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  • rbardrbard Posts: 3
    I recently had this issue with my '01 LS. Mine would not shift into overdrive and the engine light and "E" appeared. The dealer changed the solenoid pack and the valve body. The solenoid pack replacement did not solve the problem as I went and drove the car after the solenoid pack was replaced. The valve body actually fixed the problem. Who knows for how long, as I am sure there is probably other wear in the transmission. The repairs were going to total about $1600.00 but since we had only recently purchased the car from the dealer and they sold it when it was new, they agreed to do the repairs for free. If we were going to pay the $1600.00, I would have replaced the entire transmission. I did not want to patch something for that amount of money and then later have to replace the entire transmission and total expenditures total around $4600.00. I have driven the car about 250 miles since the repair and everything is doing fine at this point.
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