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Ford Focus Owners-Meet the Members



  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    we had four cars. A coupe, a sedan, a jeep and a B-2500 pickup. I sold the coupe and then traded the sedan in on a PT Cruiser. My wife felt a bit left out and wasn't all that fond of driving the truck. So I went down and traded in the truck for a Blue ZTS and put a red ribbon on it and parked it in our driveway. Needless enough to say she is delighted. She loves the deep blue and more than likely doesn't know a ZTS from the man in the moon. I am lucky that she has been driving a stick pretty much steady for the last few years. I like the sound system, the handling and the way it shifts, once I get used to pulling up to get it into reverse. I was surprised that I would like the Focus and it won out over the P-5, with help from a friendly dealer. I guess we are a member of the club and I am sure we will enjoy it. I have to admit the magiznes were right, it is a blast to drive in the mountains.
  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    Hi, I am Simon from Miami Beach, Florida. Last Saturday I traded in my liquid gray 2002 ZTW for a pitch black 2003 5-door SVT. The ZTW played a big roll in my decision since it was such a remarkable handler and reliable car. I just wanted (needed?) more power and a stick shift. The test drive was pretty convincing too.
    I was a little annoyed that I had to buy a car with the winter package in Miami, but the deal was good enough to dissipate this sole spot in an otherwise great little rocket. Bottom line, after a year and two Foci I am still very much in love with this car.
    As for SVTs, this is my second one. My first one was an SVT Contour, a whole different beast. Lets just say I really like SVTs.
  • nickpsnickps Posts: 18
    Hi, i recently purchased a Focus in November 2004. I love the car to death. It's surprisingly solid. I got it with leather, heated seats, heated side mirrors, auto trans, remote stereo controls, and a six cd changer. The car has just about every option. It is sporty but sort of luxury at the same time. My sticker price was 18,525 or so. I ended up paying 15,500. I couldn't be happier with it. This car is like my baby. It handles great with its Perelli tires that came with it. I got it in cd silver metallic. Its got a grey interior. This car was the best thing i have ever did. It is very peppy. This is by far one of the best cars Ford has ever built. I have just about 6,000 miles on it now. I clean it very often about every weekend. I wax it monthly during the winter because the salt used on the roads eats away at the wax. This car is my pride and joy. I never thought i could like a car this much that didn't burn a hole in my pocket. The reason why i bought this car is because it reminded me of my 1998 Mercury Mystique GS SPREE. These cars are my two favorite out of all the cars i have ever owned.
  • I've always had at least one light weight four-cylinder manual transmission car in the family. This 2005 Focus ST is my latest addition. So far I'm very pleased. It currently has about 25,000 miles.

    The ST is not tuned or geared for all-out fuel economy but still is reliably delivering 30 mpg at west of the Mississippi Interstate speeds (70 mph+). I'd guess that the 2.0 liter will do better and even the new 2007 ST appears to have some changes to rate better fuel economy than the 2005. No complaints though. I've never had a more flexible four-banger. The usable torque band for acceleration is wide and deep. The ST feels sportier than a lot of sports cars I've driven. The clutch is easy. The shift throws are short and well-defined with decent feel. The ST has very direct steering and a controlled, compliant ride. An occasional stretch of road with just the wrong expansion joint interval betrays the short wheel base and light weight, but on most surfaces the ride is smooth and the handling tight.

    Since I started in Volkswagens, the upright seating position feels just right, and is comfortable and commanding.

    The interior you touch is very good, with comfortable leather seats, leather-wrapped wheel and leather gear shift knob. Even the door handle is nicely sculpted and backed with perforated suede to match the seat inserts. What you see of the interior betrays more of the economy car origins, but is functional if somewhat plain. I personally liked the original interior better than the 2005 update. My least favorite feature of the interior is the too-small rectangular vents. My favorite feature is the door, with well-placed arm rests and door grab handles, a very functional door pocket with an extra drink holder, and high-quality feeling switch gear for the windows and locks. It looks good and works well in practice.

    I'd like more sound dampening material in the trunk and underbody to reduce road noise. The sweet exhaust note can stay.

    We also have a 2002 Mercury Cougar 2.3 liter 5-speed manual. The family resemblance is noticable. I hope the ST will have the same reliability as the Cougar (now approaching 77,000 trouble-free miles). The Cougar's interior is more upscale, with the exception of the seats. The Focus has far better shaped seats, with the only sorely missed feature being no lumbar support adjustment.

