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2012 Genesis Sedans



  • mxyzhangmxyzhang Posts: 2
    Test drove one 3.8 with technology option last weekend, was kind of disappointed on couple things:

    1. The response to the gas paddle is delayed. This is very obvious, as I test drove a Lexus ES350 right after that. Also compared to my Highlander, which responses immediately. I donÕt if that particular car had problem or not, or was it because of the electronic control system vs. older carÕs mechanical control.

    2. Pretty bumpy on the road, when passing a bridge which is not very smooth on surface. Both my wife and me felt the obvious jumping of the car. Understand the GenesisÕs suspension is firmer, like a sports car. But I would prefer a smoother experience with a luxury car. As the Lexus dealer said: no one wants to experience the bumpy road on high way 880.

    I do not see anyone has similar experience on this car from the review. Seems like most of you are happy with this car. Wondering if the car test driven had problem with it. Any comment welcome.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,468
    edited March 2012
    I had an early-build 2009 3.8. I never got used to the jittery, unsettled ride. If a soft ride is your preference, then look elsewhere IMHO. The ES350 is a fine ride (a bit small for me), the Avalon is great (had 03 and an 06) and I replaced my Genesis with a 2012 Buick LaCrosse 3.6. I love it. It has GM's HiPer Struts which really soak up the bumps well without being overly floaty. The Genesis handles better being RWD but at the expense of ride quality.

    Hope this helps.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • I had the same experience during my test drive of a 2011 Genesis 3.8. The throttle delay was very evident and was very annoying. The ride for me was soo soft as I prefer a stiffer ride like my 2005 Mazda6s 3.0.
  • jbhogenjbhogen Posts: 21
    edited April 2012
    Just went from a Mazda 6s to a Genesis 5.0 (non R) yesterday. No throttle delay whatsoever. The car is top notch, loads of performance and tech. Much better turn radius and acceleration than the 6, yet fuel economy is comparable. Not as nimble as the 6 and the brakes, though powerful, aren't as easy to modulate. I'll do a proper review later but figured two other Mazda 6s owners might be interested in a fellow converts short term take.
  • umakantumakant Posts: 4
    I just bought a Hyundai Genesis V6 fully Loaded from Fairfax Hyundai VA. I had read a very good review of this Car and it has only 20 Miles on it.

    very disappointed with Genesis !!!!!

    Then I just realized that there is cricket insect kind of sound on the cabin ( driving side) when you accelerate the CAR.

    When I showed to Dealer and they detected Fuel Pump is bad and going to replace on Monday. Its kind of hard to believe that Fuel pump has a problem in the assembly line. ( Car has just 20 Miles when the problem was detected )

    Lets see if this fixes a problem.

    I can seriously doubt the quality of the CAR. I am bit nervous that I made the right decision to go with Genesis. I am not even sure if its a safety related issue.

    Just curious if any one else seen this problem.

  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    I have had my Genesis, equipped as yours, for 11 months and driven 10,000 miles. Could not be more pleased with the car. Only negative issue is the rear view camera intermittently "blacks out" and the dealer hasn't been able to duplicate or solve problem
  • umakantumakant Posts: 4
    Guys , just come back from Dealership and they replaced the Fuel pump and still did not solve the Problem. Car has less than 1000 miles and so many issues.

    Wait few more Months before you buy Genesis 2012 before they fix all the issue.
  • umakantumakant Posts: 4
    Do you have 2012 with new GDI engine ? I called another friend and he is reporting similar problem...
  • umakantumakant Posts: 4
    Worst part they can not figure out..
  • I am looking at 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedans, what is the average gas mpg that everyone is getting after about 2 years of having the car? Thanks in advance

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