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2011 and 2012 Sonata - Pulling Problem



  • magrxmagrx Posts: 3
    2012 Sonata GLS 6 spd manual.
    When sitting at idle and you gently move the steering wheel left or right it clicks to the next position like the detents in the volume knob on a digital radio. The stiffness of the steering along with the lack of smoothness exaggerate my steering adjustments at speed. This tends to make me drift left and right in the lane when driving at highway speeds. Alignment is perfect. Their software isn't. I haven't noticed this in Kias.
    I don't have this issue with my other cars. Personally I'd like to see them reduce the steering effort in their programming. This 3,000 lb car feels heavier than my old Buick station wagon when maneuvering.
  • rbc2rbc2 Posts: 1
    I have owned a 2011 Sonata for over a year and have had it in for "pulling" at least 4 times. It seems like every time I sneeze it needs to be re-aligned. It is frustrating. It is to the point that before I even have my tires rotated, I tell the dealer that if the car is pulling afterwards (if it wasn't before) I expected them to do an alignment...
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I have 32,000 miles on my 2011 Sonata GLS. The Kumho 25 tires have worn well but there is a minor cupping problem. Moved front tires to rear and now I have a rumble. Thought it might be rear bearings but dealer says its the tires and I need an alignment and they want to sell me 4 new Kumho 25's. Went to Firestone and the alignment is right on except the Camber is off. There is no adjustment for camber in the Sonata. Tomorrow its back to the dealer with the alignment info from tire dealer to see how they plan on correcting the camber error. Should be interesting.
  • ems1ems1 Posts: 48
    I had a 2012 Sonata that I got rid of after 6 months because of the pulling/wheel alignment problems. If your problem is a camber adjustment, there are steering knuckle bolts that can be installed that allow a degree or 2 of camber adjustment. These bolts were installed on my Sonata by the dealer as part of a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that was intended to correct the pulling problem. Your Sonata may be covered under the TSB.

    The TSB didn't work very well on my Sonata but it seemed to be effective for some people.
  • dave436dave436 Posts: 1
    I owned 2012 Sonata Limited and 7500 mileage.
    You will get feeling so bad and get tired because of wandering while drive. (especially on Highway)
    The poor steering won't be centered as much as 1/2 inches.(left and right)
    Dealer and Customer center seemed like they have no solution about this so far.
    I'd like you to go with Honda accord.
    I'm waiting for my payoff day.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I had a 4 wheeel alignment done at the dealer. This corrected the camber problem and the steering is now perfect. No charge under warranty. Great dealer!
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i test drove a 2012 sonata before purchasing my 2013 elantra about a month ago.test drive lasted about 15 minutes until i took the car on the highway and discovered the pulling issue first hand.the salesman that was with me i think felt kind of embarresed because i asked him before the test drive began if the pulling issues with the sonata was resolved and he said yes they were.i then test drove a 2013 elantra at the same dealership and the were no pulling issues and it ran very well so i purchased it.also,the elantra has much better resale value than the sonata which i wasn't aware of..
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    Steven, hope you enjoy your new Elantra. Just one comment, how do you know what the future resale value will be for a brand new car? The new style Elantra has no track record as far as resale. After 3 years, you may get a handle on it. If you look up the 2011 Sonata and the same year Accord, the Sonata has higher resale value than the Accord. Now thats a valid conclusion.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited June 2012
    Mike: We also needed an alignment at 2000 miles due to very minor feathering on the fronts ( sometimes called cupping). Feathering is almost always caused by toe-in being out. The dealer here agreed and did a minor adustment to correct the problem. I beleive there was a TSB on this but not sure. Now have 5000 and the fix seems to have worked. The worn fronts are now on the back and seem to be flattening out with less feathering apparent. The Kuhmo 25's (H rating) were an unknown for us but seem to be wearing fine, hold air pressure and are not noisy.
    Also FYI, there is a camber kit that Hyundai can put on the Sonata if the camber is out of specs - no big deal with the knuckle bolts mentioned on another post. So far our dealer has been most responsive to our minor concerns and promptly fixed the alignment. Oil change was inexpensive and MPG is actually improving so all is good. Hyundai appears to be encouraging dealers to cooperate with owners so they can continue to seel more new cars. Bad service = bad press= bad sales so they are giving good service and so quibbling about warranty issues.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    Thanks for this reply to the camber issue. My camber was off by +9 and the front was not the issue, but the rear. Now all is in spec. I too rotated the tires and the cupping is wearing down, but still has a slight rumble in the rear. At 37,500 miles I am close to replacing the tires anyway as the are now down to 6/32nds of tread remaining. State inspection minimum is 3/32nds, but for safety reasons, I am not waiting that long.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Mikey: Godd news on the Kuhmo 25's. 37,500 miles on ANY OEM tire is good enough for me. The dealer advised us that they have had good results with Kuhmos and your mileage supports that. You also must have rotated and checked air to get thet result with the same minor cupping or feathering that we have noted. Our 2012 GLS was OK on Camber settings and even the toe-in was within spec so the tech moved it to the other extreme within the spec. They could have used the ole big three dodge and said we can't do anything but they did not. Our dealer has best practices and apparently has Hyundai behind his service approach. good car and GREAT vlaue for the sub $20,000 price. Thanks for the detailed post on the tires - we appreciated the info that applies to our purchase.
  • I have 31000 miles on Sonata 2011. Front tires are totally worn out. Always pulled to the right. Front end makes grinding noise. Feels like, I am driving a truck. Worst than a 15 years old car. Taking again to the dealership. Never had a car like this. IT IS A JUNK. Will never buy a Korean product again. Learned my lesson.
  • Sorry to hear you are having problems. I have 52,000 on my 2011 Sonata. I have no issues with the front suspension. Original tires lasted 46000 miles. I rotated every 6-7000 miles and had an alignment done at 32000 miles at Meineke. Be sure you have a 4 wheel alignment done as the rear was out on mine as well as the front. Not sure why your dealer cannot solve the issues but you have the full warranty. Maybe you need to take it to a different dealer? Good luck with your problem.
  • bhouseholderbhouseholder Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I just bought a certified pre-owned Sonata Limited with 21k miles. I started driving it on the intestate and noticed that it wanted to track left. I could not let go of the steering wheel for a second without it being it crossing lanes. I take it to dealer, show them reports I found of the tracking issue. My car was built Dec/2010 which falls in line with the cars that were having the tracking issues that i read about. They put air in the tires and said they drove it and it seems better. I drove it and while it was slightly better, problem still persists. I take it back. they said they put the car on a tracking machine like RoadTrack and saw it was drifting. They rotate my ties, said at that point it was tracking fine. Now its just seems to be all over the place, still pulling left 60 to 70 percent of the time. This car is a constant struggle to control especially at over 45MPH. If i hit even slight imperfections in the road, this car wants to bounce all over the place. Its still seems to be tracking primarily left but the tracking of this car is so erratic. My last car was a 98 Honda accord with 285k miles on it and at its age it tracked better than this. if I take this car on a mid to long road trip i am going to get exhausted from controlling it and wreck. Does anyone have any advice on what i should do next? I know one of the solutions was to replace the struts? I love the car except for this issue. I need to take it back into the dealer i suppose?
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I have the GLS 2011 model. I have 52,000 miles and the tracking problem was fixed with a 4 wheel alignment done at Meineke, NOT the dealer. Also, these cars have poor tires from the factory by some reports. I had the Kumho Solus 25's on mine for 43,000 miles and replaced them with Nexan CP671 tires. Tracks straight and true, no problems. Good luck!
  • My suggestion would be to take it back to the dealer and have them check the alignment and tire balance.

