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2010 Genesis Coupe Severe Paint Issues

mthmth Posts: 18
Well, our 2010 Bathurst Black Genesis Coupe delivered in September 2009 with water spots everywhere and scratches all over the hood still makes me sick when I wash it...after fighting with the dealer for a year (after they detailed and 'clayed' the car 3 times!), I finally gave in and let their body shop touch up and re-clear the hood last October or so. The shop did a pretty good job, much better than it looked new. But still, even after being garaged all of the time, the clear coat looks like someone poured a mild acid solution on it and then went around the car blowing through a straw to create all kinds of runs and marks (kind of like 'slug trails' on a patio). A 3M rep that I know through a body shop friend told me the entire car's clear coat was soft and the paint underneath had flash back and didn't cure properly but Hyundai refuses to do anything. I will be hard pressed to by another Hyundai - EVER.


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  • julia125julia125 Posts: 2
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    With Hyundai, it has always been about the price, and so it goes with the Genesis twins. The 2.0T is the low man on Hyundai's Genesis Coupe totem pole, disappointing the power addled and whooping it up too much for pinkie-waving tea drinkers. The syrupy $33,000 sedan upon which the coupe is based dives for Lexus’s knees. The four-seat coupe also aims below the waist at competitors, with a 210-hp, 2.0-liter turbo four starting at $22,750 and a 306-hp V-6 at $25,750. While the car-crazies have hotly anticipated the Genesis Coupe's retail arrival, mainstreamers have yet to get the memo that Hyundai has its afterburner lit. They also work good with Videoüberwachung to improve the security measures. The standard-equipment list is decent and includes a six-speed manual, power locks and windows, cruise control, stability control, a trip computer, and stereo auxiliary jacks.
  • Hi,
    I felt very much sorry for hearing from you about the spots that appeared...! I also faced an identical problem. That is, there was a paint chip on the hood of my gc (red) that I looked the morning after I got it . It's little, a mm or two round. It only went down to the primer. I took it back first thing and mentioned it. At first the dealership tried to touch it up with a paint pen without me knowing but that turned out bad. Didn't fill the chip at all and left a blob of clearcoat all around it.
  • Hi,
    My cousin told me that he hoped that,as he is one of owners of Genesis Coupe, so they can out there can draw inspiration based on the evolution of thier own Genesis Coupe! If anybody have any questions regarding the products you at various places then he has too much experience in delivering you best ideas.
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