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Toyota Sienna 2006 airbag light on - serious safety issue



  • Excellent advice, popimpexpress. The SRS light on my 2006 Toyota Sienna came on yesterday. Vehicle only has 52,500 miles. I took it down to the dealer to see if it was covered by Toyota. Trouble code was B0111. I am out of the warranty period. Initial estimate for the labor alone was $1600. So I am guessing it will easily be over 2,500 OTD.

    I still registered a complaint. What do I have to lose? Hopefully, Toyota will issue a recall to fix this problem.
  • potatpotat Posts: 9
    Thanks, rainman for registering a complaint! Good job. I hope more and more people register their complaints so that the issue is taken up more seriously!!
  • ckgrickckgrick Posts: 6
    Excellent advice and information. I have done my duty per your advice.

    I now have another warning light(s) issue with these lemon cars, but not too surprising.
  • Potat,

    Let me ask this. It seems that people have reset the SRS light. What are the affects of doing this? Doesn't that just "hide" the fact that there something still may be wrong with the SRS? Right now, the Toyota mechanic told me that the airbag has been disenabled. I am afraid that it may deploy accidentally as I am driving.

    I got an automated email reply from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration when I submitted my problem. Can I expect to hear back from them?

    Thanks in advance.
  • ckgrickckgrick Posts: 6
    I understand your concern. I would say that after you reattach the connector and the warning light does not turn off or comes back on shortly, you likely do have some kind of issue that will require a visit to a dealer.

    Why Toyota engineers put the SRS system cables right under the pull out tray on the passenger side where it gets bumped is hard to fathom. I don't use that tray anymore.

    The NHTS Administration email is all you're going to hear from them. Enough complaints of the same nature and hopefully they will initiate a formal inquiry.
  • Here is my story. My 2006 Sienna airbags intermittently and unpredictably become non-functional. That is, the warning light goes on and off at unpredictable intervals. I am told by the dealer service representatives that the airbags are non-functional (i.e., system shut down) when the warning light is flashing. This is a severe safety concern to me for the sake of my family. It is galling since the airbag system was a major selling point of the car. Attempted repairs by dealer on August 4, 2009 under warranty replaced the airbag assembly on one side but did not fix the problem of repeated intermittent failure. After the vehicle was out of warranty, Toyota refused to address their failed attempts at repair, and I was quoted well over $2,000 to fix the problem as per Toyota service bulletin T-SB-1062-10 on July 20, 2011. This proposed repair apparently included replacing the previously replaced airbag as well as the assembly on the other side. I delayed the repair at risk to family on account of the extreme cost. Also, I appealed to Toyota corporate representatives since the problem had been a persistent and unremedied one since during the warranty period. Recently, the Toyota dealer informed me that a new Toyota service bulletin isolates the defect somewhat from previous Toyota T-SB-1062-10 and reduces the cost of the repair to somewhere near $400 (although I paid $47.50 to learn that). But after that recent service by Toyota on June 20, 2013, the warning light is off again, and the airbags are presumably functioning again for a while. This intermittency has been the problem with getting this defective airbag system fixed under warranty as it should be. Also, the intermittent and repeated failure of the units suggests a faulty design and a safety defect that should be addressed in all of the vehicles. I have seen similar airbag concerns of other 2006 Sienna owners on various online bulletin boards. I did file a complaint at DOT, but I know how effective that will be ...
  • potatpotat Posts: 9
    Hi Rainman,

    Just missed your query. Once you are resetting the SRS airbab (which in most cases is a connection issue - at least per the discussion), it goes back. In general, if it doesn't come back after 200 miles or so, it is fixed (Similar to waiting for a few drive cycles to complete after resetting).

    I do not know whether airbag deploys just when you are driving. Don't be scared of toyota dealers/reps who scare you. And in this context, how come Toyota has reduced the cost of the repair to ~ $400 for Toyota T-SB-1062-10 (See recent post by sinenna_owner_1), more likely they have come accross this discussion thread and trying this out themselves!!

    Sure this is a serious safety issue and we will have to wait for any action from NHTSA - which depends on the number of complaints/accidents/reports etc.
    Again, if you know a sienna owner who has similar issues, just ask them to file a complaint.....

  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    edited June 2013
    A few comments, FWIW:

    1) Per your previous question, B0111 is not a code that the average person can readout or reset thru the OBD port. In most cases, all you can access with a generic reader is the P0xxx drivetrain codes. ABS, SRS, body ECU, etc., are not part of the generic OBD standard and thus require TechStream or other enhanced readers.

    2) While removing the negative battery cable will wipe out codes, it's not something you will want to do unless you need to, as it also wipes out other essential learning that can impact driveability. There is a whole other set of TSB's related to what to address if removing a terminal results in a van that will not idle right, or even start. You should, however, disconnect the battery and wait a few moments before fussing with any airbag circuits. There is a residual power supply (capacitors) to ensure that the airbags still deploy in the event of a power cut in an accident.

    3) B0111 indicates an open circuit (bad wire, bad connector) in the airbag squib (sensing and firing) circuit. The factory service manual includes this line when troubleshooting:

    After selecting the check mode, perform the simulation method by wiggling each connector of the airbag system or driving the vehicle on a city or rough road.

    So apparently someone at Toyota gets it that this might be something very simple, and replacing EVERYTHING shouldn't be the first course of action.
  • kandsnjkandsnj Posts: 1
    Thank you for this post, your fix worked for us. The airbag light went off on my 2006 Sienna at about 38,000 miles several years back, and through a bit of internet research I found that the warranty for this problem had been extended so we were covered. I was annoyed at our local dealer, who charged us $100 to "clear the code" from the computer because "it shouldn't have been there" (what does that mean?) and did not otherwise repair the car, so that the airbag light lit up again within a month. When I took it back to the dealer, the car was repaired under warranty (extensive repairs and hours of labor, removing and replacing the seat etc.). Last weekend, on the way home from a long trip, at about 76,000 miles, the light went on again. I found this board and this post, and my husband disconnected and reconnected the airbags under both front seats. The light went off, and has not come back on! Maybe we never needed all those repairs the first time around either, and the fix is really this easy. I am grateful for this information and am hopeful that we have solved the problem. Thank you!
  • t2surfert2surfer Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Thanks for this post. I was looking at a $2K-4K dealer fix for the blinking SRS warning light on my 2006 Sienna. Just by sliding the storage tray under the passenger seat and wiggling the yellow cable there, the SRS warning light went out!
  • Just had my air bag light fixed - this was the second time I had to pay to get this fixed. I told dealership that I would expect a recall on this problem but they told me no because they had corrected the problem. Told them there were a lot of 2006 Sienna owners having this same problem... At the same time, I had all the latches replaced on sliding door and the other one. They did cover that due to the recall a while back. I had waited 1 1/2 years with broken doors for that recall. Always loved my Sienna but these problems are dangerous and Toyota needs to address and pay for Air bag .
    Now they tell me I need to replace timing belt by 100,00 miles or else... Is this true?
    I did register complaint with National Highway for air bag light, doors and those damn run flat tires that didn't last very long.
  • bobb12bobb12 Posts: 1
    Thanks for the postings here. I bought a 2006 Sienna and the airbag light came on the day after I bought it. After reading the posts here, I looked under the front seats to find the yellow cables, simply wiggled the connections as I applied some pressure, and the light went out. I have to wonder how many people have paid when a faulty connection was their only problem.
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