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What is the value of my 1999 Mazda Protege ES?

chum1chum1 Posts: 9
edited July 2011 in Mazda
Hello everyone. Obviously, I'm very new here, and I'm not a car savvy person. I am just wondering if anyone could share his/her opinion on how much the value of my 1999 Mazda Protege ES is. The mileage is 119K. Not involved in any accident. Today (July 9) the engine just stopped working. I had to tow it to my place. I don't want to spend a dime on this car to repair anymore. I want to sell it as it is. New tires, new timing belt, new water pump, new battery, and relatively new catalytic converter. Gas is almost full, wipers are new, and regulary washed and waxed...well, maybe not worth Anyway, FYI, oil changed regulary....everythings works, the body looks good, but of course, except the engine. I am thinking to donate the car if it does not worth much. But if I could make some money (because now I need to buy another car ;)), that would be nice. I would appreciate any thoughts or feedback! Thanks!


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