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Chrysler 300M Owners: Meet the Members



  • abrown1 said:
    Karen, I would like a discusion about a problem that I feel is a general problem that is tires loosing air. I took my 2000 300M to a tire shop and they said that Chrsylers and Caddilacs are noted problems with tires going flat, because of corosion of the aluminum rims. I approached the dealer and they agreed that that is a problem and indicated that they could clean the rims, but that the problem would most likely continue. I then wrote to Chrsyler and asked them and they rejected this problem indicated that it was not their concern. Has anyone have similar problems?
    Millions of cars GM CHRYSLER BUICK any car with aluminum rims with chrome coating. The chrome degrades on the rim just under the bead to tire. No real fix grind off loose chrome then coat with liquid rubber when replacing or remounting tires. It will. Y you a couple of years of unexpected low or slow leakers. 
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