    I'll keep you up to date on the ST's reliability and fuel economy. So far, it is a gem with a very sporty personality disguised as an economy car.
  • gerry100gerry100 Posts: 100
    I'd like to get my recent college grad daughter a reliable, economical used car to last her at least 4 years (60-70 miles) without excessive maintenance costs.

    I'm also a bargain hunter. The usual suspects , Honda Civic Toyota Corrola etc are all proven choices but the asking prices tend to offset any advantages ( real or percieved).

    My feeling is that the advantages in reliability and quality between a Focus and a Civic/Corrolla etc are mostly percieved.

    This leads me to believe that Civics and Toyotas are over priced in the used car market and that Foci are probably underpriced, and therefore a potential good buy.

    I've also done a lot of car research on this and other websites and realize they tend towards the negative as a significant majority of people post to research,complain or vent about a problem.

    So I'm here asking for objective inputs from the group.

    Thanks in advance.
  • How about keeping us posted on the 2002 Mercury Cougar and the Volkswagen, also? I'm researching for my first car and would like to know the pros and cons of each brand.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The Focus was rated by a consumer mag as the best car to buy used for your college student. Not only is it above average in reliability, it is Fun to drive PLUS it has one of the highest rates of depreciation, accordingly they are readily available at descent prices.

    Go for an 05 or newer. They have the Mazda designed 2.0L engine. You may even find a 2.3L with PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle)

    IF you get a Certified Focus from a Ford dealer, you also get a warranty up to 75,000 miles on toe odometer or 6 years from the in service date. Plus to be certified, the car has to have a clean title history, 50% on brakes and 50% on tires at least or new and freash oil/filter.

    Certified cars can also be financed at new car rates.

  • i have a ford focus and have read lots about focus'. they are the worst car and i dont know how people say it is reliable. i have had so many major and expensive problems with the focus and have gotten NO help from ford. i wil never buy or even let someone give me a focus. i have had the same problem over and over and taken it to the dealer and they cant find what is wrong and just keep guessing at the problem at my expense. and there are problems with the focus that ford knows about, but wont fix even if you have all the symptoms that its about to break but not totally yet.I WOULD NOT GET A FOCUS UNLESS YOU ARE RICHAND CAN CONTINUALLY PUT TONS OF MONEY INTO REPAIRS AND BE WITH OUT A CAR FOR LONG PERIODS AT A TIME.
  • jschmidt05, every manufacturer can have a bad dealer or an individual lemon vehicle. Your post would be more useful to others if you would share the specifics of your problem (transmission etc.). Right off the bat I'd suggest trying another dealer and talking with a regional Ford representative . Anecdotes are not a perfect substitute for statistically significant surveys. The Ford Focus does well in such surveys for reliability and owner satisfaction. It sounds like Ford could and should be doing a better job in addressing your specific issues, but it's a jump to assume that the same is true for any Focus or all Ford dealers. If you share the specific issue or symptoms, the forum may be able to help diagnose the issue.
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    have had 3 Focus wagons, nary a problem ... best car ever ... or as one of our previous posters seems prone to caps, I should say "EVAH" !

    'nuff said.

    ZXW Robb
  • zxwzxw Posts: 10
    Definitely love my Focus wagons ... have had three now ... recently found one of the last wagons ... an '07 ZXW SES, in bright aqua blue metallic, and fully optioned. Heated leather seats in my 5 am commute to work making going to work a bit more manageable. I hope to have "Big Blue" forever, as he is definitely a great joy to wash, ride, and journey in.

    One dealer installed option I highly recommend is the extra cost rear view mirror as the standard mirror has always been the weakest link in the Focus. Warped and hard to use for night driving. I would like to get different wheels in time , similar to the wheels used on the last Taurus models.

    I've heard different things about the engines used from '05 on up as being a Mazda design, but so be it ... Big Blue is still my American dream, and it has the Big Blue Oval on the front ... that's important to me.

    ZXW Robb, and Big Blue.
  • Can someone help me please. I have a ford focus zx3 with 106,xxx miles on it. So when i go to turn it on in the morning to warm it up i hear a little rattling noise comming from the back end where the tail pipe is and i thought it was just the heat shield or a loose bolt but it goes away after its warm so if someone has the same car and problem please help me out.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,768
    There may or may not be something loose. Since it goes away when things warm up, it could simply be a small rattle that disappears when the exhaust system heats up and expands. At 106,000 miles, there are many things that could be looser than they were when new.

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