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2011 Subaru Outback - Sunroof Road Noise

pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166

I purchased a new Outback Limited (2.5) in April of this year. I've got a service appointment coming up next week for an oil change anyway, and I noticed that the road noise from the sunroof is very loud.

I own an `09 Legacy Limited which also has a sunroof and it's not even close in terms of loudness.

When I called to make my service appointment, I was told that this is really "normal" for the sunroof, and I obviously don't think so.

My Outback has a sunroof air deflector which might be causing the problem - none of my other cars have had this option and it came with it when I purchased it. I'm considering removing it, but I want to be sure this is the cause rather than a problem with the sunroof itself.

Has anyone driven an `11 Outback with a sunroof (with or without an air deflector), and if you have, is it noticably louder than other cars you've driven?



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    occkingoccking Member Posts: 346
    I have 11 OUtback with sunroof and air deflector. In fact my last few cars, including 06 Tribeca, 08 Altima Hybrid, 09 Forester and now this car I have had them installed. I talk on the phone constantly, and roof open often I couldn't tolerate the wind noise without one of those. I will tell you this... I had wind deflector installed on my 09 Forester when I got it. Made a terrible air "vibration" when I first got it. Thought I would have to have it removed. Turned out if the roof is not open 100% that will occur. Of course, the Forester had a huge sunroof, not the case with the Outback.

    The one negative about wind deflectors is that you will get very little circulation of air. There are times I have forgotten the roof was even open. That can be dangerous if roof is left open and it starts to rain out.
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    ilikeedmunds3ilikeedmunds3 Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    There has been a recall on the 2011 Subaru Legacy sunroof. I took mine in today because the sunroof at first had a windnoise. It wouldn't stay down, and I had to keep closing it. Then, it almost completely blew out when I was driving on the highway. I had to drive with the sunroof open to keep the sunroof from blowing off. I checked, and the Outback sunroof has been recalled as well. The wind noise is not normal.
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    occkingoccking Member Posts: 346
    Have had min 11 outback with wind deflector, absolutely no wind noise at all. Reason I got wind deflector; I am on the phone constantly and it elmininates most all of the wind noise. Would never have a car with sunroof without a wind deflector!
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    pilot1226pilot1226 Member Posts: 166
    For what it's worth, it's still pretty loud. I have a few months left on my warranty, but the dealer appears to be unwilling to really troubleshoot it. What are my options? It's much louder than in my father in law's 09 Outback and my own 09 Legacy Limited. I don't know if it's a flaw or problem with the air deflector or the moonroof itself.

    I have to have my volume around 15-20 in order to keep from hearing the wind noise, it's terrible on the highway. I never, ever open it because of the noise.
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    myoutback2011myoutback2011 Member Posts: 1

    My 2011 Outback has no air deflector, and the wind noise from the moonroof is unbearably loud too. I guess it is not normal at all. I know Subaru recalled for lack of adhesive, but I think it must be something else.

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