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2011 Chrysler 300

apdxykapdxyk Member Posts: 6
edited July 2011 in Chrysler

I am looking at 2011 Chrysler 300 Limited right now as a potential road car for us. We are spoiled by RWD platforms, and looked at Avalon and Lincoln MKX hard, but the FWD is a turn-off. Short of paying more for Daimler E Series real thing, can Chrysler be considered at all? We accumulate about 50k miles per year on business, 80% is highway.
I read about horrendous front suspension problem in earlier model years and was wondering whether the issues were resolved. You can google for 'Chrysler 300 front suspension noise' to see what I am referring to. Anything else that could keep us from accumulating 300k miles in a few quick years? if this car is capable of going that long at all.

Any preference of the 300C trim in any departments outside of engine?
I would prefer to stay away from 20-inch wheels and 16 spark plugs to be changed every 6 months.

Thank you in advance


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    coolrunningcoolrunning Member Posts: 117
    Where did you ever hear that you have to change "16 spark plugs every 6 months"? Having owned a pair of 300M and another pair of 300C Chryslers, I just traded one of my 300C's off on a loaded 2011 Town & Country Limited with the new 3.6L V6. It is by far the smoothest "road car" with the most features, storage room, a best visibility of all. I like the ride height, the load leveling suspension, the 27 mpg road, and E85 fuel capability. It also has the best navigation/sat radio/entertainment system I have ever used, making it a fabulous addition to my road car list of goodies. The longer wheel base makes it ride like a limo, but it is extremely quiet on the road too. It has more glass than any vehicle I have ever driven, making it nearly impossible to have any blind spots. My biggest complaint with my 300's is the lack of adequate trunk space. My T&C Limited has more storage room than both of my 300c's combined! It also has the Stow & Go seats that tuck away neatly into the floor at your command, turning it into a truck for hauling home big boxes or furniture. Later, it can seat 7 adults comfortably if needed. It is the most versatile, useable vehicle I have ever owned.
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    apdxykapdxyk Member Posts: 6
    Maintenance Manual for Hemi models - that is where I hear about 2 sparkers per cylinder changed every 16k miles. I liked the suspension very much during the test drive, but I stopped by a local shop, specializing in suspensions only and the guy I trust told me it is still an issue with 300. I rake up 60k miles per year, and that is minimum minimorum. So, I would have to change sparkers even sooner. Down time is not for me. I had MB S Series, E Series Diesels, Lincoln Town Cars, Town and Countries, Lexus LS, Avalon, etc.. The mini-van is OK for a front pair of seats comfort, but is not so much for my other occupants (I have ones from time to time) - and this is very important. As for cargo room, I can quote you cubic footage on all of them, and CT&C is OK, Mercedes, Lexus LS and Chrysler 300 is passable, Lincoln MKX is fine with its 30 cf (aside for the FWD). I have not seen any FWD yet without that booming sound on the front end that drives me crazy on a long trip, and all those FWD vehicles, even the ones with laminated glass and extra sound insulation develop rattles and squeaks too soon.
    Anyway, I am glad you like your minivan, and the fact that you did not buy the 300 again tells me something. While waiting for a reply to my query I bought a Lexus LX. We shall see how it goes. I keep my cars up to 380-400k miles, and so far only Town Car was consistently dependable in this domain, but they stop making them in a fortnight or so...
    I am not young any more and need a comfortable & dependable battleship
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    wtelovskywtelovsky Member Posts: 1
    Would not recommend any Chrysler products. Just had to prematurely replace outer tie-rods and one strut at 46,000 miles on my 2008 Chrysler 300 Touring. Chrysler reps would not help, were defensive and full of attitude. Have had many cars and expect suspension wear and tear at 100K, not 46K! No more Chrysler products for me!
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