    The only time you want to replace the struts is if the vehicle was involved in a collision and it needs to be replaced because of a bent component.

    If you want to learn more about struts assembly, here's a good link:

    Otto Ym
  • Just purchased a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata with 45,000 miles. Purchased extended warranty. Live in Virginia. When test driving the car there was a strong pull to the left and the tire pressure light was on (and excessive road noise). The salesman and I decided it must need air/alignment. They offered me a super deal on the car and now I know why. I guess they saw me coming. Female by herself etc. I got home and researched (yes, should have researched BEFORE i bought the car. Found many people have had this problem and it sounded like most people got no resolution in the matter. I'm so stressed out. I have this gut feeling I'm about to go through the same long path that others have had to endure. When I took my car in for the "alignment" (apparently the start of my long path of no resolution) I explained that I was very stressed over this matter of so many people having this problem with no resolution. They all from salesman to general manager played dumb and said they weren't aware of such an issue but assured me that the problem would be taken care of. Fortunately it is still under the original warranty (hopefully my purchase of the extended warranty doesn't change that) and in the state of Virginia it looks like it can still be classified as a used car lemon if necessary. Can anyone out there give my assurance or advice on this matter? I'm guessing this will also affect the wear on my tires which seems to be another issues with this model. I am stretching it to make the car payment and am dreading if I haave to keep buying new tires and live with this horrible noise which will be a constant reminder of how stupid I was.
  • I own a 2011 Sonata and now have over 60,000 miles. This pulling issue is over stated. I took mine in and had an alinement done around 20,000 with Meineke. Never had the problem again. I also will tell you that the Kumho Solus 25 tires most of the cars had from the factory are junk. At 40,000 miles I replaced them with Nexen CP671 tires from Walmart. Car handles perfectly and rides smoothly. I do not think there is an inherent problem with the Sonata steering that evreyone claims. I blame it on the tires.

    I love my Sonata and just bought a 2014.
  • I own a 2011 Sonata and now have over 60,000 miles. This pulling issue is over stated. I took mine in and had an alinement done around 20,000 with Meineke. Never had the problem again. I also will tell you that the Kumho Solus 25 tires most of the cars had from the factory are junk. At 40,000 miles I replaced them with Nexen CP671 tires from Walmart. Car handles perfectly and rides smoothly. I do not think there is an inherent problem with the Sonata steering that evreyone claims. I blame it on the tires.

    I love my Sonata and just bought a 2014.
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