the calipers. All this was in less than 25,000 miles.

    There are a couple of reasons a caliper might hang up. Moisture in the brake fluid could cause the inside of the pistons (part of the calipers) to corrode and hang up, thus keeping the pad pressed against the brake rotor. Another possibility is rust or corrosion on the surfaces on the caliper bracket that the pads slide on. When re-installing pads, these surfaces should be cleaned and a bit of disc brake grease applied to the contact surfaces to help the pads slide (and retract) easier.

    I would also have your shop flush and replace the brake fluid.
  • jc727jc727 Posts: 5
    Somewhere in this forum I explained previously of having the exact same problems. After many trips to several shops I fixed it myself See the following----.. Last time it happened I ripped it apart my self ordered new pads and rotors while in the process of installing them I noticed the area of backing plate that sticks out where brake pads rest in order to slide in and out, was all rough and gnarled. I ground and filed them smooth so pads could move in and out smoothly with wear and have not had a problem since.. 25,000 miles now.. Anyways take a look it fixed my same problems and symptoms, Jim...
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    My 98 Dakota has experienced 2 seized calipers, both on the same side. The oem siezed around 50K miles and the replacement within 8,000 miles on the drivers side. When the first one seized,
    I had the passenger side replaced as seems to still be ok.
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    They recommend flushing/replacing brake fluid every 2 years,but I've never had this done
    and although it could be a factor (brake fluid absorbs moisture), the same side calipers keep
    seizing, so that may not be the root cause. I heard that they use ceramic caliper pistons in
    these types of calipers, so maybe it is due to some defect or possible dirt or rust contamination.
  • extruckerextrucker Posts: 1
    Hello, I also have a VERY similar issue, only with a 2002 Dakota. You asked for a link, or comments, so here is a link explaining others having the same difficulty. I am now trying desperately to get rid of my 02 Dakota. Other than the brake problem (I've had it up to here), it's mint. Less than 61,000 well maintained miles. Anyway, here's the link, hope it helps. ml
  • mpls6256mpls6256 Posts: 2
    Thank you all for your input.....and thank you to Extrucker for providing the link. The day after I posted my issue on Edmunds I got my calipers, etc replaced and so far, so good. But...While I don't smell burning this time, my car is shaking again when I hit 65 on the freeway or when I apply the brake. This happened last time I had to have the calipers replaced. I am getting discouraged. I used to love Dodge trucks and had the greatest experience but this current truck is a piece of S**t. I can't sell it or trade it because I am underwater with my loan. Part of me is hoping a thunderstorm will come by and drop masive hail and do damage to where the insurance company totals out my car! Wishful thinking, I know!
  • carvermancarverman Posts: 101
    Caliper seizure on the dakotas is a known problem. Not sure if it's the design of the piston
    inside, but I've had to replace 3 calipers all on the same side within 62,000 miles. The
    oem rotors are undersize as well. While they work, they are more prone to failure due
    to warping and overheating.
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