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2011 Hyundai Sonata Tire Problems



  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    34K on OEM tires is really pretty good. We have a 2012 GLS that has 11000 on Kuhmo 16" tires and after front end alignment and rotation at 2400 miles they seem to be wearing flat with rotation again at 10000. The front left toe was out but within specs (pretty wide range iMO) and the tech was really on his game and encouraged by dealer SM to do it right the first time. We have had nothing but Michelin on cars for 40 years and could sell the product after outstanding service and wear. Hyundai took a gamble with leaving off the camber bolt for adjustment on the new Sonata with most cars OK but some apparently with issues. Ours is good now and will get new Michelins at 30,000 to 35,000 if we enjoy your experience down the road. good luck.
  • I keep taking my car into the agency and my own mechanic because of ongoing rear brake problems. I get grinding, scraping and squealing. Everyone says it looks fine and then BAM! I needed brakes, rotors and calipers (spelling?) I have taken the car to 2 different agencies and they tell me nothing is wrong. Now after putting on my 2nd set of brakes, my car was towed today because of the same noises and nearly unable to stop the D*** car.

    What recourse do I have???? I know there should be a recall... I feel it'll happen after I get so disgusted and trade in the car. I love Hyundai; but am beginning to feel like the song, You Lost That Lovin' Feelin'!!!
  • Well, as promised; I would give everybody an update on this issue that I have been battling for months now.

    After filing my complaint with BBB Auto-Line, I finally had a three-way arbitration conference call with BBB and Hyundai today. Hyundai agreed without reservation to:

    1. Figure out what the issue is with the front end and repair my vehicle
    2. Reimburse me for the cost of my 4 new tires
    3. Replace the two new tires that are now cupped/feathered.
    4. Provide a loaner vehicle during the repair time.

    Here is the bottom line for everyone to understand if you are having issues that you cannot get resolved.

    a. Hyundai finally came through and is standing behind their product.
    b. I don't believe that Hyundai was intentionally trying to hide anything, they just rely on their Regional Service Manager's recommendation. In my case the RSM (Richard Holloway) just blew me off and blamed it on my tires that were not covered under the Hyundai warranty.
    c. You need to have plenty of documentation
    d. The BBB Auto-Line process DOES work. You just have to be persistent.
    e. If you know you are right, don't stop pursuing the issue. You will hopefully get someone at the top who understands you are getting the run around and will hopefully take care of the issue.

    Once I get the repairs made, I will inform everyone what the cause of the excessive tire wear was.
  • dennis_hdennis_h Posts: 16
    Hyundai replaced the front struts on my vehicle and so far it appears to be okay now. I had to wait 3 weeks while they got new struts with a new part number from Korea (which was no problem). This is a known issue with some of these Sonatas. I rented 3 Sonatas while on business and all three had the same issue with chopped/cupped/featherd tires. When you drive down the road you hear "womp, womp, womp" from the tires.
  • if you don't have no noticeable vibration then your rubber on the rode are not cupped

