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1999 Chevrolet Silverado



  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Bad news from CANADA ! Just heard Frames made by the DANA corporation in READING PA. moved the operation to CANADA sometime recently and they screwed the frames up! I think we will be waiting longer then expected. HANG IN THERE DUDES I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! :(
  • Just love this Truck website thing. Never was so interested in the computer but this sort of info is EXACTLY what I was looking for and I've read every question/answer to the new Silverado, some of them twice. Anyway has anyone sampled the 2500 with the 6L engine yet? I am very curious about the milage. Especially with the 5sp Manual. Also curious about anyones experience with the Auto-Trac option.
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156

    I have seen probably between 50 and 100 new Silverado's at numerous dealers and have yet to see a LT?? Not saying they are not building them but I have not seen one yet, and I have seen a large number of trucks?

    The Z71 does not require larger tires but when you chose that option it lets you add the larger tires if you like. The only thing I do not like about the 265 tires is they are Firestone Wilderness AT tires with no grip to them whatsoever?? Go figure
    a 4W Drive with big tires that have no grips???
    I would assume that these tires make no more noise that your automobile, as they look very much like a passenger car tire??? Maybe if Chevy gets a few complaints they will change the tries before they build ours, that is if they care about what the customer wants? The trucks I have seen show the same mileage for all the tires.

    I live in Louisiana and the heated mirrors would probably just dry up the dew in the am. I would have liked them for the self dimming feature?? Got along without them for the last 37 years and probably will for the rest?
  • zonk1zonk1 Posts: 37
    My truck is an LS Z71 ext cab short bed with 5.3L, G80/3.73, Auto-trac, 265/75 tires. I'm EXTREMELY happy with the truck! I've checked gas mileage twice. 15.6 city and 17.2 hwy at 75mph. Haven't towed anything yet but I tried the tow\haul mode anyway. Shifts are much crisper and at higher rpm's as described. The Firestones are basically street tires so if you do a LOT of offroad you probably don't want them. Overall quality of the truck is very good. Everything lines up good, is in it's place and tight. I've read where the Ford's are supposed to be better ergonomically, but I don't see how. Everything is right at your fingertips and the bucket seats feel like they should be in the living room! Did I mention that I really like this truck! The dealer said that there's something about the way the truck is secured in transit that the front end can go out of alignment. He told me to bring it in between 500 and 7500 miles for an alignment and GM will pay for it. Don't ya'll miss out on that one.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    jxyoung, The LT is listed as restricted on the Assembly schedule web site. I am not sure what that means. I assume they are making some or they would have it listed as hold. The salesman last week told me if I ordered now it could be April before I would see it. I have seen some LS's with all the bells and whistles of a LT, but the one difference I know of is LT's and LS's don't have the same leather bucket seats. Also I'm wanting a 3/4 ton 4x4.
  • I live in TX and I was up at my grandparents in a small town in west TX. I was lookin' through the paper and I saw a picture of the 1999 Cevy Silverado. It wasn't the picture that caught my eye though, it was the price next to it
    -- $13,995 --
    It was a regular cab 2 wheel drive. I'm assuming for the price it had a 4.3 in it. Does anyone know if the dealer might be hiding something or what the catch might be? I read into the fine print and it said silverado and didn't say anything about 'limited selection' or anything like that. I immediately came here to Edmunds' and the base price I looked up here was $17,000. Anyone got any ideas?
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Pick up your telephone and call the dealer and ask him the price of the truck!
  • Received my 1500 short bed extended cab 4x4 LS 5300 w/3.73 (black)on 12/1 (ordered 9/2 and built 11/12). Before ordering, I parked a brand new comparable Dodge side by side with the Silverado. Do so and you'll agree THERE IS NO COMPARISON. Even my (jelous) buddy with the new Dodge agrees. Basically, I got every option except leather and autotrac. Was second guessing not ordering the autotrac, and when the truck arrived they had mistakenly installed it (at no charge to me). I'll tell you how I like it after we get some snow, but me wife will appreciate it. Messing with it now, the engagement is crisp and silent even at highway speeds. When in tow/haul mode, the rear wheels chirp when upshifting from first to second. Fit and finish are superb, and I have found no flaws that are unacceptable. I thought lack of a fourth door would bug me more, but with the drivers seat jumping forward when you release it, it is not bad for entry or storing stuff. It was definately worth the wait. Be patient and don't compromise.
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
    I ordered a club-cab, 4x4, LS. Maybe I should call them again and get more info??????????
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
    I just did call them back and they could not confirm that it was built, but their records show that there are no posted delays. Do you think this means it was built??? They told me to call back at the end of the weeks.
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    My 2500 SEIRRA delayed for the 4th time! last build date was today DEC.7th NEW BUILD DATE WEEK of JANUARY 4th I wonder if GMC will give me the MARKETING OPTION PACKAGE.code#1SZ This discount was not available before January 1999 . it was listed on my printout the dealer gave me when I ordered the pucking truck back in August ps. HEY FISH GOOD LUCK GETTING YOUR TRUCK THIS MONTH it don't look to good.
  • jmwtxjmwtx Posts: 4
    Any comments from anyone who has bought or test driven the Siverado 1500 with the standard 4.3 V6? Is this enough engine for this truck (no towing plan, and only light hauling).
  • DavyddDavydd Posts: 121
    I've ordered my Silverado and I got up off my rear end and visited a dealer instead of waiting for a brochure. I won't be visiting Ford message boards and second guessing my decision as matt24 is evidently doing after buying his "floater".
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I don't know about the waiting. Visited my dealer this afternoon about the xcab swb 4x4 3/4 ton LT. Worked up a deal and I was a little shocked. The offer for my 97 Z71 was over a couple of thousand below the trade in value at Kelly Bluebook site for good rating. And my truck is better than good. Tires are showing a little wear, but plenty of miles left on them. Everything else is excellent. How do others feel about the trade in value at the Kelly site? Then on top of that his first offer to a customer who has bought 4 trucks from the dealership, two from this salesman, was invoice plus $1000. I felt insulted as we were over $3000 dollars apart. It seems because 3/4 are scarce (non-existant) the salesmanger feels he can charge a premium. Thats the same they were doing with the 1/2 tons when they first came out. Somehow I feel had when Chevy causes the shortage and then soaks me for their mistakes. Anyhow he came down some but it left a bad taste that they would start negoiations with a supposed valued customer like this. And were still a couple of thousand apart. ..... Am going to another dealer tomorrow who sells Chevy's and Ford's. I have not seen a Super Duty yet and I guess I should just to feel I've covered all the bases. Probably my luck Super Duties aren't in stock to look at. ..... Rich
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    Very seldom ever seen a trade work out to the sellers advantage! Why not try to sell it outright? You should be able to get better than trade then?? It isn't like these trucks do not have a good resale value!
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    Oh, and on Ford trucks! Have one at work and had one in the past and owned GM products for the past
    10 years and have no plans to go back any time soon! I will wait for what I consider to be a superior truck??? Maybe it is maybe it is not, I will make that decision after owning it? It will take some convincing after my last experiences with fords. Not saying that they are not good but my luck I guess, is bad and I am not willing to try it again right now with Ford.

