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Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Transmission Issues



  • Has anyone had this problem?? The car would not seem to shift from 1-3 the rpms go way up almost to the red. but sometimes it wont do it at all.. then today I put it in drive the rpms went way up as I stepped on the gas but car wont move, it rolls backward. but if you put it in m1 then it will move , I cannot even believe a chevy would have a tranny crap out like this has at 50 ,000.
    Can anyone else tell me if they have had shifting issues?? PLease!!!
  • I have to agree with you! My 2006 maxx ss has NEVER gotten more than 17 mpg so, and know the tranny seems to totally crap out???
  • luiyiluiyi Posts: 1
    So did u get your car fixed? What did you do to it?
  • The 5th repair at the dealer worked like a charm. I have given the car to my son and he reports no issues with it. I replaced the car with another manufacturer. I'm not going to toss GM under the bus but I'm taking a break. Good luck.
  • So I have read a lot through these forums and can't  find anyone with my exact same issues but we have some serious problems and I need some advice. We bought an 05 Malibu Maxx 3.5 from a shady dealership and it's been nothing but a money racket from day 1 trying to get it to run with no issues. We've had to work on it every weekend for the last month or two and something new always pops up wrong with it. The first issue was a cluster of wires that caught fire. My husband traced all the wires thru the inside of the car and fixed all the evident problems but we still worry we didn't correct it all. Minor things have popped up here  and there that we repaired also but now things have taken a turn for the worse. I will try to make this as short and to the point as possible. Coming home from work, he lost 3rd gear. Went and had the codes read and it pops up we have the shift solenoid B stuck for a period of time and we need to replace this 2-3 transmission shift solenoid. I called the parts store to purchase one and nobody has a clue exactly what I need. They suggested it could be a wiring issue and to take it to a transmission shop. We are expecting our 5th child at the moment... A mechanic is out of the question right now. My husband has read through a million forums and watched every video he possibly can to figure this out but we are at a stand still. We don't want to purchase the wrong thing and it still not be fixed and it's a lot of work to replace that solenoid and that not work should it be a wiring issue. Any suggestions on where to go from here? 
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