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2012 Audi A4 transmission not smooth



  • cuso1cuso1 Posts: 10
    Here's an update on my transmission issues. The dealership performed a software update. The receipt noted: TSB 2032812/1 and TCM 37352599. The dealership said it would take between 200-300 for it to work through, during which time it may have funky shifts. That was accurate. More around 500 miles the abrupt and harsh shifting, primarily downshifting, seems to have pretty much fully gone away. I still get an occasional hard (vs. harsh) double down shift upon acceleration. It occurs maybe once / week vs. a couple of times / day and is not anywhere near as abrupt as it used to be. The hesitation coming off stop or yields is a tad better but not a lot. So, overall there is a decent improvement.
  • kas7kas7 Posts: 1
    Ok folks - I have been reading these posts for quit a while now, trying to find a solution to my transmission problem. I bought a 2011 A4 last month, the car has 19K on it, awesome car, BUT has the same exact problems that's been describe here. Rough shifting in heavy traffic, harsh kicking downshifting from 2 to 1.......etc.
    anyways after driving the car for 2 weeks I decided to take it in to the dealer - at first they told me it was normal, than they advised me that there was a software update that needs to be done, so they went ahead and did the update. I took the car back and drove it for a another week and felt the same exact problems, so I took it back to the dealer, the service manager ttold me that this is normal and everything is within spec! And send me on my way. I wasn't buying it, so I took it back 3 days later ☺ this time the shop foreman Took the car for a test drive, after his quick drive he advise me that they need to do a adaptation on the tranny! Well they did the adaptation and told me "the car is perfect and meets all audi specifications. Make a long story short, the tranny was NOT fixed, same old story, anyways I took it back last week, and told the service manager that I'm not quite sure what you guys did but it made the car worst........After a long back and forth conversation with him, he agreed to open a TICKET WITH audi and told me he will take a sample from the fluid and will send it to them for a deeper analysis _ well guess what, I received a call from the dealer today and they advised me that the report has come in from "Germany" and there is a problem with the transmission and it needs to be replaced!!!! Well well well - so guys do not buy the saying "it's normal" it's in "spec" make sure you force them to open a ticket and send a fluid sample to get a deeper analysis

    there is a flaw with their tranny, and Audi is fully aware, and they will replace it with a brand new one, just don't let them tell you otherwise, force the dealer to open a ticket with audi, don't let them feed you the BS about iits normal

    there should never be a kick or a Jerking sensation with transmission, specially a new car and specially a German car. And don't fall for "the car needs to adapt to your driving habits" that's a load carp as well, you need to adapt to the car not vice versa
  • kas7. Thanks for the info. I have 2010 S4 that has the same issue. Taking it to the dealer next week. Can you share what dealer you took it to?
  • I had the same problem but it no longer happens. Try using the Tiptronic Manual mode when you are at slow speed especially when downshifting from M3 to M2 more often. The jerk problem will eventually go away. As the logic system in your Audi could better predict your gear shift points for M3 to M2. Good Luck.
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