    Good luck, to the guys that did not want to wait but I'll hold off for now.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I used to sell my vehicles myself and did better than trade. But I've had to put up with a few that I just don't want the hassle anymore. I'm willing to give up that premium for the piece of mind. But that doesn't mean I want to give it away. When I bought this 97 Z71 I traded in a 94 full size blazer and this same saleman and I did not see eye to eye to start but we weren't a thousand apart and we made a deal. Being over 3000 apart makes negotiations deficult. As a side note, when I bought the 94 Blazer I traded in a 84 Dodge ramcharger. I did alot of work on that SUV and didn't get nothing for it. Thats when I decided trading every 36K was not any cheaper, but I'm not sure its much more expensive and I'm always driving a fairly new vehicle. And I don't have to rebuild engines anymore. I've got new hobbies. Oh, and on the Ford trucks, I'm just looking like I did last week at the Dodges. Probably won't, but I want to know all my options. Rich
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Dealers usually pay about 30% below blue book trade-in prices. The only time I've seen someone get the amount indicated in the blue books is if the dealer makes it up on the other side of the transaction (the purchase of the new vehicle). Dealers are looking for a net figure. If a dealer is willing to sell a vehicle for $1,000 over dealer invoice, but is able to get you to pay $3,000 over invoice, he will be more willing to pay you an additional $2,000 on your trade-in. If you're trying to pay close to invoice for the new vehicle, it will be very hard to get a price for the trade-in that you will find satisfactory.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    Brutus is right about the price haggling. I'm sorry to hear your problems Rich, but supply and demand is going to make it hard for you to get a better price. right now, there are people out there willing to pay more than a $1000 over invoice, so until GM can catch up production wise, its going to be tough for anyone who wants a Chevy right now.
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Also, having a new model come out is the worst thing that can happen to your trade in value. I know I paid for that when my '93 F350 was sold.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I hear what your saying, and I did not do my research properly before visiting with the dealer. I understood the new truck pricing but only looked at the Kelly Blue book site for the value of my truck. The trade-in price listed there is explained in their FAQ area. Trade-in price is wholesale MINUS the dealers cost of preparing the truck for resale. And if accurate, they were saying it would cost them 2000 more than average to prepare mine for sale. I also looked at the sites price of what I could expect to see my truck listed for on their lot. It was about 4000 more than what the dealer told me he would be able to list it for. This kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But this morning I have looked at Edmonds and CARPRICES for their values and lo and behold their values are more in line with what the dealer offered. I also checked Sundays wantads and found two listed that also are simaler to what the dealer said he would ask. So now I am finding the Kelly Blue Book site suspect. Also the dealer came down right away in our coversation from $1000 over invoice to $500. So we maybe much closer in price than what I thought. The $3000 difference of first offer may infact be more like $800 apart. After lunch I am visiting with a Ford SD saleman. He of course does not have a v10 on the lot, but does have a PS 4x4 supercab to see. One thing he said 6-8 weeks to order a v10 SD but I though Ford had simaler problems to Chevy. Will then visit with a Chevy Salesman at the same lot. I find new vehicle looking both exhilarating and frustrating. (G) Rich
  • fish6fish6 Posts: 50
    I ordered my '99 Silverado on Sept. 29 for $200 over invoice. Very fair I think! But I ended up selling my other truck because of the difference in trade-in value compared to retail value. I sold it for $1500 more than I was offered in trade. It worked out alright for me.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    It all depends on the dealer as far as the time it takes to get your order. Ford still can't crank out the new SD as quick as they are being ordered, but they don't have all that many delays anymore based on options, and they do appear to be closing the gap between supply and demand. If you can find a dealer who doesn't have many trucks on order, there is a good chance you can get your truck in 6-8 weeks.