    let us know what happened
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Dennis: We have a 2012 GLS that had to have the front end aligned at 2400 miles, so it was obviously out. The dealer pronounced the problem solved and the tires are wearing much better. do you know if the same problem was corrected on the 2012 with the new struts or could they have the issue. One tire has continued the wear pattern, however the other three look fair at 14,000 and may go to 30,000. I am concerned about putting new tires on if the front end is an issue on the 2012 models.
    Thanks for the postings and the experience you have passed on.
  • dennis_hdennis_h Posts: 16
    Well, I can tell you that I just came back from a business trip in Tampa Florida and rented 2 different 2012 Sonatas, and BOTH had the same issue. One had 24k miles and the second one had 26k miles. I could not believe the "womp, womp, womp" tire noise and sure enough the tires were all cupped/feathered/chopped. The tires were rotated at some point because all four were bad. I would have assumed they would have fixed this issue. My 2011 was built late, so these 2012s may have been built early using the same struts. My suggestion is open a case with Hyundai and if they don't thouroughly look into it, then open a case with BBB Auto-Line. Good luck!
  • maryvpmaryvp Posts: 2
    Hi dennis,
    mary here, have the same problem, my car has 35k miles on it and everytime we go for routine maitenance my husband would suggest if the tire can be rotated but they woul d decline coz the rear tire is cupped and the front is worn out compare to the rear, dealer says it will be too noisy if the switch is made, we are in the market of buying a new car with a third row seat,,,i guess we will have to steer away from hyundai now, if this will not get resolved,,,we fall inlove with hyundai but it is starting to fade away,,,,need help resolving this problem, coz we dont want to buy new tires and having the same problem,,,,
  • dennis_hdennis_h Posts: 16
    edited June 2013
    Sorry to see you are having the same issue. So many people are, but they just don't know it. First get your documentation together where your husband got the tires rotated and aligned. Next, contact Hyundai Customer Care (800- 633-5151) and tell them you want to open a case about your tires cupping. Tell them you want the Regional Service Manager (RSM) to inspect your car when you bring it in Also tell them that you are aware of the issue they are having on some 2011 and 2012 Sonata's with the front struts and you want them replaced with the new style struts. Of course they will deny it and act like they don't know what you are talking about. If they fail to do anything, after the RSM looks at it, then contact BBB Auto-Line ( and open a case with them. Feel free to reference my case (Case # HYU1233536) You will definitely see results then!!
    They replaced all my tires and replaced the front struts on my car and I have not had an issue since.
  • maryvpmaryvp Posts: 2
    Thanks alot for the info dennis, we will give it a shot and see what happens, hoping that Hyundai's "pledge to exceptional customer service and owner satisfaction" mean anything at all!!!!
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    hope u get some help.
  • skip1744skip1744 Posts: 6
    this is skip1744 and I am the one that started this thread about 2 years ago and I keep getting copies of postings on the forum. Since I had my tire cupping problem back then, I have put about 25 to 30k on a new set of Michelin tires and they are still quiet and balanced. I have had them rotated 2 or 3 times since they were installed. This week out of the blue my dealer called me (no recall letter) and wanted my car for 3 hours to replace a strut or maybe both, I'm not sure. Does anybody know anything about this recall? I had the car back to dealer 2 weeks ago for another safety recall involving a stop light switch. Maybe they noticed there was a problem with the factory installed struts, I just don't know. My sonata has about 45k miles and the tire problem 2 years ago is the only problem we have had with the car. 3 times a year We drive it to Florida from Delaware and we always get over 30 mpg driving at 75-80 mph all the way. I hope the new strut/s won't cause a problem rather than solve a problem that doesn't exist on this car.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Skip: I am planning Michelin tires for my 2012 GLS. What size & type Michelin did you decide on? I really feel Hyundai is trying to determine which cars had problems and why. I did advise the Hyundai engineers that I felt that the alignment problem I had at 2400 miles was solved by the realignment due to the tech's expertise. The Kuhmo tires were cupped and preworn at that point so I do not expect very good life. The Kuhmo's were replacements for the Michelins that Hyundai used to mount on their cars and has obviously had an impact - too bad IMO. Anyway what size and type is working for you?
  • skip1744skip1744 Posts: 6
    The tires that I had installed are Michelin p205/65r "energy saver" tires. Strangely, My Hyundai dealer service mgr. matched the best price that I had been able to find ( thru BJ'S ) and since I had my sonata at the dealer for a discounted alignment, I bought the Michelin tires from the dealer at the same time. The car now has 44k miles and the tires are quiet and wearing well. If your Hyundai came with Michelin tires and they cupped at 2400 miles, you have a major problem and kumo tires probably won't solve the problem. If you have read all the posts for this problem, you will see that you have to "raise hell" to get it solved.
    the service manager after checking the alignment that was showing when I drove in convinced me that a new alignment and regular rotation would solve my problem and apparently it has. Not every sonata owner has been that fortunate. Good luck
  • growler99growler99 Posts: 3
    edited October 2013
    I am finally considering a late-model-used Sonata Ltd. or 3.8 Genesis w/ lo.mi. and these contributions have been appreciated greatly. I've test-driven both; the Genesis is, of course, far superior and I could make the $ stretch, but it is pretty vanilla-looking and I am first considering the Sonata. I have viewed your tire and suspension problems, which look common to the car and almost controlling to me. That tire/alignment/suspension problem with the Sonata has become pretty common, even at very low miles. That's scary to me as tires these days run about $600 per set. That is huge to me as we drive little and gas, even with my V8 Mark VIII and her XJ6, is not a meaningful consideration. So, thanks for all of your posts.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    Skip: Actually I had Kuhmo as OEM tires. Now at 18,000 miles and they are wearing flat across the tread but IMO prematurely due to the alignment problem at 2400. I do still feel that Hyundai's decision to go from Michelins to Kuhmos was a marketing mistake. Cars are a total package and poor tire wear, on a new car, is a self induced sales nightmare. The tech addressed the alignment problem but was not empowered to do anything about the resulting premature wear on the Kuhmo tires. Result is total package was affected.
  • I'm leasing my second Sonata. It is very interesting that the rumbling noise I heard on my first car (due to unevenly worn tires although I'd rotated them every 6,000 miles) has now appeared on my second car at about the same number of miles (20,000). The service person at the dealership said "if you want the noise to go away, buy new tires". I will continue driving and rotating the tires and checking alignment as usual, but when and if I lease a new Sonata I will insist they replace them with Michelins before I leave the dealership. If not I'll lease a different car...
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    gaucho9 said:

    I'm leasing my second Sonata. It is very interesting that the rumbling noise I heard on my first car (due to unevenly worn tires although I'd rotated them every 6,000 miles) has now appeared on my second car at about the same number of miles (20,000). The service person at the dealership said "if you want the noise to go away, buy new tires". I will continue driving and rotating the tires and checking alignment as usual, but when and if I lease a new Sonata I will insist they replace them with Michelins before I leave the dealership. If not I'll lease a different car...

    I replaced the OEM Kumho tires on my 2011 Sonata after 31,200 miles with Michelin Primacy MXV4's. Yes, the Michelins are quieter than the Kumhos. They are also wearing much better than the Kumhos. I now have 30,000 miles on my Michelins and they are still at 7/32's tread depth. They will easily go another 25,000-30,000 miles. The Michelins, however, have very poor wet weather performance. Very disappointing considering the price of them. I would not buy Michelins ever again based on my experience with these tires. I will stick with Coopers, Continentals, or Goodyear.
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