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Auto-transmission fluid change?

gretsch1943gretsch1943 Member Posts: 13
edited October 2014 in Subaru
Have 2004 Forester, auto-transmission with 60k miles. Regular driving, no severe conditions. When should the A/T fluid be changed?


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    aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    My 2008 Maintenance Schedule says "I" (Inspect) the fluid at every 30K out to 120K. Inspect means look at color and smell. Theoretically, no matter how many years, if the fluid neither smells bad nor looks dark, it does not need changing even at 120K.

    My 2008 is like yours, with all easy driving, but only approaching the major 30K service. I will probably resist any suggestion by the dealer to change the fluid. But I will be ready at 60K.

    One of my dealer service writers told me that Subarus that do not have their fluid changed for 100K usually come in with transmission problems.

    Note that the automatic transmission holds about 10 quarts of fluid, of which only 3.75 quarts will drain out when the plug is removed. To change the fluid, the transmission must be connected to a double-chambered tank, and run in neutral so its internal pump pushes all the old fluid out and the new fluid in. Such a change is called a flush, and costs almost $200.
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    gretsch1943gretsch1943 Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the reply. Talked to local Subaru service manager yesterday and he said fluid should be Ok til 100K..then change. Cost would be $240.
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