    A good comparison is between Stanford's order and my order. We both live in the same area and ordered almost identical trucks. Mine is a Supercab and he has the Crew Cab. I ordered from an out-of-state dealer for $99 below invoice. My dealer was way over allotment, so the average wait on an order at his dealership was about 16 weeks. He had about 20 orders and was only getting 1-2 trucks per week. Stanford did some shopping locally and had his highest priority placed on delivery time. He paid more than I did, but still got a very good price. He got his truck in less than six weeks if I'm not mistaken.

    There are dealers out there who can get you these trucks pretty quick and won't rake you over the coals on the price. If you get a killer deal, make sure to ask lots of questions about how many orders the dealer currently has waiting vs how many trucks he is getting per week.

    Most of us have gone through the emotions when it comes to trade-ins. For me, the answer was to sell my old truck myself. The market value of my truck was listed at about $11,000. The trade-in was about $8,000. The dealer offered $5,500. I placed a 10 day ad for $100 and sold it for $8,500. I took the first offer over the trade-in value.

    The Kelley Blue Book values are an average. They don't take into account what you are paying for the new vehicle. If the average customer pays close to MSRP for their vehicle, that would likely drive the average trade-in value up since dealers are willing to give people more for their vehicle because they are making it up on the sale of the new vehicle. If you're an invoice buyer, they can only pay you what they think your trade is worth to them.
  • bdonbdon Posts: 30

    Tell me a little more about getting to the backseat from the driver's side. A local dealer let me take a new truck home a couple of weeks ago. I too was/am worried about the lack of the 4th door. And it seemed to me that it was exceedingly difficult to get to the backseat from the driver's side (even to put grocery sacks or whatever back there).

    The one I took home did have the 6-way power seats, so the seat base didn't slide when the seat back was flipped forward. Does the seat base on your truck slide forward? Do you have power or manual seats? I'm just trying to figure out what might be different between yours and the one I drove.

  • asdf1asdf1 Posts: 4
    I see a lot of postings recentely are related
    to ordering. I am really upset about GM's slow
    truck production. We are here lining up to pay
    big bucks for their high profit margin trucks.
    And yet, they dont want to build.
    WAKE UP GM Execs!! Do loose any more customers. May be Ford has successfully infiltrated into GM's managemnet.
  • DavyddDavydd Posts: 121
    Another factor you need to look at with trade ins vs. selling an auto yourself is the sales tax. In Minnesota you deduct the trade in and pay sales tax for the new truck based on the difference. For example, if you are buying a $30,000 truck with a $15,000 trade in you pay sales tax on the $15,000 difference. Minnesota's 6.5% sales tax on $15,000 is $975. That puts you that much closer to what you might sell it yourself.
  • DavyddDavydd Posts: 121
    The non-powered LS seats slide forward easily and there is little trouble in loading tool boxes, groceries or having wide body adults climb in from the driver's side.
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